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Intelligent Process Automation
Fast Facts

CognitiveHealth Technologies is a healthcare solutions provider that’s looking to bring much-needed efficiency & cost reduction to the administrative end of the industry.

Built with proprietary AI- powered software, our iCAN™ platform empowers providers and payers to automate business processes that are expensive, time-consuming, and burdensome. iCAN™ has pre-built use cases with demonstrated value to the customers.

It’s flexible enough to function with any systems that are used by providers and payers.

Intelligent Process Automation
The Problem
- Other Side of Healthcare

The exorbitant costs often associated with medical procedures and patient care are well known; but it’s what happens behind the scenes that can create even more frustration.

Costs associated with administrative functions add over $150 billion to the annual US healthcare bill alone.  Performing the associated tasks also creates headaches for all key stakeholders, due to the following ever-present pain points:

  • They are burdensome, complex, and multi-layered nature
  • The excessive amount of time they take to complete
  • Being fraught with human error due to manual filing

Intelligent Process Automation
The Solution
- Intelligent Process Automation

The time is now to simplify healthcare administration. Introducing CognitiveHealth Technologies: developers of iCAN™ that automates many of the industry’s behind-the-scenes tasks, eliminating inefficiencies and errors along the way.

Our Intelligent Process Automation Platform (iCAN™) is purpose-built for healthcare providers & payers to automate administrative processes. iCANs leverage the power of Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools and methodologies for intelligent process automation

iCAN™ acts as a digital employee - reducing errors and the need for resources while allowing human staff to get back to higher-level tasks. Since the applications are pre-built, iCAN™ reduces the time to deploy and delivers greater cost reductions.

Intelligent Process Automation
Key features of iCAN™

It can all be delivered to enterprise clients in just 3-8 weeks with low ownership/operation costs.  Here are just a handful of the many additional features & benefits iCAN provides:

Easily customizable to work with most EMR, ERP, and claims management apps, and offers compatibility with Windows, UNIX, Java, Mainframe and other platforms

Reduces the time needed to achieve full process automation by leveraging CognitiveHealth Automation Feasibility Scale™ framework for design and implementations, resulting in guaranteed cost reductions and quicker ROI

Has apps specifically designed to handle the complexities of healthcare revenue cycle, quality and claims administration processes

iCAN Manage Portal, which acts as a global command center for tracking, reporting and managing

HIPAA compliant, and meets stringent standards for a Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Takes actions based on both structured and unstructured data, and makes decisions based on data or preconfigured scenarios to execute multiple tasks

Can be scheduled to run at a set time or initiated through a user triggers

Intelligent Process Automation
Value Proposition

Purpose built for healthcare providers and payers by experienced healthcare professionals

Our key value proposition is our ‘out of box’ pre-configured library of use cases for healthcare administrative processes.

No upfront capital cost for software or infrastructure for configuring and deploying use cases

Proven methodology for success - Automated process design services prior to deployment for seamless integration within the existing workflows

Proprietary automation software for automation with flexibility to leverage the multiple plug-ins tools relevant for healthcare processes like EDI translators, HL7/FHIR/API transactions, NLP tools, Machine learning models

Easy implementations with minimum disruption of work during the process

Transaction based or savings based pricing model

Demonstrated cost savings in the current use cases of up to 60% cost savings on the current process costs post deployment

Intelligent Process Automation
Gaining Momentum

Some of the key achievements we’ve enjoyed since our April 2018
launch include:

Software developed to a super-functional state with optimized AI, and
is on the market.

Current referenceable customers actively use the product and are willing to present in public forums.

Implemented automations have created an 80% work effort reduction in one case, and reduced 25 staff from a 75 staff process in another.

Revenue generation is underway as of Q1 2019, as we’ve signed two customers to 3-year contracts and deployed our software on their sites.

About ten automation use cases have been executed, with over 30 more identified by our development partners and in process.

Positive article published in Becker's Hospital Review (a leading publication for hospital executives) regarding our presentation at their annual conference in April 2019.

For more information on CognitiveHealth Technologies and what they have planned for the future, please request access to the Business Plan portion of this Fundable profile.

Intelligent Process Automation
Meet The Team

We’re led by a team with deep healthcare & tech experience, and a drive to reduce costs in healthcare.  Let’s learn a little more about our executive quartet, all of whom are seasoned professionals in the industry:

BM Chittaranjan
Gained a deep understanding of healthcare tech during his two decades of working in startups & large enterprises.  Former Sr. Managing Partner at QSSI (acquired by UnitedHealth) and Business Process-as-a-Service portfolio leader at Optum.

Pavani Munjuluri
Has 18+ years of global leadership experience & a proven track record in client success, business operations, and incubation across health plans, provider groups, and care & wellness companies.  Played a key role in development of healthcare practice at Infosys and later worked with SCIO Health Analytics, Cota Healthcare.

John Torr
A former VP of Sales at Optum, John has worked with hospitals & health systems nationwide.  During his 30+ years, he’s run experienced $600M revenue sales teams while also building sales teams for startups.

Albert Porco
Possess 25+ years of deep healthcare IT expertise across the public & private sectors - including CIO and CTO roles for various hospitals & health systems.  Recognized as a progressive leader in the healthcare IT field.

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