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Quick Pitch

Now the world can see what you see.

We often spend too much time trying to record our experiences and not enough time living in that perfect moment we want to capture.  As outdoor adventurers, this is especially true while we rely on smart phones, GoPro's, and bulky cameras to capture every moment up on the mountain, in the air, across the water, or flying through the sky.  Cyclops Gear is changing the game.

Cyclops Gear's current line of sunglasses and goggles include a high-def, built-in video camera, allowing you to capture every moment hands free.  Our small cameras are built into each pair of shades and goggles for a seamless look and feel. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, biking, racing, fishing, wakeboarding, skydiving, rock climbing etc., Cyclops Gear makes recording your adventure effortless.

In the workshop:

Cyclops Gear is hard at work to add Wi-fi to our CGLIFE2 1080p Glasses and our new line of Avalanche 1080p Goggles.  We will also be offering our free downloadable App for both IOS and Droid.

You will be able to use your smart phone to control all the settings of your camera, view the photos or video you just shot and use your smartphone as a viewfinder in real time.

App Features: 

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Our Current Products

Cyclops Gear CGLIFE 1080p Video Sunglasses






Product Features


Cyclops Gear 720p Snow Goggle               
The 720 Snow Goggles feature a 136-degree, wide-angle lens.  The goggles shoot video in HD 720P video at a rate up to 30 frames per second. The Goggles can hold a Micro SD/SDHC Card up to 32 GB.  The camera is capable of recording thousands of photos at 12 Megs each or hours of HD video and can be downloaded to a computer through the High Speed USB cable provided or through the Micro SD/SDHC card.

The lenses are made of an optical Lexan material which is durable and impact resistant and 100% UV protected. The lenses come with an anti-fog treatment and include Iridium lens coating for accurate Light Transmission. The Goggles are Water resistant to 3m/9ft.

Cyclops Gear Moto / Sky Diving Goggles

These goggles are perfect for riding a motorcycle, sport biking or skydiving. They have the same features as the snow goggles but come with a removable clear lens and tear off mud sheets.


Cyclops Gear HD 720p camera DVR Sunglasses

These sunglasses will allow you to record HD 720p video at 30fps and audio while doing the things you love. They are easy to operate by just plugging in the glasses' built in flash drive into the USB port on your PC and drag and drop. It' as simple as that.

Cyclops Gear Avalanche 1080p WiFi-enabled Goggles

Our next line of goggles comes fully equipped with 1080p capture, the highest quality in the market.  We've also added Wifi capabilities, meaning you can record and share your videos in real-time with your smart phone or tablet, on the mountain, in the sky, on the water or firmly planted on land, wherever you are exploring. 


Competitive Landscape

Here's what's out there, and how we're different:

Important notes:

  • We have a price point advantage on all of our competition
  • We are designing goggles with 1080p resolution with WIFI

  • iPhone and Android app are in development

  • We expect redesigned goggles to be completed in November.

Meet the Founder

Mark Krause, the CEO of Cyclops Gear, is an entrepreneur who lives and plays in Colorado. His vision is to offer hands-free video recording devices for sports enthusiasts of all kinds. His passion for windsurfing, kite-surfing, surfing, snowboarding, biking, mountain climbing, fishing and sky diving has driven him to develop easy to use, burden-free devices that will allow everyone to effortlessly capture life's adventures.


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