As you gear up to launch your crowdfund, check off the items and tasks below to get a jumpstart on your road to success!


Creating Your Profile:

  • Create a concise elevator pitch to describe your company and why you deserve support
  • Choose a realistic deadline to achieve funding
  • Choose a funding goal that will get your startup to its next milestone
  • Choose compelling rewards that incentivize backers
  • Describe your previous success to demonstrate social proof
  • Choose beautiful profile visuals to represent your startup and product

Generating traffic

  • Research bloggers and journalists who cover your industry and start media outreach
  • Direct web commerce to your crowdfunding profile (if applicable)
  • Create a social media marketing plan for 1-3 social platforms

Launching Your Fundraise

  • Host a launch party for family and friends
  • Divide your network & contacts into the following categories and design an email for each to request their support
    • Friends
    • Family
    • Business associates
    • Current Customers
  • Write an email pitch to send to journalists to share the news about your company's crowdfunding goals and launch