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Crowdselling is a factory-to-reseller exchange ecosystem that’s rethinking the traditional ecommerce model by eliminating expensive wholesalers through an innovative process.

Our platform allows buyers to pool together on minimum order quantities so that each gets the appropriate products they need, without paying 30-50% markups to wholesalers.  It’s the breakthrough the ecommerce market has been waiting for to move forward.

It really is an incredible time to be a consumer.  Between the hundreds of millions of products listed on Amazon and those on other online retail sites, virtually anything you can think of can be at your door in just a couple days’ time.

Despite its growth, all of these moving parts - in addition to a widespread lack of pricing transparency - are big reasons why ecommerce still accounts for just 10% of total retail sales.  These issues must be fixed in order for the market to realize its full potential.

Introducing Crowdselling: a real-time hard goods exchange that’s disrupting the traditional wholesale model.  Our platform fosters simple real-time factory-to-reseller exchanges - unblocking factories & resellers while cutting out unnecessary wholesalers.

Crowdselling’s main catalyst of action is the pooling of MOQs - which democratizes, digitizes, and actually simplifies the supply chain.  Both buyers and sellers can transact freely at the quantity levels they desire, without having to pay extra to a middleman.

A real-time B2B exchange that connects factories and retailers without requiring massive quantity orders simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.  Everyone saves with Crowdselling.

Furthermore, Crowdselling delivers full pricing transparency within an industry that has lacked it for some time.  All costs, transactions, quantities, etc. are completely disclosed to all parties over our platform, so there’s never any doubt as to what you’re paying.

Our team of professionals has experience helping clients implement solutions for daunting challenges - building a vast network of online resellers and overseas factories as a result.  Everything’s in place to make Crowdselling the new go-to solution.

Crowdselling is changing the game in sourcing & procurement by making it easier for online and traditional retailers to order directly.  Here’s a top-level glimpse at exactly how the platform operates:

This process has produced tangible results for users during early alpha tests - as pooling orders together keeps factories happy while saving resellers on lofty wholesaler fees.

The success we’ve enjoyed with HomeRevolution, a home consumer goods brand, has allowed us to not only build key buyer & seller relationships - but to also perfect this innovative model.

Just a handful of additional ways Crowdselling brings value to the global supply chain:

Some of the top achievements we’ve enjoyed during Crowdselling’s early
days include:

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What started with the launch of HomeRevolution in 2014 eventually evolved into an idea for a brand new model that would disrupt the wholesale industry.  After executing it manually a few times, the need and opportunity were immediately evident.

Fast forward to today, and Crowdselling is the result.  We’re now led by a trio of executives with over 80 combined years of experience in founding, managing, and growing companies across the factory-to-consumer supply chain spectrum:

Jay Goldberg CEO
President, CEO, Founder, and Advisor are just a few titles Jay has held during his 3 decades in business, in sectors that include wholesale, logistics, finance, and digital marketing.  He’s also a seasoned investor, activist, and volunteer.

Veteran entrepreneur and visionary executive who has been integral in guiding 4 different companies to exit.  His versatile skill set includes expertise in platforms, payments, Wi-Fi, data security, CRM, and mobile computing.

David has developed digital products, built websites, and launched new business units while leading teams for 15+ years, including a stint at Amazon.  His current team at Prota Studios is managing our platform’s initial development.

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