Diagnose Early

Diagnostics for COVID-19 Acuity, Cancer, and Neurological Diseases

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Diagnose Early is a breath-based diagnostic company for Cancer, Neurological, and Infectious Diseases.

We have recently patented a diagnostic test called the Diagnose Early COVID Acuity Test, or D.E.C.A. test that predicts the clinical course of each patient’s COVID-19 illness and therefore guide treatment.

High acuity COVID-19 patients are dying after having received low acuity care.

There is no way to separate the low acuity patients from the high acuity patients that need immediate life-saving treatment. This delays life-saving treatment for the patients that need it most. This adds cost and complexity to an already overburdened healthcare system.

When a COVID-19 patient goes to the hospital, physicians check O2 levels and order an x-ray, patients will then be given a Level 2 D.E.C.A. test to determine acuity or severity.

High acuity patients (as few as 5% of patients) will immediately be given high acuity therapy such as ICU, additional oxygen, mechanical ventilation, and therapies such as Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine.

Low acuity patients (as many as 95% of patients) will be sent home for self-quarantine, and at-home therapy.

  • 9 million people die from curable forms of cancer each year
  • The global healthcare systems tend to be reactive as opposed to proactive when diagnosing cancer
  • Some examples of cancer screening include imaging, colonoscopies, biopsies, PSA, mammography, self-testing, etc.
  • Current tests are:
    ○ Invasive
    ○ Time-consuming
    ○ Low on specificity
    ○ Low-sensitivity
    ○ Risky
    ○ Complicated
    ○ Often very expensive
  • There are numerous ways for patients to be misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late

Diagnose Early provides a pan-cancer, pan-neurological disease screen as part of the annual health test.

Sample collection takes about 10 seconds, and results are provided to the physician for a readout.

This allows for the disease to be detected early, when it can be most successfully treated. The test will eventually be available as an at-home direct-to-consumer test.

We have a growing portfolio of patents at Diagnose Early. Our strategy is to patent as much as possible, to provide the highest level of IP protection.

We have a business model that allows us to protect additional trade secrets associated with the analysis of volatile organic compounds as part of network of private central labs that we own and operate.

We have patents in breath capture, breath processing, specific use of biomarkers, specific processes for diagnostics, as well as patents related to the Diagnose Early COVID-19 Acuity test (D.E.C.A.).

Chris Wheeler | Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur

  • Harvard Business School
  • Engineering from University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • 20+ years of healthcare, business, and medical experience
  • Owner of Bay Area regional hospital, 106 beds, 160 physicians, multi-subspecialty

Dr John Cunniff | Founder, Chief Medical Officer

  • Business Degree, Wharton School of Business
  • PhD Biochemistry University of Southern California
  • MD Residency at Stanford University
  • Hospitalist, Stanford Hospital, front line in the war against COVID-19

Dr. Michael Levitt | Founder

  • King’s College London, Bachelor of Science
  • University of Cambridge, PhD
  • Fields: Computational Structural Biology, Structure Determination, Simulation of Mesoscale Molecular dynamics
  • Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2013)

Dr. KM Larsson, PhD | Chief Science Officer

  • Stockholm University, Ph.D. Bio-Chemistry, 1999-2005
  • Stockholm University, B.S., Molecular Biology, 1993-1998
  • Postdoctoral work at Stanford University with Dr. Roger Kornberg (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 2006)
  • Extensive knowledge in molecular biology, cell biology, and biochemistry. An expert structural biology with a specialization in X-ray crystallography. A career in nucleotide metabolism with special focus on structural studies of small molecule interactions with protein, RNA, DNA, and RNA-DNA protein complexes

Dr. Chris Lock, MD PhD | Clinical Trial Lead

  • Multiple publications in leading medical journals
  • Fellowship: Stanford University Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship (2000) CA
  • Residency: Stanford University Neurology Residency (1997) CA
  • Medical Education: Westminster Medical School (1980) England

Dr. Jeff Schuster, PhD | Patent Portfolio

  • Jeffrey Arthur Schuster Ph.D. was worked in drug delivery, medical devices, product development, and intellectual property management. He has led multiple interdisciplinary teams in the development of diagnostic technologies
  • Jeff has authored several peer-reviewed publications, and has 32 issued U.S. patents, covering topics such as aerosol drug delivery, needle-free injection, and laser micro-machining
  • B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley Department of Physics in 1986
  • Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in 1993

Peter Holst | Mechanical Engineering

  • More than 15 issued patents
  • Applies first principles to tough design challenges
  • Nearly 30 years of experience in R&D and product development in the field of medical devices and equipment
  • Strong proponent of data driven design methods known as “Lean Engineering” or “Knowledge Driven Product Development”

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