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Atmospheric Intelligence

Several years ago, ClimateSense founder David Crain learned that the U.S. government decided to terminate launch plans for state-of-the-art atmospheric data collection equipment after spending more than $1 billion to validate the technology. 

Not wanting to waste the monumental breakthrough, he decided to launch a company to advance the mission. In recognition of his efforts, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) awarded him a grant to help finance his endeavor.

ClimateSense looks to power its trajectory as the leading provider of essential data and analysis of atmosphere, weather and climate.

Atmospheric Intelligence

As our planet suffers a barrage of extreme weather events — floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes — it gets harder to tell the news from a disaster movie.

Except we face very real consequences including loss of life, catastrophic property damage and exorbitant costs to individuals, corporations and governments.

Climate change continues to be a polarizing political issue, adding to the uncertainty and fear surrounding these disasters.

Existing observation systems lack the coverage and sampling rates to improve future forecasts and help support climate change science.

Conventional government-operated space-based weather observations programs face budget overages in the billions and delays — some up to 15 years behind schedule.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning may offer a hopeful alternative, but currently this tech lacks the volume of data needed to learn, enabling effective and accurate predictions.

As technology and budgets attempt to catch up, the storms keep coming.

Atmospheric Intelligence

ClimateSense is on a trajectory to revolutionize the analysis of atmosphere, climate and weather.

Current global vertical soundings of the atmosphere obtained daily from more than 100 satellites feature gaps in data of up to 12 hours, in addition to poor horizontal resolution and poor spatial coverage. The useful yield of ALL of these satellites combined is a few million soundings per day and they simply don’t provide enough high-quality data.

The innovative ClimateSense solution uses hyperspectral infrared sounders on geostationary (GEO) satellites, increasing total soundings per day to several hundred million while improving coverage and resolution.

With this unprecedented volume of data and enhanced analytical ability, ClimateSense will dramatically improve atmospheric and climate models, as well as weather forecasts. Plus, our solution will provide the amount and type of data to enable artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) methodologies to be correctly applied to these problems for the first time.

ClimateSense data will facilitate advance notice of extreme weather and allow for objective, science-based decisions on climate concerns, protecting property and saving lives.

Atmospheric Intelligence

Hyperspectral infrared sounders power ClimateSense’s extraordinary data collection ability. Carried by geostationary (GEO) satellites located 22,600 miles above Earth, these highly complex sensors capture data on temperature, wind, water vapor, carbon dioxide and other atmospheric components.

By measuring 15,625 four-by-four kilometer columns of the atmosphere simultaneously, each sounder takes more than 80,000 soundings each minute — or more than 100 million each day. This collection dwarfs the amount of data available from all other space-based observation systems. 

Adding the dimension of time, the sounders provide an unprecedented, virtually continuous 4D record of the evolution of key atmospheric factors. The innovative technology accumulates facts vital to advanced climate change modeling and analysis.

With this massive volume of scientific data, sounders can identify the development of severe convective storms as much as six hours before they occur. The advanced warning time allows for increased preparation and evacuation. 

Atmospheric Intelligence

Product development | The sounders are the result of $2+ billion in R&D from U.S. and E.U. space agencies. We can implement the technology faster, cheaper and with additional customer benefits.

Intellectual property | We will own all data collected and rights to its use. The longer the data set is collected, the more valuable it becomes for climate and weather research and analysis. We will also own any algorithms, data analysis tools and proprietary software.

Impressive partnerships | We have partnered with world-class industry leaders including Thales Alenia, L3/Harris, SES, University of Wisconsin SSEC, InterlinkDC and ExoTerra Resource. Letter of support from Microsoft

Customer acceptance | Our 2020 study contract with NOAA confirmed that ClimateSense exceeds NOAA’s observation requirements and could deliver capability up to 10 years sooner at as little as one-tenth of the cost with up to $6 billion in additional benefits over 10 years. 

Customer yield | Commercial satellite customers acknowledge they would experience enhanced yield for their earth observation products derived from our data. The value is expected to be 30 to 40% of each company’s gross sales.

Atmospheric Intelligence

David Crain, Ph.D. | FOUNDER 
David Crain brings expertise in space-based atmospheric observation systems and retrieval science to ClimateSense. He previously served as algorithm development lead for the NPOESS/JPSS CrIS program and chief scientist for GOES-R Hyperspectral Environmental Sounder Suite (HESS).  He also co-founded GeoMetWatch. 

Carl Marchetto is a space system design and execution innovator with C-suite level experience at premier global aerospace companies. He was president at Kodak and led successful implementation of primary payload systems for GeoEye and Digital Globe. 

Victor Schnee previously ran an information services investment fund. He’s a technology information services expert with a talent for forecasting major new growth opportunities. 

Jozsef Szamosfalvi specializes in EXIM and commercial financing of large and complex CAPEX projects.

We also feature a confidential member of the leadership team who acted as a former chief architect of Air Force and Space Force and has previous experience as Sierra Nevada Director of Business Development and Strategy, plus extensive knowledge of DOD needs and requirements.  ClimateSense’s team of advisors are composed of the leading academic and research scientists in the field of atmospheric sciences and remote sensing.

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