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curbsidemall: fast facts

COVID-19 has upended the way we shop and go to out to eat, forcing many to stay home and order online or not shop at all. We believe there's a better way. Originally, we developed an app, Glocodes -- an acronym for Global Coupon Deals -- that facilitated a better way to shop. Our solution allowed any business throughout the world to offer electronic coupons on our platform, quickly, effectively and inexpensively.

Here's how it worked: by parking next to a merchant, a customer could click on our app, and it would instantly populate with deals from that merchant. Once the customer selected the desired Glocodes/coupons, they would simply enter the store, select the products, display their Glocodes on their cell phone and the customer would receive their discounts. This produced a win-win situation for both merchants and customers alike, providing Glocodes with a small percentage of each sale.

When COVID-19 hit, we had to pivot! Taking all of the benefits of Glocodes and expanding it to include many more features, we pivoted and developed curbsidemall, a mobile platform that allows consumers to shop with their local brick and mortar merchant and restaurant from the comfort of their car. (one of our original visions for Glocodes)

curbsidemall would provide brick-and-mortar stores with a strong tool to allow consumers to shop with them like they never have before – curbsidemall would make shopping and ordering from the comfort of your car, fun, easy, safe and secure, and without worry.

We provide five different delivery methods:

major problem

115 million Americans are still unvaccinated and many of them want a safe place to shop and enjoy a meal.

At curbsidemall, we have made it easy, fun, safe and secure to place an order from the comfort of your car. 

groundbreaking solution 

Curbsidemall proudly solves these problems in a variety of ways:

Groundbreaking Platform
curbsidemall, is a mobile platform that allows consumers to shop with their local brick and mortar merchant and restaurant from the comfort of their car. Curbsidemall makes shopping and ordering from the comfort of your car easy, fun, safe and secure. Whether a consumer is already out and about or making a special trip to the store for something specific, curbsidemall lets consumers access the entire inventory of their favorite merchant using our platform to easily make purchases. With curbsidemall, it is as if each merchant has its own mobile application to offer their product and services to their customers. 

Shop The Entire Store
Curbsidemall allows merchants to easily offer their entire inventory, providing unprecedented access to consumers, who can select whatever products they want and place them in a csm’s shopping cart for a fun, easy, save and secure purchase.

Purchase With Ease
After placing their desired products in their cart, consumers can easily purchase merchandise using curbsidemall.

Confirmation Code
We make shopping easy and secure with a six-digit confirmation code (show it to the merchant to receive your order).

Instant Revenue
curbsidemall is not just about convenience -- it's also about speed. Merchants instantly receive the order to confirm order with their actual inventory; once confirmed, payment will be processed, and the order will be fulfilled within 15 minutes.

Curbside Done Right
Once complete, merchants will take merchandise to the consumer's car, where the consumer can use the six-digit code to confirm their order. Now the order is delivered, and the merchant's mission is complete.

Of course, we also offer other methods of delivery for consumers and merchants to benefit from, as detailed above in slide 4.

key features

We’ve made it very easy to upload your inventory and or Menu Items.

Our GPS tracking makes it easy to locate your favorite brick and mortar merchant to make simple and easy purchases.

Our Exchange, Return and Cancellation Module makes it easy to exchange, return and cancel orders.

Use our curbsidemall – Logistics app to easily arrange for deliveries with consumers. Active in 2 months.

All orders are confirmed before final purchase reducing cancellations. 

Communication between merchants and consumers is simple, easy and available.

With the introduction of our specially designed parking stands, it is easy for merchants to identify the location of consumers for ordering and delivery

Our ordering system ensures each customer receives the right merchandise with our Authorization and Confirmation codes which must be provided and confirmed in order to receive merchandise

Our online Customer Service Representatives and Independent Sales Representative Module ensures that customer has access to help and sales assistance even online, and safely

Call Forwarding: Our system allows business managers to easily forward orders to the managers and co-workers on duty that day or night. 

traction & accomplishments 

Product Development:
We have broken our large mobile application down into 6 easy to operate mobile applications: curbsidemall – Restaurants – Android, curbsidemall – Restaurant – Apple, curbsidemall – Retail – Android, curbsidemall – Retail – Apple, curbsidemall – Logistics – Android, curbsidemall – Logistics -Apple. See completion percentage below:


We have established a working relationship with a manufacturer in China who can provide our stands at a reasonable cost. Shipping cost will increase over all cost. This cost can be passed on to the merchant.

It seems that several chambers of commerces throughout the country are interested in creating a partnership with curbsidemall. Synergy is important to establish to get a robust marketplace for many customers to use.

meet the team 

Quintan Gates | Founder

  • Responsible for coming up with and developing the idea of Glocodes and
  • Responsible for launching company and developing a team to execute to operate the daily and or weekly functions of the company
  • College graduate with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree, Majoring in Marketing
  • Owned and operated two additional companies, V.G. Multimedia Group and S & Q Industries Corporation

Parikshit Badve | Head Developer

  • Eight years experience
  • Responsible for the development and creation of website and apps
  • Responsible for daily updating of apps and web app
  • Responsible for developing a team to constantly update apps and web app

Chandan Kumar | Lead developer

  • Six years of experience
  • Responsible for the development and creation of the website and apps
  • Functions in a supporting role of Parikshit Badve
  • Native of India

Nisha Sharma | Social Media Marketing Expert

  • 5 years of experience and an expert with a specialty in research
  • Assistant to Khushboo Srivistava
  • Native of India

Gaurav Kumar | Head Graphic Artist

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Native of India

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