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Squirrel proof patented bird feeer/flower planter combintion


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Defender Bird Feeder LLC is a North Carolina Limited Liability Company that owns the exclusive license of a US patent for a revolutionary new bird feeder/flower planter design.  This injection-molded plastic device is produced  for a low cost that will generate very attractive margins based upon industry pricing of comparable products.

The Defender Bird Feeder provides the first safe harbor for smaller wild birds to congregate in view of human residences. It’s not simply the first scientific solution to squirrel encroachment; it’s truly a bird feeder where birds feel safe enough to co-feed.


Everyone loves to watch birds. According to the 2018 statistics from the Wild Bird Feeding Industry Research Foundation:

Watching birds from your favorite window is one of the incomparable perks of homeownership, and the addition of a few feeders is the best way to liven up a rental property, and make it feel more like a home. Birds are welcome guests, and feral pets.

However, modern bird feeders, from wooden to plastic designs, are nothing but a litany of deficiencies. They spill feed. They pool water, crack in the freeze/thaw cycle, get blown asunder, and generally fail to realize an acceptable life cycle.

They are also prone to squirrel attack. All of them. Even nationally-advertised “squirrel proof” feeders are regularly defeated, in actual scientific testing, in under ten hours. When squirrels gut a feeder, many birds  will abandon your site.


Addressing the multiple deficiencies inherent in current bird feeder designs requires a radical re-imagining of the purpose of the bird feeder itself. We decided to think of it as a social hub for birds, not simply a place for food.

This is one reason why the top of our feeder is actually a planter. It’s the perfect place for a small plant, ideally a bird-attracting flower. This allows the Defender to double as a hummingbird feeder. It also acts as a natural part of our compound 100% squirrel-proof invention. And our valuable exclusive license to the patent (granted in November 2017) prevents the arrival of a competing feeder/planter combination for the next 17 plus years!

100% Squirrel Proof
The planter is incorporated as an integral part of the total design and sits atop a clear plastic dome that’s far too slick for a squirrel to gain any traction. Its only option for attempting to approach the feed is to cling to the rim of the planter with one or more limbs. When the squirrel makes a final attempt to reach the feed, he slides off the dome to the ground below. After a few of these attempts, the squirrels learn their lesson and are no longer a threat to the variety of birds that love the Defender!



We have had excellent acceptance from meetings with numerous managers of big box retailers (i.e., Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wild Birds Unlimited) and the groundwork has been laid for us to meet with their targeted buyers  for shelf space in their “brick and mortar” locations,  as well as a presence in their online offerings. We also plan to exhibit at multiple industry trade shows..

In addition to wholesale sales to big box retailers, we will be selling directly to the consumer via our web presence at and, as well as the popular online sites such as Amazon and  eBay. A personal connection with a QVC icon and TV infomercial celebrity  (who has sold over $100 million worth of products across channels over the last 15 years) should give us an excellent opportunity to be a hit on home shopping networks.


Arthur Myrberg is our founder, the inventor and the Patent Holder of the Defender bird feeder and will serve as CEO. A master electrician, he learned much about inspiration and invention from his late father, a Marine Biologist professor at the University of Miami and a nominee for a Nobel Prize.

Alan Kleinmaier is our COO, has an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill, where he was a Morehead Scholar. A serial entrepreneur, he founded a 300-store retail franchise, is a NC  licensed real estate Broker served as EVP and CFO of a public technology company.

Wunderfy, LLC is our chosen marketing and social media firm. Wunderfy ( is a boutique marketing firm with vast global social media expertise.

Robert Kleinmaier, our prospective Director of Sales, is a licensed insurance agent and is a consistent top-5% sales performer, in health and life insurance.

Kenneth Kelly, our prospective Director of Product Development, is a senior injection molding tooling engineer, with many years’ experience producing top-shelf tooling.

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