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Crowdsourcing Talent

There have been several successes in the crowdsourcing space, especially in designed apparel.  But many of these sites offer lackluster designs, many designs don’t sell all that well, and designers rarely get compensated well.

James Gallagher recognized that many exceptionally talented designers could use their influence to sell shirts, and want to compete for a higher payout.

Beginning as a self-taught expert in apparel (learning everything he needed to know about apparel decorating techniques, graphic design, and web applications), Gallagher is now an entrepreneur.

He has created an “anti-crowdsourcing” concept with the creation of Cotton Wars – finding the best and most influential talent, to bring consumers and designers a better format.

Cotton Wars is an exclusive community of creatives competing in themed t-shirt contests for significant prize money.

In short, we are not a crowdsourcing site.

Our designers are paid up front, during each contest, and at the end in the form of prize money.

Built for designers who are in search of a platform that focuses on the competition component and offers significant prize money, Cotton Wars will debut on March 8th, 2019.

We will be targeting and reacahing out to extremely talented designers with an online presence. We want quality over quantity of designers, and designers with an existing online influence – both of which will result in bringing in the highest number of consumers.

Designers who are accepted into a competing contest will be evaluated by the following measures:

  • Quality of submission
  • Origniality of submission
  • ”Social Media Influence” judged by the number of followers and engagement on their accounts

Custom Tech Features

Live Leaderboard:

  • The live leaderboard sits on the typical “category” page of an e-commerce store
  • It is dynamic and shows the place each designer is in -- all in real-time
  • This page allows both designers and consumers to see what place each shirt competing is in until the last second of the contest

Activity Notifications:

  • Notifications are implemented onto the e-commerce portion of the site
  • We clearly highlight important activities, including purchases, social media shares, prize money payouts, and more
  • This is proudly designed to encourage social buying

Point Allocation:
The platform tracks sales and social media shares and then allocates points accordingly

Designer Account:
Each designer receives an individual account with several tech features and functionalities

Designer Dashboard:
The designer dashboard has 4 panels--

  • Design stats - This bar graph shows the performance of each design submitted by the designer
  • Activity feed - This scrolling newsfeed shows real-time activity on the site
  • Top Designers – This dynamic feature allows designers to compare their performance directly to their peers with analytics (ex: submissions, sales, social media shares, and prize money)


Competitive Marketplace

Creative Solution 

Unlike the competition, Cotton Wars solves these issues by offering this group of creatives:

Cotton Wars offers
"winning" prize money that is 5x-10x more
than what the competition offers as "earning" commissions.  Our designers will also be paid a freelance fee, and earn on each sale.

How It Works 




Traction & Accomplishments

designers have been contracted 
through email and social media with peak excitement for our launch.

social media followers
will be introduced to Cotton Wars on March 8th, 2019.

Prior to launch we also attracted more than 500 likes/follows on both Facebook and Instagram.

Meet The Team 

James Gallagher | Founder and CEO

  • 15 years of industry-related experience in:
    o Sales
    o Marketing
    o Brand development
    o UX/UI
    o Apparel decoration
    o App development.
  • 2005 graduate of The University of Delaware

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