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Our innovation began from within.
We started as a business intelligence tool for delivery companies in 2014.

While serving these enterprises, we began to hear about the large enterprises they service. They wanted access to the dashboards.

This gave us a brilliant idea: we could aggregate delivery data from all around the country to better serve high-volume shippers.

The Concise competitive advantage over competitors is twofold:

Ease of integration: Concise has already integrated with many of the top logistics third-party ERP systems, making it quick and simple to interface with new delivery vendors already using these systems

Unified interface: tracking all shipments, regardless of the delivery companies used provides a single source for supply chain management

Industry changing method of verifying invoice totals, and eliminating the need for an invoice auditing

Providing Shippers customers with a singular, unified experience for all their tracking needs

Concise solves these problems by successfully and efficiently utilizing multiple regional carriers across the U.S.

In an industry first, Concise connects with each carrier to create a unified source of truth for the logistics arm of the supply chain.

This provides shippers -- and even their customers -- with a centralized system for asset management.

Additionally, Concise provides a unified experience to shippers customers’ seeking to manage or inquire about their delivery, or even post feedback.

We also provide shippers' customers with a white-labeled experience. This allows them to:

Concise has spent an enormous amount of time and effort creating a carrier network of regional suppliers (delivery company partners) across the US.

We require that each vendor we connect with adheres to our data and operational standards, conforming to a set of rules which creates uniformity.

Once integrated, Concise can capture near real-time package events.

This enables us to provide our clients (the high-volume shippers that use the delivery vendors) with:

We then automate the entire invoicing process using a system we call Automated Payment Verification (APV).

APV seamlessly live-audits all order charges, providing our customers with a value added feature the saves money – a unique and industry first.

We are proud to say that Concise won the Paychex account in 2016, beating out Grand Junction and RR Donnelly.

Paychex Case Study:

Our partners include:

Our delivery partners include:

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