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Critical Challenges

An astonishing 97% of physicians and patients do not have access to clinical trials.

This is not only detrimental to patients, who could benefit from having early access to new drugs, it is also very expensive for pharmaceutical companies.



The Importance of Drug Trials

The future of medicine depends on clinical trials.

Without them, medicine does not advance.

New and existing diseases won't be cured.

Patients will continue to suffer.

And the burden on society will be unbearable.


Recognizing the importance of clinical trials -- and the inability for most patients to get in them -- Dr. Michelle Alex founded Conduct Clinical Trials.

A podiatrist by training, Dr. Alex is on a mission to make clinical trials available to everyone.

The Ultimate Solution

Conduct Clinical Trials solves these problems by allowing physicians to seamlessly integrate a clinical research arm into their existing practice.

In doing so, pharmaceutical companies will gain access to a network of physicians that work under one contract and budget.

Better still, pharmaceutical companies also gain access to:




Conduct Clinical Trials makes clinical trials available to everyone

We give patients and physicians access to new clinical trial opportunities

Patients do not need insurance to get access to innovative medicine/care

The CCT Proprietary app connects with therapeutically aligned physicians

Sponsor works under one contract and one budget for multiple physicians

This speeds up the process for both patients and pharmaceutical companies, potentially allowing life-saving drugs to debut faster

Clinical Trials For Everyone

Conduct Clinical Trials is proud to be the first company to make clinical trials available to everyone.

With Conduct Clinical Trials, patients and physicians will be able to bridge the gap to new and potentially life-saving drugs.

Patients will gain access to new and innovative medicine and care without the need for insurance.

We're doing this not only because it's good for the industry, but because we truly care.


Our Product

Competitive Overview

Development Pipeline

We are also developing a cloud-based SaaS application,
TrialPulse™, that will revolutionize the way clinical trials are conducted

TrialPulse™ unifies clinical trial teams (physicians, pharmaceutical companies and CROs) through a multisided platform

Most clinical teams work in many different systems -- often without the benefit of direct collaboration between teams -- both internally and externally

Our unified cloud system allow teams to work together to make clinical trials faster and smarter while thus, we can help pharmaceuticals reduce drug development costs and avoid expensive delays

Meet The Team 

Michelle Alex, DPM | Founder & CEO

  • Dr. Alex has more than 20 years of research experience ranging from biotech and pharma to CROs focused in neurology, cardiology, immunotherapy and oncology
  • Dr. Alex earned her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in 1996

Shilo West | Chief Development Officer

  • 20-year veteran in advertising and marketing.
  • Brings 5+ years experience in the pharmaceutical sector, where she served as an accomplished management professional
  • Has a proven and demonstrated track record of success in business development
  • Under her leadership, Conduct Clinical Trials has grown to 800 research sites

Ron McClellan | National Business Development

  • 25-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, specializing in Clinical Trials and Medical Affairs
  • Previously served as the Senior Medical Science Liaison with Celgene Cellular Therapy
  • Has specialized in hematology, oncology, inflammatory and immunological diseases

Why Join Us?

At Conduct Clinical Trials, our model is driven by both relationships and technology.

We have already assembled more than 200 sales representatives that recruit physicians to join our exclusive network.

Our technology enables us to disseminate clinical trial opportunities to therapeutically aligned physicians, significantly decreasing study start-up time.

This results in medicines that advance through the trial phase more quickly and get to market much faster.

We are eager to forever change the world of medicine -- but we need your help to make it happen.

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