The quality of your visuals defines your credibility. Stunning visuals are the perfect way to both instantly boost your credibility and engage backers. Pictures, videos, professional sketches, and prototype designs all instill greater confidence in potential backers by providing visual proof of your claims.

You want to put your best foot forward by using high-quality images.

A few important factors are:

  • Good lighting
  • A high-quality camera
  • Professional angles and depths to highlight the product's best features.

It's important to make a fantastic first impression on your backers- they may only visit your profile once.

Steer Clear of:

  • Clip/word art
  • Amateur Photoshop skills
  • Unfocused photos

Helpful Hint: If you're looking to create great collateral on a startup budget, try seeking out a design or photography student looking to add to their portfolio who may be willing to do the work at a discounted rate.