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fast facts

check4risk is a reputation and background checking mobile application that allows business professionals and SMBs to monitor their contacts, customers, partners, vendors and key individuals they engage with everyday  - seamlessly.

check4risk helps deliver accurate results of negative news, legal and reputational background data in an innovative mobile application - utilizing AI and deep learning.  This exclusive data - until now - was only available and to large enterprises and governments to protect themselves at great expense.   


you’re only as good as
company you keep. 

We protect our software and computers with antivirus solutions, but how do we protect our most valuable asset - our Reputation?

Getting involved with a bad actor can potentially tarnish not only professional reputations, but the company’s reputation -- not to mention the bottom line. 

introducing the “antivirus”
solution for your contacts

That’s where
check4risk comes in. 

These approaches are not uncovering negative news, name variations, court records, instances of corporate mismanagement, SEC violations, money laundering, political exposure and connections, extreme online opinions, and other red flags.

check4risk collects this data with proprietary and sophisticated collection agents on a daily basis - and until now - only available to large corporations and institutions at great cost.

no stone
left unturned 

check4risk leverages proprietary collection agents, scripts, natural language processing, news trawlers and AI-powered bots to scour 2,700+ data sources daily.

The most advanced AI-driven extreme opinion monitoring tool is under development to add to our databases. Employers can monitor employees, partners and customers for potentially damaging public statements or opinions. 

protecting your
reputation and business 

Flexible | check4risk mobile app allows users to search a person or company in the database as well as monitor contacts and social connections continually like a watchdog.

Global | check4risk collects data from all over the world -- spanning the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, China, Middle East, Oceana, India, and Africa. 

Automatic | Thousands of current contacts can be continually monitored in the background alerting you to any issues directly on your mobile device home screen.

Powerful | check4risk harnesses powerful AI to group people by locations, employers, connections, social circles, online profiles, etc. to identify the right “John Smith” out of thousands by learning from real user’s interactions.

Affordable | Exclusive licensing and automated, AI-driven scripts allow check4risk to collect data at a fraction of the cost of corporate competitors like LexisNexis or Thomson Reuters. 

Ubiquitous | check4risk will integrate platforms like LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Email -- making reputation and background checking ubiquitous. 

Scalable | check4risk business tool development will expand our offering to allow SMBs to monitor customers, vendors and partners affordably and reduce risk and increase the bottomline.

real life
use case 

Experience of a colleague of our founding team:

John left a stellar job and negotiated a great package with a startup that had received funding in an exciting market.

Two days later, he was watching a Netflix documentary and paused it on an image, learning about fraud committed by his CEO.

Imagine how that feels!

60 days later, the company filed Chapter 11, all investors were washed out, and all employees fired.

This hidden fraud was public knowledge. If parties involved had used check4risk, the investors and employees would have dodged this bullet and avoided financial loss and harm to their reputations. 


a major
market opportunity 

check4risk is uniquely positioned to disrupt a massive multi-billion corporate compliance industry by bringing exclusive reputational and background risk management data to business professionals and SMBs in a seamless, elegant and affordable mobile application.  


ROB LOUGHAN | Chairman |  Serial entrepreneur. Co-Founded world’s first mobile CRM system and first cloud based CRM platform with billion-dollar exits.


BRANDON CHANEY | Chief Executive Officer | Seasoned CEO and pioneer in cloud-computing. Founded and exited several technology/software companies including a US public utility focused on innovative security and collaboration solutions.

AL MACDONALD | Chief Data Officer | Founder of Nomino Data with 1000’s of banking customers for risk compliance.  Al’s innovation in Anti-Money Laundering has resulted in systems used by some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

MATT HEISIE | Chief Operating Officer | Systems engineer, startup founder, and tech consultant. Has served as COO in businesses ranging from social media monetization to B2B solutions.

JEFF GANYARD | Chief Product Officer | Experienced product architect and team leader with a proven track record of designing and delivering award winning software and mobile apps at companies like Apple, Nuance, and Silent Circle.

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