Using the power of wi-fi to deliver private TV audio in public spaces

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From longing for just a little more television as a kid to catching a few minutes of TV during his workout as an adult, Vitaly Kirkpatrick had the same problem — no sound. So he created CloviFi and founded CloviTek.

CloviFi, an award-winning wireless audio transmitter, is the smartest and easiest way to listen to any TV using Wi-Fi and the listener’s own headphones anytime and anywhere.

Our founder, Vitaly Kirkpatrick, found his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for problem-solving when he was just a kid.

As a foster child, he went door-to-door singing Christmas carols to raise money to buy a TV. But his foster mom didn’t allow TV after 10 p.m. So he used a blanket fort and the mute button for his late-night viewing.

CloviTek’s app combines cutting-edge AI technology and unparalleled user experience, overcoming the limitations of current solutions like closed captioning and Bluetooth.

It gives business owners a new way to connect with their customers. CloviTek has the power to increase brand awareness and harness the potential of AI and data-driven analytics. We’re more cost-effective than existing solutions, offering quality sound without the high price tag for licensing, equipment, wiring and installation.

Really cool, right? That’s exactly what CloviTek means. Clovi = cool in Ukranian/Russian, and Tek = technologies. And that’s our mission. Providing cool technology to enhance the quality of listening—and the quality of life.


Additional target markets include restaurants, airports, colleges, business lounges and consumer home use.

CloviTek falls under a number of large markets that continue to grow:

CloviFi, our award-winning wi-fi audio transmitter, revolutionizes the connection between business and customer, giving businesses the power to stream audio to mobile devices from their existing TVs.

Installs CloviTek system consisting of a software license and hardware custom-configured for the venue’s needs.

Pays a subscription fee to access in-app marketing tools, with higher service tiers offering advertising content management and API access (with SDK tools to run CloviTek through their own app).

Streams real-time audio via WiFi from TVs directly through a mobile app, allowing users to listen through their own headphones.

Connects with customers via our simple web portal, providing custom in-app messaging and AI-powered advertising to let their target audience know about specials, promotions and events.


Since our founding in 2016, CloviTek has been making some noise in the
Wi-Fi space:

Look who’s talking about us. We don’t mind. In fact, we think it’s great.

All our traffic is from organic searches and is increasing with SEO.

Vitaly Kirkpatrick
Our founder and CEO holds degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, as well as an MBA. He has expertise in sales and marketing in the high-tech segment with more than 14 years of experience.

Alex Nesterenko
Our CTO has helmed a technology company for more than seven years and he has experience in mechanical engineering and startups, with multiple innovation awards to his credit.

Yaroslav Romashko
Yaroslav Romashko has an MBA and master’s in electrical engineering. He brings experience in management, manufacturing, operations and business development to the CloviTek team.

Vladymyr Khyliuk
Vladymyr Khyliuk is responsible for CloviTek’s product management, manufacturing and quality assurance.

Chris Badger
Chris Badger has more than 25 years of professional accounting experience and has been a CPA since 1997. He’s our CFO-for-hire.

Mohammad Khan
Mohammad Khan is CloviTek’s machine learning engineer.

Anthony DiPrizio
Anthony DiPrizio has more than 16 years of tech expertise and has run and successfully exited four startups. He was recognized for outstanding innovation by PC Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Josh Freeman
Josh Freeman has over 10 years of experience in law specializing in startups. He’s a co-founder and partner at Freeman | Lovell, PLLC.

Xenia Moore
Xenia Moore has more than 20 years of experience in technology communications for both B2B and B2C audiences.

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