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A Better Way To Fund The Things That Matter

Crowdera is a commission free fundraising platform designed specifically for nonprofit organizations and social innovators.

We created Crowdera with one simple, yet powerful goal in mind: to be the world’s first truly free fundraising platform. By never charging commissions on campaigns, we ensure that more donor dollars go towards actually solving the issues that matter.

From building emergency shelters for rescued victims of sex trafficking, to providing education and safety to girls affected by the Haiti earthquake, to sending hundreds of kids from financially disadvantaged families in India to school, Crowdera is the fundraising platform of choice for numerous charitable organizations and individuals who have successfully transformed their noble causes into a reality.

  • $5M+ Revenue Booked via $70M in Customer Fundraising Goals.
  • 7500+ Nonprofits, Individuals & Organization
  • 50K+ Lives impacted
  • Donations Spanning 60+ Countries
  • 10,000+ Platform Users
  • Platform Live in 150+ Countries AND GROWING EVERY DAY!

Read on to learn how Crowdera is completely rewriting the rules to crowdfunding for social good in the 21st century.

Social Crowdfunding Challenges

Whether it’s raising money to finance disaster relief efforts, human rights causes, and everything in between, charitable crowdfunding is a massively popular way for nonprofits and altruistic folks everywhere to rally support from the crowd and make a positive impact in the world.

While popular online platforms like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Classy, and Crowdrise have empowered many social entrepreneurs and innovators to get their philanthropic missions off the ground, they all suffer from the same key drawbacks:

High Costs & Subpar Customer Service
Many cost-conscious nonprofit fundraisers avoid online fundraising altogether because of the commissions that online platforms charge -- forcing them to resort to the traditional, in-person method which is time-consuming, limited to local supporters, and requires a lot of planning, manpower, and capital. Also, fundraising is hard work that few can pull off without help. But unless you shell out a steep premium fee, most online platforms don’t provide the customer support services fundraising greenhorns often need at every step of the process.

Missing Engagement, Brand & Trust - While Raising as Teams
Nonprofits work very hard to reach donors and volunteers to support them, however without a creative engagement model retention of these donors and volunteers remains a distant dream. Most platform provide a passive and less effective team engagement model that doesn't create any network effect, which is very much required for amplifying online fundraising results. While these methods don't offer ways stop money leakage or even offer any gratificatioon to the supporters.

Not Optimized For Mobile
Despite the fact that uniform-responsive mobile web pages can help fundraisers raise more, the vast majority of online fundraising campaigns and fundraising websites are not mobile optimized.

  • 84% of nonprofit donation pages are not mobile optimized
  • 34% conversion rate when fundraising pages are mobile-optimized
  • 51% of nonprofit donation website visits are on a mobile device
  • 17% of crowdfunding donations are made on mobile devices

At Crowdera, we decided it was high time someone removed these hurdles to give humanitarians a better way to make great things happen for real people all over the world every single day.

Welcome To The Giving Economy

We’re all about people who dream big.

But jumpstarting those dreams takes money. With Crowdera, our goal is to be the very first destination that changemakers visit on their journey to making a difference. In the crowded world of online crowdfunding, we knew we would have to do things a little bit differently to stand out.

And the way we see it, different is better. Here’s how we’re doing it:

Crowdera charges no commissions whatsoever or seek tips from donors. There are no setup fees, hidden charges, or hosting fee. Almost everything you need to raise money online is absolutely free with Crowdera.

Group / Team Fundraising
Our proprietary group fundraising technology allows volunteers and donors to create independently-branded campaigns for the fundraiser. This helps nonprofits expand their reach by distributing the efforts and multiplying results, a better engagement strategy kicking in two level deep network effect. Everything is managed from a single dashboard.

24/7 Customer Support
Crowdera delivers round-the-clock access to our support team via email/chat/phone, providing fundraisers with all the resources they need to make the fundraising process as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Our self service comprehensive fundraising tech offers intuitive Q&A-based campaign creation that makes it easy for those who aren’t tech-savvy to launch a campaign. Other features include mobile-optimized donation website creation, multiple dashboards for automatic donation receipt sending, donor outreach and management, custom branding and reporting, and much more.

Value-Added Services
Crowdera offers a full suite of add-on services such as fundraising strategizing, content creation, campaign management, marketing & PR, SEO & digital marketing for campaigns and donation websites, corporate donor outreach and grant writing.

Change In Action - Using Proprietary Tech

Nothing is more rewarding than when see our fundraisers successfully reach their campaign goals. Because at the end of the day, the success stories created on our platform using our proprietary syndication and team fundraising technology and with the support of our network of donors are what truly define who we are and what we’re all about.

Prajwala raised $260,100 to build an emergency shelter for victims of sex trafficking.

Two Cents of Hope raised more than $58,000 to send over 170 underprivileged Indian rural kids to school. Crowdera helped the American nonprofit  onboard over 100 fundraisers across 3 fundraising events supporting the nonprofit, raising over 100% of their goal each time. 

Seth Boyden Outdoor Learning Center raised $20,940 for an outdoor learning center for children to experience learning in nature.

Bollywood Filmmaker Rajat Kapoor along with his Academy Award Winner Crew ditched the conventional studio fundraising model to join Crowdera to raise for their next film. The film has completed successfully and will be released in 2019 winter.

Family of Mehta’s from Pune India raised over $30,000 in just 48 hours for treatment and recovery of their 3 year daughter battling with brain cancer.

Harmony Education & Life Partners raised 120% of their goal for a student community garden.

Manjim Sharma, Singaporean resident raised over US$25,000 in less than a week to save his prematurely born daughter.

Silicon Valley’s 23rd Festival Of Globe raised $84,000 to support the Festival of Awards, Music, Culture, Food, Celebs. FOG hosted global celebrities in 2015.

And this is only the beginning...

Hitting Our Goals

Our 3rd generation platform is officially up and running with uniform identity worldwide and accessible to fundraisers and donors from over 150 countries. Crowdera is mobile optimized and localized for the US, India, and soon will start supporting local currency fundraising in Canada, the UK, Singapore, and many geographies.

Other milestones we’ve hit along the way:

Integrations galore. Crowdera has successfully integrated, tested, and is now running

  • payment integrations including PayPal, WePay, Stripe, PayU, Citrus, and Razorpay
  • contact management integration including Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and CRM (salesforce & others) support coming soon
  • social media integrations including Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, Twitter, and Linkedin
  • donation matching integrations including Donate Double and many more in pipeline.

With our last big release in late 2018, features custom donation websites with comprehensive team fundraising and donor management features were added with many enhancements to our dashboards, now we can take pride in calling us as the only platform that can kick in two level deep network effect in fundrasising.

We’re constantly developing. Our next big release will be custom giving websites with comprehensive fund deployment, csr syndication, employee engagement features for Foundations and Corporates.

Our IP is in progress. We’ve filed trademarks for the Crowdera logo (approved), name (approved), and slogan and we’re working on filing a few patents soon for our unique group fundraising creating 2-level deep network effect and corporate giving process.

Key Partnerships & Talks. We have inked partnerships with major media houses, pr firms, and marketing channels including AWS, Hubspot, Stripe, Google Cloud, Vodafone, Brand Capital,, Civic and more to support the promotional needs of our paid customers. We have also initiated on initiating partnership discussions with United Nations, Google, Facebook, and some major Global Foundations.

Up Next:

Our biggest objective now is to bolster our customer acquisition efforts and amplify our brand. To achieve these goals, we’re focused on the following initiatives:

  • Make Customer Success Team serving via email, chat & calls 24x7 
  • Build a SaaS Sales Team to reach North American and Indian nonprofits.
  • Secure partnerships with Google to help nonprofits secure and manage Adwords grant.
  • UN partnership: launching a program to align Crowdera’s #GivingEconomy development goals with United Nation’s sustainable development goals.
  • Traditional PR, conferences, community engagement, and influencer marketing.

Want to learn more about Crowdera and their vision for the future? Make sure to request access to the Executive Summary to find out how you can get involved!

Us Vs. Them

Crowdera primarily competes with other web-based fundraising platforms aimed at nonprofit organizations, including Classy, Network For Good, Crowdrise, and Blackbaud. Here’s how we stack up against our biggest competitors:

Strengths: Raised $30 million.
Crowdera Advantage: Better customer service and a lower price point. Our free tier is comparable to Classy’s entry-level paid tier service.
Where We Can Improve: Add a white labeling feature with custom domain and website theme. Improve our campaign creation flow for experience, which will happen in our next release.

Network For Good
Strengths: Veteran player in the industry.
Crowdera Advantage: Better pricing. No match for our free tier.
Where We Can Improve: We don’t have dashboards like NFG, but we are developing them soon.

Strengths: Acquired by GoFundMe.
Crowdera Advantage: Our group fundraising feature is more comprehensive with two level deep team support. Our donation websites are more customizable and features comprehensive set of fundraising features. Our free tier is better than their paid tier.
Where We Can Improve: We don’t have celebrity endorsements like Crowdrise, which was founded by Hollywood celebrities.

Strengths: Public company.
Crowdera Advantage: Our experience is new asge, our pricing is undoubtedly better, our customer service cannot be matched. We show everything on a single dashboard as compared to their different product and we are web-based with free hosting for all customers.
Where We Can Improve: Unlike Blackbaud, we don’t have many product lines or an enterprise sales team.

Our Culture, Our Space, Our Team


Chet Jain - Founder & CEO

Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and a business leader with 19+ years in Product, Marketing, and Sales. Recognized thought leader with ebay, pearson, ness, xerox pedigree. 2 acquisitions, 1 exit. 

Chet Jain is a serial entrepreneur with an infectious passion for whatever he does. As a founder of Crowdera, he wants to spread his belief in the power of giving to create abundance around us. His current goal is to establish Crowdera as a dominant player in social good crowdfunding and nonprofit fundraising space.

Chai Atreya - Co-Founder & Advisory CTO

Engineering leader, full stack geek, Master’s from Columbia. Adobe. Amazon. Teradata pedigree.  

Technologist with full-stack experience with focus on designing and developing highly available and scalable, large scale distributed systems.

Rimpa Vora - Customer Success Manager

Animal lover with passion for customer success. Joined as an intern and scaled up to be the heartbeat of our customers. She trains the new interns with the whys and hows of customer success/service. + MBA 

Animal lover with passion for customer success. Joined as an intern and scaled up to be the heartbeat of our customers. She trains the new interns with the whys and hows of customer success/service. + MBA

Kshitij Ingle - Nonprofit & CSR Outreach

Human rights activist and a social worker striving hard for elevating of the underprivileged + MBA  

Human rights activist and a social worker striving hard for elevating of the underprivileged + MBA

Digant Sutaria - Compliance Manager

By the books guys to keep Crowdera crew aligned with compliances 

By the books guys to keep Crowdera crew aligned with compliances

Siddharth Chowdary - Marketing & Sales

Loves Crowdera and everything about it. Lead marketing for a major nonprofit before Crowdera. 

Rockstar nonprofit enthusiast, fundraising and partnerships expert, ready to rebel against conventional ways of selling by believing in customer success first.

Gaurav Wankar - Engineering Lead

Engineer by profession, traveler by passion, building giving economy at Crowdera 

Full stack engineer with passion for building new products.

Shriharsha Bhatt - VP Engineering

Product Leader from Silicon Valley 

Product Leader from Silicon Valley

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