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Connecting clients directly to the best therapists online.

These days, many people are turning to massage therapy and acupuncture for much more than simple relaxation.  They are looking for well-educated & licensed professionals who can provide preventative care & bodywork that goes far beyond what most spas or retail chains can offer.

CurativeBodywork is a completely unique Austin, TX web-based solution that comprehensively connects clients directly to these independent therapists.  

Originally built to serve the needs of a 3 person private wellness practice, the website is currently undergoing a significant redesign to serve the needs of up to 100 of the best therapists in the Austin area within the next few years.

We plan to go live with the new site before the end of 2012.  Clients will be able to use the site forever for free.  Therapists will subscribe and pay a flat monthly fee to use the service with full access to a team of technical support to back them up.

Serving two distinct markets - Therapists & Clients!

We are looking for Massage Therapists & Acupuncturists who are passionate about their craft and want to be part of a trusted wellness brand based in the Austin area.

You are the healers who are seeking greater exposure to the large and growing market of preventative-medicine minded clients, many of whom are technical workers and office-bound desk jockeys.  

You also want marketing & business support that doesn't detract from your ability to run your practice the way YOU want to run it.  

So what if you want to work from home? That doesn't mean you can't offer top-notch professionalism, highly competitive rates & excellent services to your clients.  And you're extremely dependable because you are a healer for all the right reasons.

We are also looking to engage with clients who want a trusted, central hub that will connect them to the best independent massage & acupuncture therapists in town.  

You are the folks who aren't likely to book an appointment without online scheduling capabilities, credit card & Flex/HSA payment card options, and a degree of confidence that goes beyond a few good Yelp reviews.  

Convenient office location and hours of operation that are realistic for your schedule don't hurt either - along with a regular therapist with great rates with whom you can establish a regular therapeutic schedule of self care.

Why Curative Bodywork is so unique & awesome...

We are the ONLY comprehensive, city-centric solution that serves to connect independent therapists with well-qualified populations of potential clients through a technical medium designed to meet the needs of both groups of people.

Although there is a bevy of cool tools out there that serve this market with a degree of functionality (we know - because we researched them all!) there is NOTHING OUT THERE that spans the entire spectrum of this market's realistic business needs.

The woman that founded this company worked for roughly a decade in high-tech development and web-solution marketing before leaving the industry to follow her passion in the realms of clinical massage therapy & traditional Chinese medicine.

She has direct experience in all the realms this solution touches:

  • a desk-jockey / massage client
  • a tech-solutions developer and marketer
  • an independent Austin-based massage therapist

With a small yet high-powered and well-qualified leadership team, and a broad network of relevant contacts in both the corporate and therapeutic networks in Austin, TX - we are ready to take on this burgeoning opportunity.

The progression towards the online-lifestyle trend, the growing interest in preventative wellness, along with the right technology and the right kind of people make this a win-win-win proposition.

Connecting you to the therapists you're looking for...


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