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Citifyd integrates businesses with various mobility services, helping energize local commerce. By making it easier for commuters to connect with different mobility providers, drivers to find a space, parking providers to offer a space, and for businesses to engage customers locally and contextually, we make urban mobility easier and reduce the barriers for brick & mortar commerce, helping local economies thrive.

Commuters’ Transportation Problems:

We have all been there: you are late for an appointment, or social obligation, and instead of walking through the front doors on time, you’re stuck circling the block, desperately searching for parking. Every spot you find is either too small, has a fineable or towable restriction, or is already reserved. The garages and lots you pass by are all filled up or so expensive you’d rather risk getting a ticket on the street than pay the exorbitant fees for one of their spots.

For everyday drivers in the city, parking and traffic are huge wastes of time, fuel, and personal energy. Going out for drinks and dinner with a friend can quickly change from a fun night out on the town to a frustrating experience of getting there. Running errands that should only take an hour or two quickly becomes an all day affair when there are meters, garages, street parking regulations, and surge pricing to contend with.


In other cases, commuters may be waiting on the city bus, taxi, or subway to get to where they’re going - making commuters reliant on public transportation schedules. No matter how early you arrive for an appointment or an event, no matter how much time you give yourself for transit time or to find a parking spot - time after time, you’re left stressed and frustrated. It is just a hassle to get there - and if you are looking to shop, you would rather just do it online - missing out on the local merchants.

Infrastructure Lagging:

Cities are becoming more and more populated. The influx of new residents and visitors is vastly outgrowing a municipality’s capacity to meet the newest mobility needs.

For the businesses that serve these consumers who are having difficulty with mobility, these persistent parking and transportation problems act as barriers that negatively affect their potential for revenue. Those issues alone can cost 2-4% of national GDP. As consumers struggle to get to and from places, it remains difficult for business to attract and engage consumers. With the era of digital technologies, local businesses should be able to engage these consumers contextually based on where they are and where they are going - but the persistent mobility issues pose a barrier.

Needless to say, urban mobility imposes a significant challenge for local economies. It’s an urgent set of challenges that need an immediate solution that doesn’t seem to exist.

That is, until Citifyd.

We work across industries with everyone from businesses looking to acquire new customers to commuters looking for easier ways to get there. We connect businesses to various transportation methods (multi-mobility). Not only does our solution invigorate local commerce, but it can also make mobility easier for the ever-increasing population of urban-dwelling commuters, help reduce traffic, CO2 emissions, and other pollutants threatening our environment.

With Citifyd, urban mobility can be faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before.

A User-Friendly Parking Management Tool
Citifyd wants to make the parking process as easy as possible, and that means simplifying things for the providers, too. Our web-based Parking Management solution gives those in the business of providing parking spaces an easy all-in-one tool that allows them to plan, manage, and generate reports about all of their properties, all in one convenient place.

From the platform’s all-inclusive real-time dashboard, users can:

  • Setup properties, rates and availability
  • Monitor the properties on web and mobile
  • View transactions

With Citifyd’s more in-depth planning, pricing, transaction, and reporting tools, parking management becomes effortless.

Peer-to-Peer Parking
Like the AirBnB of parking, Citifyd’s Peer-to-Peer Parking feature allows private businesses, residences, and individual users the ability to list any of their unused parking spaces for possible use. This unique advantage increases the inventory of parking spots in over-congested areas, as well as gives users the ability to earn passive income without doing any actual work.


A Smart Access Control System
Citifyd’s patented SmartBeacon™ technology creates a seamless and secure method of validation and access, all at a low cost and with pinpoint accuracy. An innovative IoT device, the SmartBeacon™ allows us to interact with Citifyd users and collect invaluable data on consumer behaviour. This hardware offering is available for any commercial garages and lots requiring additional technology for access and inventory control, and integrates with their preexisting hardware and software.


A Patented Payment System
Citifyd is a fully realized end-to-end platform that features user-friendly front-end solutions as well as a cutting-edge back-end transaction system. A patented method that consolidates all transactions throughout the day, including transportation, parking, and merchant rewards. Citifyd’s system then runs the card associated with a user’s account only once. The single payment-processing fee is then split amongst all parties at the end of the day, which saves the transportation providers, parking providers, and businesses money.

Our unique payment system makes it possible for commuters to pay $0 in transportation or parking fees if they redeem enough merchant offers to offset the cost. That’s good for the commuter, good for the transportation and parking providers, and great for local businesses.

In addition to our patented payment system, we have pending patents for other key pieces of technology and processes, including:

  • Wireless Transaction System for Use in Transportation Management
  • Parking and Mass Transportation Beacon System
  • System for and Method of Communication Information Between a Host Application and External Smart Objects Controlled by a Web Application

A Robust Rewards Program
Business owners love Citifyd’s ability to help them attract and retain new customers quickly, easily, and cheaply. Through the Reward Redemption system, local shops, restaurants, and other places of business can offer real-time parking validation deals to Citifyd users. Those deals, which appear directly on a user’s in-app map, provide merchants with a new and exciting avenue for acquiring customers. With no risk to businesses to list through a pay-for-sale model, it’s the perfect inexpensive and easy-to-use proximity-marketing tool for any business.

For commuters, rewards mean cheaper parking and transportation by buying the things you already want or need. For businesses, it means a continuous stream of new customers. With Citifyd, everyone wins.

A User-Friendly Business Rewards Management Tool
Citifyd makes the business rewards setup and management process as easy as possible. Our patented web-based rewards management tool gives businesses a dynamic, secure, and easy-to-use portal that allows them to create, manage, and analyze their daily offers and rewards programs.

Multi-modal Mobility Integration
Our platform’s modular design enables Citifyd to also integrate its comprehensive library of businesses with other mobility providers and services. This feature provides both our partners and us with additional revenue streams and more comprehensive data.

Ultimately, this helps local businesses in the following ways:

  • engage and attract nearby customers through proximity based marketing
  • increase patronage of brick-and-mortar stores
  • customizable offers for customers that fit the unique needs of each business
  • visualize the ROI for each offer through detailed performance reports
  • real-time control with a flexible dashboard enabled by a quick and easy setup process.

With a B2B focus, Citifyd does not interface directly with consumers. Rather, parking providers, mobility services, and local business can utilize Citifyd’s modular toolset to reach their target end consumers. By providing additional features, functionality, and services to pre-existing software, Citifyd enables these partners to reach their end consumers, through unique solutions specific to their business.

Commuters benefit through:

  • Access validations offers from local businesses that offset commuting costs;
  • Dynamic display of nearby offers, that are continually accessible throughout the daily commute;
  • Mobile/Web-based technology that eliminates printed coupons and offers.

With Citifyd tools, parking providers can commuters find an affordable spot to park their car. Our simple interface lets users pick their spot based on location, availability, time restriction, and price.

Citifyd’s innovative platform is already fully functional and on the market.

Currently, we have 6,100+ registered Citifyd users, 3,500 of whom make regular transactions. We are also the official digital parking platform of the City of Pasadena. These partnerships help to prove out each aspect of the Citifyd platform, so we can offer our customers (parking operators) with modular solutions for their particular needs.

We have secured several other high-profile deals with different cities, venues, and organizations, including:

In addition to our confirmed deals, we have also secured pilot programs with the Portland International Airport and the City of Los Angeles, and have upcoming pilot tests and ongoing interest in our platform from:

Citifyd was recently featured on Cheddar where our CEO, Sohrab, conducted an interview and discussed Citifyd's user-friendly parking management tool. Click the image below to view the video on Cheddar.

The Citifyd team started the company because they understand how frustrating parking can be, especially when you’re trying to run a business of your own. Now, they’ve combined their unique business, technology, and financial experience together to create an all-star team of creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

No stranger to entrepreneurship, Sohrab is the founder and former-CEO of Ziba Design, a 32-year-old design and innovation firm. He holds over 50 patents, and has been named BusinessWeek’s Entrepreneur of the Year, a top five Business Guru by BusinessWeek, one of the most influential US designers by Design Magazine, one of the 100 Global Leaders of Tomorrow, and is a member of the World Economic forum.

After graduating from NYU with a degree in economics, Aria gained practical experience in fixed-income and quantitative equities trading at Credit Suisse and Kershner Group. Most recently, Aria was a special situations hedge fund analyst at one of the world’s largest firms, where he specialized in activist investing, distressed debt, merger/risk arbitrage, and private equity and credit.

In addition to an MBA from the University of Oregon, Dan has over 15 years of experience in IT and Development. Previously, Dan served as CTO to investor-backed company, Exitus Technologies.

Massoud earned a Nuclear Engineering degree from Oregon State University before going on to become the President & CEO of a tech-driven marketing agency, where he worked for over 12 years before its acquisition. His precious professional experience includes Ops Manager for the High Volume Semiconductor Fabrication group for Intel.

After beginning his career as the Director of Project Management at Zcom, Todd joined Sohrab at Ziba Design as the Client Relations Director before moving on to Opus Creative as their COO and then Second Story Interactive Studios as their Director of Creative Operations.

Meet Our Advisory Board

Scott Jablonski | BS, Industrial/Organizational Psychology; MS, Information Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; MBA, Harvard Business School; Former: GE, CommSoft, US National missile Defense for Titan Secom Corp., Oracle & Mitchell International, NBA, NHL

Jeff Hopper | VP Marketing, Hewlett-Packard; VP & CMO, Polaroid; Interim CMO, T-Mobile; Managing Director, Ziba Design; Head of Strategy & Marketing for Sports Business, Intel

Paul Angello | BS, Electrical Engineering, UPenn; MS, Engineering, UCLA; JD, USC; Partner, Stoel Rives LLP; Former: Hughes Aircraft Company, Pioneer Venus Orbiting Radar Mapper

Vincent Ircandia | MBA, USC; Experience in Sports Business Operations and Strategy; Former: Los Angeles Kings, Portland Trail Blazers, AEG Sports

Meet Our Board of Directors

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