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Looking your youthful best doesn't have to be an uncomfortable proposition. At Cypris Medical, we're changing the face of facial cosmetics with the Xact Suturing System: a new solution that combines the performance of traditional facelifts with the efficiency of facial injections. Our minimally-invasive procedure delivers excellent results in just 45 minutes, with minimal anesthesia and greatly reduced recovery times. Finally, plastic surgeons can address both primary factors that lead to midface aging – leaving no scars on their patients in the process.

With FDA approval secured and 10 successful procedures under our belts, we're ready to introduce the next plastic surgery breakthrough to the masses!

From coast to coast, plastic surgeons continue to defy the laws of aging and produce some incredible cosmetic results for their patients.  In fact, steadily increasing disposable personal income figures contributed to Americans spending over $16 billion on surgical/nonsurgical aesthetic procedures last year - an 11% increase over 2016.


Facelifts and other facial surgeries carried this market for some time as the most popular option; but more recently, they’ve fallen out of favor.  While they do generally produce consistent, long-lasting results, the facial surgery segment has grown only 14% since 2000 - due in large part to the introduction of new treatments. Other common issues contributing to this dissatisfaction include:

In contrast, facial injection procedures - which include the use of neurotoxins like Botox and fillers like Juvederm - have grown an impressive 628% during the same time period.  But facial injection patients certainly aren’t immune to dissatisfaction of their own.  Sure, filler procedures are minimally-invasive and do a great job addressing volume loss in the cheeks; but they do nothing to correct gravitational descent, which is the other factor that contributes to midface aging.  They’re also temporary (only last 12-18 months) - which causes multiple repeat treatments and what’s known as “filler fatigue” in patients.

Demand for facial cosmetic procedures might be increasing - but with both primary options yielding less than ideal results, the industry is at an impasse.  Both methods do have their benefits, though, so perhaps the next generation of innovation in the industry will borrow elements from each.  With nearly 40% of the entire global population expected to be social media users by 2020, it’s clear to see that as a whole, we’re more concerned with personal appearance than ever before. The path is clear for a new solution to rise to the top!

It’s time to change plastic surgery forever.  At Cypris Medical, we’ve made it our mission to do just that through an R&D focus that delivers improved patient outcomes and satisfaction in facial cosmetics.  We proudly develop and commercialize innovative, minimally-invasive treatments that bridge the gap between facial injections and surgery.  Our solutions, headlined by the Xact Suturing System, address common issues with the midface lift, delivering results safely and quickly.

Referrals and repeat business are huge for plastic surgeons - and our proprietary process is certain to please their patients that are unsatisfied with fillers, but are not ready for a full facelift.  The minimally-invasive procedure can be completed in as little as 45 minutes without calling for any complex procedural techniques.  They can also be performed in-office, which, combined with greatly reduced recovery times, goes a long way towards freeing up their busy schedules.  The days of difficult needle driver techniques, 2-hour surgery times, and heightened patient risk are quickly coming to an end thanks to Cypris Medical.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can’t put a price tag on the peace of mind that we’re creating for facial cosmetics patients.  First and foremost, our proprietary solution greatly decreases infection risk - thanks in large part to 5-day recovery times instead of 2-3 weeks.  And on the table, instead of dealing with an invasive 2-hour procedure, patients undergo a simple single-incision suturing process that takes under an hour with minimal anesthesia.  The result is a natural, youthful appearance that leads to even higher patient satisfaction that with other solutions!

The Xact Suturing System has been custom-designed by plastic surgeons, for plastic surgeons - enabling a remarkably efficient procedural process.  It’s based around the quick and precise deployment of a percutaneous suture remote from the access site, which allows surgeons to place sutures in the midface through a single incision discretely placed in the hairline.  This creates minimal disruption to facial tissue - a huge reason why it takes under a week for patients to recover.  From there, the suture is secured to the temporal fascia at the incision point to provide support and “lift” the cheek back to its original youthful position.  Thus, we’re effectively addressing both volume loss and gravitational descent - something the status quo can’t deliver!

But wait - we’re delivering even more value to surgeons looking to grow their practices, and patients looking to restore their youthful appearance.  Just take a look at the following additional features and benefits:

The beginnings of the Cypris Medical concept trace back to 2014.  Possessing a deep understanding of plastic surgery, our Founders quickly picked up on the lack of innovation when it comes to suturing - specifically, the continued use of the antiquated needle driver.  The next 3 years would be spent developing both the device and the market; and now, we’ve arrived at an efficacious product poised to change facial surgery forever.  Have a look at some of the accomplishments we’re most proud of to this point:

We’re fully regulated.  Our team has developed 2 successive generations of the Xact solution with full FDA clearance, and are now working on the next.  Clinical units have been manufactured according to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and have been used in humans.

Respected pros are behind us.  Relationships have been built with an expansive network of top surgeons, whom we work closely with to develop innovative solutions.  15-20 Luminaries have been identified from this group.

Patients are loving us.  Our midface procedure has been performed on 10 patients so far - yielding a perfect patient satisfaction rate with no adverse events. Two of these patients have recorded positive testimonials on video.

Our solution is protected.  We currently have patents pending on 8 unique features of the current device, providing us with key protection against competitive attacks.

Our future development plan is all about taking advantage of our core technology’s versatility; specifically, its application into additional verticals.  At the top of the list is breast reconstruction surgery, as Xact will allow surgeons to simplify suturing of the Aloderm (cadaver cells where tissue can grow) and create mass.  Other potential applications include:

  • Neck contouring;
  • Tummy tucks;
  • Minimally-invasive breast lifts;
  • Orthopaedics;
  • General surgery.

The Cypris executive team is comprised of the ideal mix of medical devices expertise and business development expertise.  It’s led by CEO Dan Holton, who possesses over 23 years’ experience as a business developer with a focus on healthcare.  Dan has been integral in medical device design and commercialization for a number of global leaders, including Hospira, Kimberly-Clark Health Care, Abbott Vascular Devices, and Abbott Diagnostics. He also spent time with McKinsey & Company - developing a versatile skill set that includes operations management, marketing, and strategic planning.  He’s supported by these 3 individuals:

Lou Bucky, MD, Medical Advisory Board - After earning his medical degree from Harvard Medical School, Lou would get his start as a general and plastic surgery resident at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, he now runs his own highly successful plastic surgery practice and is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS).  Lou performs more than 1,000 cosmetic procedures each year.

Roger Holton, Commercial - Our sales maven, Roger, has amassed an impressive 25-plus year career selling and commercializing medical devices.  For the last 15, his work has centered on surgeon-preferred devices within the OR - allowing him to grow an impressive network that’s a huge asset for our company.  Allergan Plastic Surgery, Tri-Vascular, Abbott Vascular Devices, and Abbott Diagnostics are just a few companies where he’s held prominent roles.

Chris Godek, MD, Product Development - Chris combines a gifted eye for medical device design with years of experience as a Board-certified plastic surgeon. Holding several patents, he’s a highly-respected product developer and innovator in cosmetic surgery; and, like Dr. Bucky, is an FACS.  After graduating from the Boston University School of Medicine, Chris headed to the University of Pennsylvania to start his career as a plastic surgery resident and intern.

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