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CORAnet®: Fast Facts

CORAnet® is a mobile Personal Health Information Exchange that empowers individuals and their families’ on-demand access, control and ownership of their health care.


Key Highlights of
our PHIE:

Apps, Healthcare, Telemedicine Messaging and Telecommunications, Platforms, Software, Information Technology, Mobile , Emergency  Support, Ambulatory

$28 Billion


  • Healthcare delivery (provider) organizations
  • Health insurance payers (commercial insurers, CMS)
  • Employers/Companies (including self-insured and fully-insured)
  • Government agencies (contracts)
  • Partners (channel partners and financial partners)

CORAnet® Architecture

Our Three Solutions

Within our PHIE platform, we have three unique solutions:

CORALink®  - Emergency App
Life saving app for emergency situations.

CORAVault® - Ambulatory PHR App
An on-demand ambulatory application that provides users access to their health records at their fingertips.

TeleCORA™ - Video/Chat Consultation App
A mobile video chat telemedicine solution  that links directly to EHRs.

Features Overview

Growing Problem

In a life or death situation, seconds count for everything.

“So who will speak for you if this happens and you are unconscious,  unable to speak or incapacitated?”

That’s where CORALink comes in!

Our CORALink Solution

CORALink is the mobile life-saving application you should not be without, as it provides first responders with access to your critical life-saving information.

Built by CORAnet, CORALink allows -- with a single click on the icon on your mobile phone -- up to three points of contact are notified by SMS and email of the occurrence and location of your emergency, showing the GPS coordinates.

Users enter basic biodata for CORALink through the login portal as well as allergies, blood type, medications, advanced directives and organ donor information that are displayed on the phone.

Key Functions of CORAVault

  • An on-demand ambulatory application that provides access to source-identified disparate EHRs as a single, secured view on the patients’ mobile device, agnostic to any EHR system & mobile operating platform
  • Data organized by modalities, e.g. Medical History, Diagnostic/ Laboratory Tests, Family History, Plan of Care, etc. for easy access to targeted data
  • No changes or modifications to data from the above sources are allowed to maintain data integrity
  • Allows input of data that do not come from EHRs and doctors’ offices - identiifed as self-entered
  • Allows family sharing of data – (up to 3 members)
  • Allows encrypted sharing of data with providers
  • Reminder notifications for appointments and medications

Key Functions of TeleCORA

  • Facilitates remote access to care through mobile smart phones
  • Users can make appointments without making phone calls to doctor’s offices – everything is done through the system
  • Providers are able to display their availabilities for consultations
  • Providers are listed by specialty
  • Allows bi-directional exchange of information
  • Chat room enabled
  • Allows sharing of data to include images and X-rays
  • Text data incorporated into CORAVaultTM
  • Video data kept for 60 days to allow patients and doctors the choice of storing or deleting the encounter… system purges video data after 60 days
  • History of telemedical consultations are archived for historical purposes

Traction & Accomplishments

All three products have been developed and are in the app stores:

  • Base technology of the Blue Button system      
  • Certified by Allscripts
  • Recognized by ONC as a true-Blue Button connector
  • Various awards for leadership in innovation by Frost & Sullivan and two Health care Magazines
  • Prototype funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research Quality (AHRQ)
  • Currently used by victims of hurricane disasters

Other Traction

  • Patent issued in US, China and Canada
  • Two Provisional patents: European Union and US
  • Technology partnership with ApiFocal, which is the technology arm of CORAnet®

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