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TrashBot: A smart bin sorting at the point of disposal

CleanRobotics is disrupting the recycling industry by eliminating human error and collecting data on everything that passes through a TrashBot.

  • ​​Global Waste is a $432 Billion Industry (US $75 Billion)
  • Global Smart Bin Market projected for $25.7B by 2029
  • Federal sole-source procurement 
  • 400k EPA contract awarded
  •  $4.5m Series A closed
  • 425 units closed or closing for 2023 
  • 600 units goal for 2023
  • $6M in revenue goal for 2023


Key highlights:

  • Recently unveiled new visual identity and the next generation of TrashBot Zero
  • Paid pilot deployments: Google, PIT,  AEG, Waste Management, and more
  • Top 10 finalists in the $5 million international IBM Watson AI XPrize 
  • Signed distribution agreement with River Road Waste
  • Pipeline valued at over $2M with 50+ potential contracts, including many Fortune 1000 companies

  • AI; Machine Learning; Product Design; Recycling; Robotics; Waste Management
  • Market Size:
  • $435 global waste market
  • $12B US

    Target Customer:
  • Large essential facilities producing significant waste (hospitals, airports, stadiums,etc.)

The Problem

There is a need for ​better recycling solutions​.

  • Recycling rules are confusing​: Did you know coffee cups are not recyclable? Most people don’t, and in one year, Americans use 50 billion coffee cups per year. ​ ​
  • There is high recycling contamination​: When something that doesn’t belong gets put in the recycling bin, it taints good recyclables.
  • Nobody accepts highly contaminated recyclables:​ They go straight to the landfill.​ ​ ​
  • Lack of Education/Reward/Gamification for people for recycling:​ Using educational content to inform or thank the user for recycling or participating in competition.​

According to the EPA, only 32% of your waste ends up being recycled.

​​Global Waste is a $432 Billion Industry: The US industry is $75 Billion. Global Smart Bin Market projected to be $25.7B by 2029. Reference

Introducing TrashBot

An absolute recycling solution.

CleanRobotics developed a solution that allows recycling programs to be effective and drives substantial environmental impact by separating waste items at the time of disposal and eliminating human error.

TrashBot is a smart recycling bin that sorts waste at the point of disposal.

Through recycling AI, robotics, computer vision, and machine learning, our recycling technology diverts the item into its corresponding bin inside, assigning any contaminated items into the landfill bin or organics into their corresponding bins. All of this with 95% accuracy.

The recycling bin of the future doesn’t stop there, it also generates high-quality data for waste audits, triggers fullness alerts, and features a large display for video content. And thanks to cloud connectivity, your TrashBot fleet only gets smarter over time.

TrashBot is an excellent solution for areas where people dispose of things without a second thought, such as airports, hospitals, stadiums, and overall high-traffic facilities.

Essential facilities: Waste stations, reinvented​

What do we do?​
Rethink waste collections by sorting at the source while also enhancing education and the user experience.​ ​

Why we do it?​
To make recycling simple and engaging for visitors and staff, while consistent and reliable for the facility.​ ​

The Result​
Improved diversion, operational efficiency, education and overall disposal experience for visitors and staff.


How TrashBot Works​

1. Users approach the unit like any other waste receptacle, depositing items on either side.​

2. TrashBot’s robotic top door closes on the side chosen as the item enters the sensing chamber.​

​3. The item is identified by our A.I. based on appearance and weight, then data is collected for analytics.​

​4. Robotic components direct the item into the appropriate bin based on the localized stream configuration.​

​5. When the bin is full, custodians open the cabinet below and empty the stream-specific bins.​

✓ Sorts 2 - 4 streams of waste​
✓ Provides waste analytics​
✓ Educates end users​
✓ Sends fullness notifications​
✓ Requires no WiFi​

✓ Save by recycling more​
✓ Educate the public​
✓ Improve custodial efficiency​
✓ Make data-driven decisions


Trashbot’s recycling technology sorts 300% more accurately than human beings.

  • Higher Diversion Rates: Our smart bin helps high-traffic facilities increase sorting accuracy to 96%, in comparison to 30% of conventional bins. 
  • Cost-Effective Recycling: Our smart bin improves diversion, meaning affordable recycling and cost-effective environmental programs.
  • User Recycling Education: TrashBot features a large built-in screen and content management system. Leverage TrashBot for advertising or education.
  • Environmental Impact: A 2022 TrashBot pilot at one of the busiest airports in the world, showed that 40 TrashBots can divert 417 tons of recyclables a year. 
  • Composting: TrashBot can increase waste composting by 200% or more. 

Our Technology

TrashBot’s smart recycling technology

Recycling AI and robotics are revolutionizing waste and resource recovery. TrashBot is an autonomous system that uses robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence to detect and separate landfills from recyclables.

  • AI and machine learning sorting: As soon as an item enters TrashBot, a perception system captures and identifies the item’s image, through Machine Learning classifies the item by type of waste and diverts it to its respective bin, whether it’s recyclable, organic, or landfill.
  • Data and automated waste audits: TrashBot captures high-quality data and generates analytics for on-demand, exportable waste audits. With our intuitive dashboard users can monitor the bin’s capacity, track diversion rates, notice trends, and make strategic decisions.
  • Cloud connectivity and notifications: Your waste data is stored in the cloud (and accessible from selected devices), allowing your smart bin fleet to become more intelligent over time. TrashBot also monitors its internal capacity and triggers SMS or email notifications for the custodial team.

Dynamic Content

Interactive user education, one item at a time​

TrashBot is revolutionizing the recycling process by sorting waste at the point of disposal and educating the public on its built-in 55” screen. ​

With our newest feature, TrashBot is able to display custom educational content based on each user’s disposed item.​

Leverage TrashBot for educating the public about recycling best practices or communicating your organization’s sustainability achievements.​

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