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WSE is a Singapore-based company specializing in green, energy-saving, affordable technology. WSE was founded to provide sustainable facilities systems for the wafer/semiconductor industry, and now distributes energy-saving air conditioning units and energy monitoring products.

WSE offers thermal air conditioners, solar hybrid air conditioners, and 100% solar air conditioners from SolAir World-- products which drastically reduce the amount of electricity customers use and help them save substantial amounts of money over time.

In warm, humid environments, air conditioning isn’t a luxury -- it’s a necessity. Especially for small businesses:

Air conditioning on a hot day can be the difference between cool, relaxed customers taking their time -- and sweaty, grumpy customers anxious to leave.

AC lures in diners and lets them enjoy their meal in comfort.

AC helps workers stay focused and productive.

But keeping cool comes at a cost; while temperatures stay low, electricity bills skyrocket. Many business owners can barely afford to keep their business and their AC running.

Until now.

Introducing WSE.

Singapore-based WSE offers air conditioning units which draw from renewable energy sources, drastically reducing the amount of electricity customers use.

Customers can save money without sacrificing comfort or changing their lifestyle.

We sell three different types of SolAir World air conditioning systems with patented energy-saving technology:

Customers can choose their air conditioning unit based on several factors -- how often they’ll use the air conditioning, what time of day, the size of the space they’ll be cooling, etc.

We’ll work with them to find the system that’s right for them, and install it in their office or home.

Monitoring Energy with Efergy:
We also have an energy monitoring device which attaches to the unit or any electrical devices. This shows a graph of both the energy usage and savings, giving customers a clear picture of our system’s benefits.

When any bold new technology is introduced, there’s bound to be some pushback -- especially with products that seem too good to be true.

We’ve turned skeptics into believers, proving the functionality and practicality our units.

Proof of Concept:
After our 2016 launch, we set out to prove that our units can help customers keep cool and save money, installing free units for customers to try out.

It didn’t take long for people to believe in our products and support our mission. Since then, inquiries and sales have consistently increased.

Chua Kok Keong -- Owner / Director.
Chua is the head of WSE, specializing in funding. Chua started 
as a assistant engineer back in 2000, gradually worked his way up to engineering manager; he started running WSE in 2016, building it up to the successful company it is today.

Yoon Chan Cheong -- Senior Manager.
Yoon is an experienced department manager, currently in charge of all engineering and technical aspects of WSE.

Foong Taifong -- Sales/Business Development Manager.
Foong has extensive experience in sales and marketing. 

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