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Help Us SAVE Jonathan Park!

Hello, I'm Pat Roy. My wife, Sandy, and I are the creators, writers and producers of the Jonathan Park Audio Adventures. We have directed and overseen the entire creative team since Jonathan Park was first launched almost 15 years ago at the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego!

And now with Vision Forum closing its doors, we have quickly assembled a talented and unified team to save Jonathan Park so we can continue reaching people around the world with the powerful and exciting message of creation told through the creative adventures of Jonathan Park. There are so many more adventures and stories to tell, and our vision is bigger than ever, but we need your help!

We've made arrangements to purchase the rights to Jonathan Park if we can raise the money in time!  Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us to keep Jonathan Park alive?

What is Jonathan Park?

These audio adventures are action-packed stories, based on real places and real events - exciting stories full of scientific evidences that support the biblical account of creation. Millions of people around the world have been inspired and equipped by the Jonathan Park products and radio broadcasts, as they have learned how science is in complete harmony with the book of Genesis. However, that comes to an end unless we all work together quickly to save Jonathan Park. For more information, please visit  

Campaign Details

Your contributions will be used in the following ways:

Tier 1 - $100,000 (MINIMUM Crowdfunding Goal)

  • Down payment to purchase the Jonathan Park project.
  • Repackage all current Jonathan Park albums & put them back into circulation.

Tier 2 - $150,000 (IDEAL Crowdfunding Goal)

  • Down payment to purchase the Jonathan Park project.
  • Repackage all current Jonathan Park albums & put them back into circulation.
  • Immediately begin production on the next 12-episode album (tentatively slated for release by Christmas of 2014).

*Please note that while your contributions will be used to partner with us to save Jonathan Park, they are not tax deductible.

Trusted Truths

Thousands of you have come to trust the Jonathan Park productions as a fun and reputable resource for presenting biblical truths, the Gospel and family values. It has been a joy and privilege to produce these creative and exciting adventures that educate and inspire families through entertainment for well over a decade. We are more committed than ever before to disseminate these truths and expand our reach - and with your help, we can save Jonathan Park and impact millions of lives in the years ahead.

How You Can Help


  • Please pray that God will stir the hearts of thousands to help us Save Jonathan Park!


  • Please prayefully consider partnering with us and being part of the team that saved Jonathan Park!  And we have some fun incentives for you as our way of saying thank you! (See campaign details above.)

Pass it Along

  • Please email all your family and friends and help us get the word out. We wouild really appreciate it if you would send the link to as many people as possible.

Post to Facebook    

  • Like us on our Facebook.
  • While on our page, share a story about how you and your family have been blessed by Jonathan Park.  
  • Copy and paste the following message (or your own variation) on YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE!!:

Please consider joining our growing team of people around the country that are working hard to SAVE the exciting Jonathan Park audio adventures. We have limited time, so go to to help now!

Committed Creators

Our creative team is comprised of the same people who have led the research, writing, producing and editing of Jonathan Park from the very beginning. We have grown into a solid team of close friends who are passionate about bringing your family high quality productions that showcase the scientific evidences of biblical creation. 

The Team

Pat Roy - Partner

Pat is the co-creator of Jonathan Park. 

Pat Roy worked as Director of Broadcast Media for the Institute for Creation Research. He has a passion for the creation message, and has dedicated the last 15 years of his life to writing and producing the Jonathan Park Audio Dramas with a large and talented team of friends!

Sandy Roy - Partner

Sandy is the other co-creator of Jonathan Park. 

Sandy is one of the main writers for the series and is the creative force for many of the story lines. Pat and Sandy have been married for 18 years. She is also an actor, director, and coach for the Jonathan Park recordings, and she is the consummate homeschooling mother of their two girls.

Mark Rasche - Partner

Mark oversaw the Jonathan Park Project when it began at the Institute for Creation Research. 

Mark is a gifted leader and administrator. He has played a key role in leading and starting several Christian organizations and businesses, and has directed and overseen numerous creation-based projects. He and his wife, Kit, have been married for 31 years and homeschooled their two girls.

Clynt Taylor - Partner

Clynt is the father of two actors who played Jonathan Park, and a successful business executive. 

Clynt and his wife, Karen, are also homeschooling their children. He is a dedicated Christian family man and marketing executive who has led several organizations and businesses. He is passionate about using his God-given creativity and marketing experience to reach people with the creation message.

Harold Tarter - Board Member

Harold acted in the last 2 Jonathan Park Albums, and is the father of 3 JP fans! 

Having been involved with Pat Roy for the last 2 1/2 years, discipling young people in the radio ministry, and acting on 2 Jonathan Park albums, Harold is currently wrapping up his automotive business, to pursue a ministry in the audio and video field. Harold and Cari, have been married for 18 years, and homeschooling their children for 9 years.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about this campaign or your contributions, please email Mark Rasche at

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