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Delta Beverages:
Fast Facts

Consumers want to kick back and relax, but they may not always want to do so with a bottle of beer in their hands. They may want to experience the incredible sensations of cannabis, but they have no desire to smoke. At Delta Beverages, we understand their desires. As a lifestyle non-alcoholic beverage company, we are looking to change the game of cannabis consumption with consumers. Our products are designed to provide all of the enjoyment -- all of the immediate effects of smoking cannabis -- with a convenient, healthier drink alternative.

Major Problem

They're looking for a consistent, convenient, fast-acting delivery system without smoke cannabis.

More specifically, they want the right blend of cannabinoids that gives them the feeling they're searching for on any occasion -- but again, without lighting up.

Where can consumers turn in these moments? They're not quite sure, hence the billions of dollars being spent on a market of underwhelming alternatives.

They need something new. They need a revelation. What they need is Delta Beverages.

One Remarkable Solution 

Why We’ll Lead 

Professional co-packing, digitally printed cans:
A high-quality product deserves high-quality results, and we deliver in every respect.

12-pack variety MIXX packs:
Whether enjoying solo, with family or friends, Delta Beverages wants to offer enough to go around.

Unique tasteless nano-emulsions:
This ensures a great product without affecting the taste.

Rare cannabinoid blends for each occasion:
We carefully and meticulously researched the very best combinations to ensure the absolute best experiences possible.

Brand recognition:
Delta Beverages brings clout to the market, and for good reason.

Domain authority:
Delta Beverages dominates in every respect.

D8 seltzer, D9 Seltzer, and many other trademarks

Traction & Accomplishments 

Delta Beverages has already generated more than $1.3 million in sales in under 10 months.

On our retail website, we make about 3x cost and about 2.2x on our wholesale and distribution. COGS is about $1 per can; we are working on cutting this down to about $0.50.

Meet The Team

Delta Beverages is the first to do what we do nationwide.

Jack Sherrie
Founder and CEO

  • Started Cannavessel Labs; pivoted at the right time to start D8 seltzer
  • Handles future development of the product and website

Chris Hockaday

  • Handles the day-to-day operations and manages production of the product

Jordan Poynter

  • Head of Sales, Poynter handles negotiations, contracts and workflows with sales

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