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V-Shield utilizes specialized compounds to both treat and protect against the SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) virus. Aspects of this approach promise a market launch significantly sooner than most vaccines currently in the pipeline.

Antiviral treatments for influenza and coronaviruses typically require the lengthy development of vaccines, which can become less effective against newly emergent strains and can be difficult to deploy.

V-Shield technology treats new viral strains without modification, and  provides a method for treating a broad spectrum of viruses more reliably with shorter time to market and easy deployment.

It's in vitro right now and we have seen
great effects.

There are three main components to our technology. We have identified a specific protein on the surface of the virus that holds it together yet is absent on the host cell. Our first compound disrupts the viral membrane by attacking this protein while leaving the host cell unharmed. When both virus and host cells are exposed to this compound in-vitro, the virus is eliminated without affecting the host cells.

We have another compound that binds to the virus, blocking the location where the virus binds to the host cell and preventing entry.  Additionally, our compound does this without binding to the human host cell. While there are other similar approaches in development, theirs bind to the human protein, which is a bad idea. Ours binds onto the virus only.

COVID-19 also expresses another protein that binds to the host cells and tells it to overproduce inflammatory interleukins. This is what people die from when COVID-19 goes to the lungs (patients essentially drown from these fluids). Our third compound blocks this effect as well.

In silico and in vitro experiments have been performed.
 data have thus far confirmed our initial research.  Our next step is invivo testing in Syrian hamsters.

Our provisional patent is still in development (will finalize after analysis of hamster experiments). We have been in talks with two manufacturers/distributors and are perfecting a patch that would protect people from COVID-19 infection.

Since V-Shield is comprised of compounds that have been approved by the FDA, emergency authorization may be obtained for early use while phase II and III clinical trials are being completed.

Edwin Harris | CEO

  • Silicon Valley vet
  • Worked on founding teams of IDEC, Matrix pharm, and Apprise Inc.
  • Worked on Cosmos program with NASA and received award for outstanding service
  • Multi-faceted innovator and leader
  • Doctorate in global business and in education
  • Post graduate studies in immunology at San Jose State and Stanford Universities

Joyce Gong | COO

  • Extensive experience in global business
  • Strategic advisor for multiple companies and business leaders
  • MBA and Doctorate from University of Southern California
  • Served as a Senior Client Partner with Global Industrial & Financial Services Markets
  • Served as core member of Global HR Center of Expertise and China HR Practice Leader.

Ladislau Kovari | Scientist

  • Expert in HIV and Hepatitis C viral proteins
  • Extensive experience with viral drug resistance
  • Experienced researcher in antiviral pharmacology
  • Researcher in FDA approved IC50 viral inhibitors
  • Ph.D. from University of Tennessee

Darrell Gaskin | Epidemiology

  • International expert in health disparities
  • Focus in epidemiology and disease demographics
  • Extensive experience with infectious disease
  • MBA from MIT and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins

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