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F I N D I N G  A  L O C A L  T U T O R  H A S  N E V E R  B E E N  S O  E A S Y 
A Better Way to Learn

F I N D I N G  A  L O C A L  T U T O R  H A S  N E V E R  B E E N  S O  E A S Y 
America Has A Systemic Problem

F I N D I N G  A  L O C A L  T U T O R  H A S  N E V E R  B E E N  S O  E A S Y
It’s Overwhelming

F I N D I N G  A  L O C A L  T U T O R  H A S  N E V E R  B E E N  S O  E A S Y 
Now Is The Perfect Time

F I N D I N G  A  L O C A L  T U T O R  H A S  N E V E R  B E E N  S O  E A S Y 
Revolutionary Solution 

With an overwhelming demand for tutoring, Class A is solving industry inefficiencies by:

  • Redefining and elevating market standards
  • Making it easier than ever for students and qualified tutors to connect
  • Providing a seamless way to acquire educational assistance on demand

Our solution is a GPS-based mobile app for both teachers and students.

In short, Class A Tutoring:

F I N D I N G  A  L O C A L  T U T O R  H A S  N E V E R  B E E N  S O  E A S Y 
The Best Features

The Class A Tutoring mobile application is simple and uniquely addresses the issues that both of its target market users are experiencing.

Our proprietary algorithm allows students to input fields such as:

  • Grade
  • Subject
  • Location
  • Time
  • Session Duration
  • In-Person or Video Call

F I N D I N G  A  L O C A L  T U T O R  H A S  N E V E R  B E E N  S O  E A S Y 
Why Everyone Loves Us

One-Click Solution
Allows students and parents to request sessions on-the-fly and only provides relevant options based on their needs. 

Best Compensation Packages
Pays educators at the highest rates in the industry, finally offering a much needed stream of supplemental income. 

Serving Both Sides of the Market
Finally answers the industry’s call for a more efficient solution for both students and educators

F I N D I N G  A  L O C A L  T U T O R  H A S  N E V E R  B E E N  S O  E A S Y 
Traction & Accomplishments 

User Acceptance
Both students and teachers loved the beta version of Class A Tutoring

Stickiness Proven
During the 6-month beta test, student users came back and purchased at least 3 tutoring sessions per month

Breakeven In Month 2
Achieved a break-even on the cost of each user in month 2 

F I N D I N G  A  L O C A L  T U T O R  H A S  N E V E R  B E E N  S O  E A S Y 
Class A’s Mission

F I N D I N G  A  L O C A L  T U T O R  H A S  N E V E R  B E E N  S O  E A S Y 
Meet The Team 

Victor Kipiani | Founder and CEO

  • With 13+ years of experience in business operations and development, Victor's skill sets are directly correlated with building successful companies
  • From maturing his family's sports and health club to helping his wife build her own tutoring center from scratch, Victor's dynamic business experiences give him an edge in building successful startups

Ashley Kipiani | Founder and Visionary

  • Ashley has been in the education industry for more than 14 years
  • She built her own acclaimed tutoring center from the ground up
  • After 8 successful years at the center, she realized that there was an opportunity to impact a much larger market, which led to the birth of Class A Tutoring
  • An experienced educator with a visionary mentality, she holds a double Master’s in both Education and Psychology

Vy Chantharasy | Chief Strategist

  • 15+ years of proven experience in developing successful companies in verticals such as:
     o Technology
     o Finance
     o Business consulting
     o Digital marketing
     o Analytics
  • A true business architect when it comes to building startup firms, formulating a winning go-to-market strategy and executing a scalable business model
  • His core resources include: proprietary technology assets, partnerships with major media outlets, a massive marketing network, and strategic pools of finance organizations
  • He will help Class A Tutoring infiltrate the market quickly and position it as the premier go-to application for the tutoring industry

Daniel Herzberg | Chief Marketing Officer

  • 20 years of experience advising tech startups and medium-sized companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley
  • 25 years of experience in the supplementary education industry in San Francisco and Silicon Valley
  • Herzberg brings a wealth of experience, insight, and contacts to the success of Class A Tutoring
  • He has helped businesses become more efficient and profitable through marketing, management consulting, strategic planning, strategic partnerships, executive coaching, hiring, and training


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