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CrediBLL Matches Talent with Employers

We are an AI-powered job search marketplace for machine learning, big data, full stack, and cloud & design verification professionals.

CrediBLL offers an intuitive user interface for employers. Employers can define their hiring needs, on board their co-workers, schedule interviews, make offers, and communicate with job seekers.

CrediBLL offers web & mobile applications for job seekers to complete their profiles, indicate when they are ready to make next career move, accept or decline offers made to them by the various employers, and communicate with employers within the job seeker.

All job seekers go through our unique vetting process which includes digital profile validation, social contribution verification, and technology screenings by our subject matter experts (SMEs). Job seekers must successfully pass our comprehensive due diligence process to make it to the batch showcase sent to the employers. 

Our vetting process, machine learning algorithms, niche technology focus, and experience simplify talent acquisition for employers hiring on our marketplace.

At CrediBLL, we bridge the gap between job seekers and opportunities. Job seekers are given additional mentorship to help target missed opportunities, provided relevant information in skill gaps, and prepared for interviews with specific clients.

CrediBLL provides additional benefits for employers by creating job-based targeted marketing anonymously to attract the best job seekers. Employers get a pool of vetted job seekers for their specific needs, which helps them to reduce the prolonged cycle of niche skill hiring.

Product & Service

CrediBLL is two-sided job search marketplace. Our product has a client, candidate, and administrator portals.  CrediBLL offers smart algorithms and workflows for client and candidate approvals, making offers, scheduling interviews, tracking application status, in app conversation, defining hiring needs, adding co-workers, and more. CrediBLL has SME (Uber of recruitment) model in beta mode for crowdsourcing mentors on demand basis. 

Some of our key product features:

  • A vetting process of candidates that validates their digital profile and actual industry experience.
  • Integrating with top industry Application Tracking Systems(ATS), like Greenhouse and SmartRecruiter.
  • Natural language processing (NLP) based resume parsing to extract key information (e.g. technical skills, experience, qualification)
  • LinkedIn integration for OAuth authentication.
  • A unique machine learning algorithm for matching resumes to specific jobs.
  • AI-based algorithms that predict the hiring pattern of each company and provide relevant matches.

Market Landscape

Our current business model is success-based fees. We charge 10% of base salary for any full time hire made on our marketplace. Similarly, we are keeping a 15% markup on temporary technology workers identified on the marketplace. Our marketplace will always be free for the candidates.

We will be offering flexible pay-per-hire & subscription models in near future.

CrediBLL also has plans to tie-up with training portals and get commissions for the courses/online training subscribed by the applicant on the marketplace. Our SMEs & smart machine learning algorithm will identify the skill gaps in the candidate's profile and offer discounted online courses from our partner portals.

Our main competitor has raised over $100M in funding to date.

We are targeting the $500 billion global recruitment market - the US recruitment market size alone is $200 billion. The recruitment market is growing 6% annually. Around 5 million workers switch jobs every year and over 50,000 tech jobs are open at any given time. There are 9 recruitment companies with over $1 billion in annual revenue and several technology recruitment companies have over $100 million in annual revenue.

Team Story

Neeraj and Varun met in 2012 while working on a product implementation for Apple. Later, Neeraj decided to run his IT services (recruitment/software development) company on a full-time basis. Neeraj was instrumental in winning clients and  projects whereas Varun excelled in software implementation and product development. Varun played a major role in establishing engineering and software development practices at Neeraj's previous venture, which is now a multi-million dollar business with several Fortune 500 clients in its portfolio.

Neeraj and Varun have served on interview panels at top IT companies in Silicon Valley. During this time, the pair found some serious issues in the overall hiring  and candidate evaluation process.  They also recognized that the traditional IT recruitment model was too dated.  The biggest fundamental problem is technical recruiters come from non-engineering background &  go with the digital profile especially when it's come to niche hiring.  

After conducting extensive market research and studying existing products, Neeraj and Varun found many vulnerabilities and gaps in the hiring process.  Now they have identified a billion dollar opportunity to simplify tech recruitment by making the model scalable and efficient. Hence, CrediBLL was founded.

Meet the Team

Neeraj Sharma - Co-Founder & CEO

Neeraj Sharma is an entrepreneur and technologist with expertise in building products and teams, and converting start-up ventures into profitable ventures.  

 Neeraj brings his experience, skills, and a strong passion for tech, sales, and marketing as the CEO of CrediBLL. At CrediBLL, Neeraj is involved in product vision and development, business development, investor relationship, partnerships, team building,  executing sales, and marketing strategies. Neeraj has entrepreneurial experience as the founder of Radiansys Inc, a multi-million dollar IT services company focused on technology recruitment and enterprise product development. 

Varun Singh - Co-Founder & Director

An avid technologist and a well-rounded entrepreneur, with 10+ years of experience in software and product development. 

Varun leads the enterprise web and mobile product development, and is responsible for defining and implementing strategic objectives, formulating an inspiring and valuable product vision, strategy, and architecture. He specializes in Product Development Leadership, Technology Roadmap, Product Strategy, Business Strategy, Tech Architecture, Agile Transformation, SaaS, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning). Varun is currently a part-time CTO of CrediBLL and will become full-time post-raise.

Shikha Vashist - Co-Founder & Director

Seasoned human resources professional with a proven track record in designing, implementing, and improving the IT business process.  

Shikha has experience in strategic planning and business development, performance management, compensation, workforce planning, HR analytics, and talent management. She enjoys developing talent and partnering, and advising executives on key business objectives.

Eric - Dominguez

Sr. Account Executive 

Eric is a seasoned Sr. Account Executive with over 5 years of experience in sales, account management, and business development. At CrediBLL, Eric is one of the core team members and directly report to the CEO.

Lan - Hoang

Sales Development Respresentative 

Lan is working as Sales Development Representative at CrediBLL. Lan is responsible for lead generation & managing applicants creating their profiles on our portal. Lan reports to Eric.

The Future of CrediBLL

In 2018, CrediBLL plans to onboard Subject Matter Experts who can help with candidate vetting and screening. These experts will help reduce dependency on Technical Recruiters and screen candidates in a cost-effective manner. The Company also plans to expand to the national level; integrate a training portal; and begin adding fintech, sales, and marketing roles.

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