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decentryk: fast facts

Decentryk’s safe-to-hack enterprise cloud storage provides decentralized cloud storage that is as secure and private as blockchain yet fast and scalable enough for heavy-duty enterprise use.

the cloud is inherently insecure

Analysts calculate that $16.5B a DAY are lost to cybercrime. Existing centralized cloud was designed for data accessibility, not security or privacy, and requires expensive, multi-vendor cybersecurity solutions.

In fact, for every $1 that businesses spend on cloud storage they spend an extra $4 on cybersecurity and privacy.

Even worse: for every $5 spent on these cloud services, an average of $80 is still being lost to hackers and malware.

we are the solution

Decentryk proudly solves the security and privacy problems of centralized cloud storage by combining zero-knowledge, decentralized cloud storage with security auditing.

Decentryk is the first cloud storage platform for businesses that is immune to external hacks and malware to security and 100% privacy that exceeds current HIPAA and GDPR requirements.

It is the first simple, secure, private, affordable cloud storage solution for data-driven enterprises.

key features

Safe-to-hack back-end cloud storage
Decentryk provides granular, file-level security through a unique decentralized storage architecture. It works by dividing files into 5 pieces, encrypting them and distributing files across 5 independent cloud storage nodes. Only the file owner can reassemble file fragments. Even if a node was breached, information in videos, files and documents is worthless to cybercriminals.

Enterprise-class scalability
Using major providers such as Google, AWS, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft as our independent storage node providers ensures that our solution will scale.

Decentralized performance is equivalent to centralized cloud
Upload and download speeds equivalent to traditional cloud storage (unlike other decentralized cloud technologies).

Decentryk builds in multiple layers of redundancy to ensure uptime, even if one storage provider (AWS, Google, IBM) goes down

Neither Decentryk nor any of our storage node providers (ex: Google) can see the full file – only an approved user can (note: access permissions settings exist for different user types).

Security auditing system
All file access activity is recorded in an immutable ledger for analysis and reporting.

Integration through APIs
Empowers the formation of a single simple back-end storage, security and privacy platform for any enterprise-class software application.

Decentryk is ideal for HIPAA and GDPR-compliant software solutions.

traction & accomplishments

Our alpha version has been demonstrated to sales channel partners and potential customers in healthcare and media industries. We have signed LOIs to trial final product from Verida and CyberOps.

Partnerships include Oracle, Vonage, Verida and IBM.

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