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TrashBot: Smarter bins. Continuous data. Better recycling.

The autonomous Smart Bin harnesses robotics, computer vision, and AI to detect and separate landfill waste from recyclables — ensuring garbage ends up in the landfill and recyclables don’t.

TrashBot reduces waste costs while being profitable for recyclers and haulers by tracking the types of materials thrown away and the amount of garbage they produce.


Does this scenario
sound familiar:

You order a cup of coffee at the airport. You go to dispose of your trash, and you’re confronted with an array of bins – one for waste, compost, and multiple for recycling.

You are debating which is the right receptacle to dispose of your cup.

Finally, you take a guess and hope you did your part responsibly and accurately.

Spoiler alert: even when you’re diligently trying to reduce waste, chances are you are wrong.

Apart from the obvious — plastic and glass bottles, cardboard, etc. — most people simply don’t understand which items are recyclable vs. garbage.

When trash or compostables get placed with recycles, they taint good recyclables, ruining the entire load and turning good recycling into landfill waste.

Meanwhile, facilities worldwide — from convention centers to commercial buildings and beyond — are under enormous pressure to recycle correctly and spend astronomical amounts of money in the attempt, including the dirty work of post-event sorting.

Waste Bins
$1,200 - $8,000 cost per set
If you’ve passed through the Denver International Airport (DIA) , you probably didn't notice the trashcans despite their $3000 price tag. DIA spent over 750K on 250 sets.

$100,000s- Millions / year
Corporates can spend millions of dollars on staff education across broad footprints, with differing and ever shifting local recycling rules.  One bank allocated $7-$10M in sustainable education spend for FY2019

Hauling Costs & Fines
$10,000s - $100,000s cost per year
For landfill, common rates range from $25-$300 per ton. For recycling, rates range from a tax credit to $50 per ton.
Fines range from $1,000s to $10,000s per instance for poorly sorted waste.

Subscription Services & Fees
$6,000 per unit plus subscription fees
BigBelly is a subscription- based waste compactor bin.

Annual Waste Audits
$10,000s - $100,000s cost per year
Waste audits require a team of people digging through a facility’s waste manually, weighing and recording landfill vs recyclables.


TrashBot leverages the power of AI to solve one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues — delivering a revolutionary waste management solution that optimizes recycling.


Accurate | TrashBot uses AI to separate landfill waste from recyclables with more than 90% accuracy.

Effective | When compared to a standard waste bin, TrashBot reduces the amount of waste to landfill by 60%.

Intelligent | TrashBot uses machine learning to improve its ability to detect and sort waste over time. CleanRobotics custom programs TrashBot based on the recycling rules and regulations in each market.

Data-Driven | a monthly software service allows facility managers to track the types of materials disposed and the amount of garbage produced to make informed decisions based on collected data.

Content-Driven | TrashBot also features a monitor for corporate communications, educational content and advertising.





Our team has met significant growth milestones since launching CleanRobotics in 2015, successfully laying the groundwork for commercialization and large-scale deployments.

Alumn of AlphaLab Gear, an influential Pittsburgh-based accelerator that helps early-stage startups get off the ground with a four-month mentorship program.

One of 10 semi-finalists in the prestigious $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE out of 1,000 applicants — a competition that lasted four years. We’ve also received a huge 600% inbound inquiry increase following the PR push. This is a huge achievement that has opened a lot of doors for our team and gives us significant recognizability and validation.

Other accelerator competitions include HAX, SXSW, and Plug and Play’s Alliance To End Plastic Waste commercialization program.

Signed distribution agreement with RiverRoad Waste. Paid pilots with RiverRoad and Recology Waste Zero.

Pipeline includes paid pilots with Waste Management, Rubicon, Grundon, FRG and Waste Resources.

TrashBot deployments: Google, Pittsburgh International Airport, Vicinity Centres, UNC Charlotte, AEG, CO Solve, PPG Paints Arena, AlphaLab Gear, HAX, etc.

Key investments via Innovation Works, Start Bot, SOSV: The Accelerator VC, Makers Boot Camp, Navesink LLC, GAN.


Charles Yhap | CEO & Co-Founder | Master of Development Economics and International Development, University of Pittsburgh (GSPIA)
Charles is a serial social entrepreneur and has worked in the fields of human rights and environmental protection, where he has 10+ years of experience catalyzing mission-driven startup organizations.

Tanner Cook | VP of Engineering & Co-Founder |
Tanner brings a wealth of engineering and research experience from his background as a Nuclear Engineer at Fusion startup Innoven Energy as well as Higea Technologies, the nanotech company he co-founded (IP acquisition Parson's Engineering).

Ian Magazine | Advisor |
Ian has been a founder, investor and finance and operating executive for a host of enterprises in the wireless communications industry and a highly successful serial entrepreneur who has worked with breakthrough innovations in a range of technologies from wireless power transmission, to biotechnology and 360° Videography.

Mukund Menda | Advisor |
Mukund, a graduate of Babson College, is an international entrepreneur and investor with over fifteen years of experience in energy, telecom & water sectors in the Middle East & India.  In addition, he is a director of an NYC based VC firm where he is focused on strategy, fundraising and business development.

Michael Shilling |
Michael comes from the industrial automation and energy sector and has a passion for engineered solutions. He has engaged with startups at various phases and worked with them to add value to their technology, invest in their ideas and align with their strategy. He joins our team with over 15 years of R&D knowledge from technical design, to successful deployment into multiple markets.

Puru Rastogi |
Puru is a graduate from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. He as worked on robotic systems design, and AI software development for unmanned aerial robots, waste sorting robots and robotics arms. He was also a Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellow, a program for graduate students who are passionate about entrepreneurship in technology arena.

Walter Johnson |
Walter is a senior full-stack web developer, lifelong learner, and serial entrepreneur. He has over 10 years of experience in building scalable applications in logistics and healthcare. His dream is to help build a sustainable future, based on closed system economics and zero-sum pollution.

Richard Galvez |
Richard is an experienced data scientist and machine learning expert.  He has studied the cosmos at NASA’s Ames Research Center, modeled consumption of “lively libations” at Anheuser-Busch and boasts 13 publications to his name.  He holds a PhD. in Theoretical Physics from Syracuse University.

Zak Wehman |
Zak is creative and solution-oriented, with more than 10 years of sales and media creation experience. He is curious and enthusiastic, always prioritizing customer success and long-term relationships.

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