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Connectus (Connectus Holdings, Inc.) is an innovative model for workforce productivity including managing technology.  Connectus specializes in the development and sale of cloud-based (SaaS)* products and services. 

Connectus is offering a single-sign-on productivity platform including some Connectus built and managed products along with 3rd-party applications.  You can view the products currently being developed by Connectus by visiting  One of the biggest challenges an early stage company faces is finding talent, capital and other resources needed to operate a successful, sustainable and growing business.  Technology companies often face the additional challenge of product development before significant value is created.  Connectus is solving these problems by providing a centralized managed services platform.

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What does Connectus do?

Connectus provides support including product development, marketing, communications, talent management, technical and customer support for companies integrated into the Connectus system.  Connectus offers companies access to services and operational efficiencies often out-of-reach and difficult to manage.

What does that mean?

As an early-stage business ourselves, we discovered quickly that we needed a team to help with various aspects of our company but didn't have the budget to hire a full-time person and for various reasons did not want to outsource those requirements.  Our new MDM (managed services model) will help us to spread the costs of those people over multiple subsidiaries, reducing risks, increasing productivity, enhancing culture and filling the gaps that cause many companies to fail.

What products does Connectus develop and support?

Initially focused on the PR, marketing and advertising sector, Connectus is now working on a range of products.  Each product is in a different stage of development.  The first sophisticated product built and marketed was PRSafe, an online PR platform including the main products used by PR professionals into a single platform solution. 

NewsBox, a core product is a responsive cloud-based intelligent news reading platform(

NewsBox gathers data from across the web, and from publishers publishing on the platform, to provide a hub of media intelligence including media mentions, trends, sentiment and other valuable data that goes beyond free keyword alert systems. 

Connectus NewsBox

Our up-and-coming insights and analytics will provide valuable dashboards for various users in a number of verticals, including healthcare/pharma, legal, and entertainment, while also addressing the needs of the departments within companies and organizations that our users represent.


  • Central workflow management including fringe use cases
  • Reputation management
  • Learning hub
  • Product management
  • Project management

Product/Service Details

  1. NewsBox ( - For personal or team use, the NewsBox offers an intelligent centralized news hub delivering value over using fragmented products.  Components include; news reader, newswire, news monitoring & alerts, media intelligence, NewsBox site embed, news feeds, cloud storage, opportunities, marketplace and partner integration options.
  2. PRSafe ( - An intelligent information platform for (PR) public relations, (IR) investor relations, brand management, competitive intelligence, finance, marketing and security.
  3. Planable ( - A learning and experience platform helping individuals and teams find support and inspiration while working to achieve goals.  The single biggest obstacle to getting anything done is not having done it before. Planable helps overcome that challenge by offering training and support.
  4. Planual ( - A simple way to manage your product manuals, find quality instructors, keep track of warranties, insurance, updates and service.
  5. Sounds ( A social platform built to help promote live & local music events, artists, content and sponsors.
  6. Intelliprofile ( - An intelligent marketing platform to generate inbound leads, manage marketing and monitor online reputation.

NewsBox is an intelligent alternative to current outdated newsletter solutions.  Newsletters account for over 65% of marketing e-mails sent.  NewsBox gives publishers the ability to reach readers without e-mail yet still includes e-mail for non-NewsBox members.  By using less e-mail, NewsBox reduces spam and the associated likelihood content will not reach a reader’s inbox.  Users can host high-resolution graphics on NewsBox instead of adding them to e-mail and risk being stopped by firewalls and e-mail filters. 

How We're Different

The Connectus model distributes talent and other resources across our suite of products offering support not often available to early-stage ventures.


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Gary Pick - President / Founder

Seasoned business owner with over 10 years of soft dev experience. 

Strategic and disciplined business leader with a proven track record of launching and managing value-driven products. Focused on driving the practical application of innovative technology and data analytics to create new business models and drive new sources of value creation. Extensive experience managing sales campaigns, product development teams, software development teams and leading creative processes to create innovative and forward-thinking products and services. Successfully managed creation and securing of valuable enforceable revenue-generating intellectual property. Combined experience includes over two decades of work in telecommunications, digital marketing, PR and media. International on-site and remote experience in Switzerland, Ireland, India, Pakistan, Brazil and many states within the United States. Currently leading Connectus, a (SaaS) software-as-a-service company focused on cloud-based software solutions. Connectus recently completed multiple business incubation programs including University of Maryland’s Tech Venture Accelerator, GovCon Accelerator and YCombinator SUS (originally from Stanford). Over 15 years of sales and marketing experience. Currently belongs to organizations including: Public Relations Society of America, Baltimore PR Council, (LMA) Legal Marketing Association, American Marketing Association and The National Press Club, and is a former member of the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Graham Dodge - Advisor

Leader in digital monitoring space. 

Graham is CEO of Sickweather, the 'doppler of sickness,' a platform using social network data to track illnesses including flu. Graham is a leader in digital disease surveillance who has served on boards and technical workgroups for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster), and the Kennedy Krieger Institute, as well as providing mentorship to students at Johns Hopkins University's MedHacks program. He has been named a "Social Innovation Rockstar" by Yoxi/BOLD, and featured among Broadband for America's "Faces of Innovation", among other honors. He is a frequent guest/speaker for domestic and international conferences and news programs. Graham is providing guidance on a number of development challenges, providing invaluable feedback based on his extensive experience in some of the leading technology incubation programs in the United States.

George Earl - Consultant - Data Analytics

A leader in data science 

An Information Engineer and Analytics Expert with 20+ years' experience in the Financial Services, Retail, and Software Development industries, George has led advanced analytic teams known for results. At PayPal, George led a global team of analysts and BI specialists to develop world class actionable intelligence. His role as a leader at several of the world’s largest banks, technology companies, and numerous successful start-ups has allowed him to battle test his strategies and vision. George is providing guidance on our data and analytics including training of analysts and overall data management. He is also helping us with build out of the insights and analytics section of NewsBox.

Andrew Haley - Design and Marketing Analyst

An energetic creative strategic thinker 

Andrew is a creative thinker with a recent degree from Xavier University. He has experience working in creative teams at Black & Decker and notable creative agencies in Baltimore.

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