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ClosedWon: Fast Facts

 The only sales platform that provides a 3 in 1 solution
Sales Engagements, Sales Prospecting and Sales Meeting Scheduler

Sales Engagement: Automate follow-up repertoires. ClosedWon will detect positive responses to compassionately engage with and users get notified when warm leads are established. It can trigger engagements with multi-touch sequence using Social media, email, voice messages, SMS, etc

Sales Prospecting: Order potential customers and approve on/demand. ClosedWon delivers the most responsive prospects.

Schedule Meetings: ClosedWon appointment scheduling software lets enterprises and sales professionals streamline their booking process and helps them schedule appointments with customers and prospects.


Difficult and Manual Process

1600 Calls to get 5 appointments

It is very hard to find leads and close deals and most of the sales representatives dont hit their quota.

ClosedWon Way



Our Team

Zen Lenon - CEO & Co-Founder

Enterprise Sales Leader 

Previously an Enterprise Sales Leader at PandaDoc, Yelp, Tint. Closed over $500k at PandaDoc in less than 9 months. Generated over 1.3M for Yelp, #1 Sales rep from 2008-2012 . Streamlined sales process at Tint to project 1.3MM run rate in less than 7 months. Closed over $150k MRR and helped raise $805k seed funding for Mobile Action

Kaushik Macharla - Co-Founder, Head of Product & UX

Design Leader 

An experienced Design Leader who has created experiences for several enterprise products, Kaushik developed his leadership skills building and inspiring teams of young designers, coders and creatives at Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Designed and strategized several enterprise products at Facebook. Designed experiences to avoid misinformation and fake news on Google Search.

Paul Andre de Vera - Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

B2B marketer and Storyteller 

B2B marketer and storyteller and a proven record in organic growth, online brand reputation, and lead generation. Previously worked as a Global search marketing Lead at Workday. Results-oriented and highly creative inbound marketer with extensive experience in the B2B cloud software industry. Solid hands-on experience in driving marketing pipeline through multiple channels.

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