Updates to your Fundable campaign allow you to remain connected to your backers. While you don't want to keep backers in the dark by updating too few times, you also don't want to overwhelm backers by posting too frequently. One post a week is enough to be engaging without coming across as spam. You can also share news and developments through your social channels to increase the impact of your updates.

What should you post?

Remember that backers are interested in details of your startup that you might take for granted. This includes:

Funding milestones. When you've reached a significant percentage of your total funding goal, let your backers know and thank them for their support!
Example: "We're halfway to our funding goal! Thanks to all of our backers for your continued support, and don’t forget to keep spreading the word!"

Supplier developments. Have you negotiated a lower price on materials for your startup? Show off your startup's developments through an update!
Example: "Great news! We've been able to locate a manufacturer for a much lower pricing point - so we can make more great products with the pledges that have so generously been provided! Thanks!"

Product/service changes. If you're considering a change of strategy, be sure to give your audience a heads up.
Example: "Friends, family, backers, and fans: we have decided to take our startup in an exciting new direction! Rather than building a car that runs on water, we've decided to build a car that runs on hydrogen only. Check back for more updates on this development!"

Media coverage. Fundable startups are often the recipients of awesome media coverage. Let your backers know that your startup is newsworthy!
Example: “We were just featured in TechCrunch! You can read the article here (insert link)."