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Contacts In Motion has perfected how consumers connect to local shops, restaurants, and events in their neighborhoods. We’re the only marketplace that exclusively promotes locally owned businesses -- no chains, no big boxes and no franchises.

Contacts In Motion is a digital amplifier for locally owned businesses. We put a megaphone in front of your brand's message and specialize in delivering the customers from your neighborhood.

Independently owned restaurants and retailers are tired of ad platforms that fail to align with their best interests. The gimicks that come and go with so many other ad platforms do not exist within our hyper-local advertising platforms. Because of the market's lack of options, local businesses have a hard time reaching their local audience, or even understanding them. So the question is: How do these small businesses effectively market themselves in today’s digital world?

Likewise, consumers are not able to easily connect to their surrounding small business community where they live, work or play. Information for local consumers tends to be scattered all over when it comes to shopping local, eating local and playing local. With a growing grassroots movement from consumers to support local businesses over giant chains and franchises, we feel the time is now for InMotion hyper-local property rollouts.

Contacts In Motion™ is the mothership to locally branded InMotion platforms and our check-in tool, Rewards InMotion™.

“AnyTown” InMotion™ •


  • Our platforms are easily replicated and branded for ANY local region, city or state.
  • Each InMotion platform brings a curated experience to help local consumers find and save on places to eat, drink, play and shop
  • Each InMotion market is promoted and amplified on its own unique Facebook, Instagram, Google + and Twitter accounts.
  • Each InMotion platform is available on PC, tablet, mobile
  • GPS / Geo-location are forthcoming to ensure relevant content for the user

Contacts In Motion™


  • ​Why do our customers love us? Data. We provide easy-to-view reports that allows each merchants to view attribution metrics that demonstrate the value of the InMotion platform they are using.
  • We are also gathering valuable consumer data for each hyper-local market including shopping, dining and event-interest trends (potential for stand-alone monetization).

We share valuable ad performance metrics with each business. Transparency + Results = High Customer Retention that is exceeding 90+% in our Jersey Shore InMotion pilot.

A consumer’s user experience is tracked from their first buying impulse until transaction. 

Consumer shopping and dining interests are logged for future monetization or instant outbound marketing. 34% of our inbound website traffic is a returning visitor.

Data is used to better our user’s experience on the platform. We study trends that keep people engaged and capitalize on those successes. 

Trending shopping habits are modeled at hyper-local levels for future monetization. 

We marry our core demographic to tens of thousands of independent retailers, restaurants and specialty food stores. Here’s how:

Our first pilot program, Jersey Shore InMotion is up and running.

We’ve rapidly grown our pilot service and now have 215 subscription customers. with 20+ more being adding every month. We’ve earned a 90+% retention rate with businesses along with increasing subscription prices.

We’ve secured the largest independent retailers for our hyper-local pilot as well as some of the finest restaurants and shops in the Jersey Shore. This has spurred interest from several local private equity investors who have seen first hand the results we generated for businesses they own.

We’ve also aligned ourselves with independent news writers who act as amplifiers to our our shoplocal message while creating a revenue stream for them that doesn’t dilute their news brand.

Michael Fiore and Chris Grohman founded Contacts In Motion in early 2012 after looking at the current advertising markets for small businesses and the challenges they face with being outspent and out marketed by the bigger marketing budgets of national retailers and chains.  Our mission was to reinvent how local businesses connect to local consumers in their neighborhood in an informative, non-intrusive way that created a sense of community and recurring visitors to digital and app platforms.

  • 15 years experience in sales and outbound marketing, most recently as VP of Sales and Dir. of Business Development in commercial renewable energy
  • 10 years experience in the Enterprise Software sales with SAP America and its partners.

  • 15 years of sales and marketing experience
  • Led Inside Sales as VP for startup LogiStar, an SAP Supply Chain consulting service, taking it to #1 in its space in 14 months.

  • 15 years of web and applications development for B2B and B2C businesses
  • Experience includes Morgan Stanley, 5Enterpulse, The New Teacher Project, Microedge and most recently Honeywell

  • 15 years of experience in corporate finance
  • Currently VP at JP Morgan Chase Corporate & Investment Banking
  • Prior experience with Goldman Sachs co-head of Corporate Bond Repo Sales & Trading

  • 5 years of experience in hyper-local journalism and content.
  • Founder of Jersey Shore Hurricane News, a crowdsourced news site for New Jersey
  • Work has been pubilished with New York Times, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, Yahoo News, Nieman Journalism Lab

  • 17 years consulting experience including as a partner with BCG where he led assignments across YP, local broadcast, newspapers
  • 4 years as Chief Commerce Officer of Softcard, the carriers’ mobile wallet

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