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American obesity has tripled since 1975 with no signs of slowing down. 


These numbers were reported from WHO in 2016 and have surely increased over 3 years! 


Chances are you or someone you know is attempting to lose weight this very second.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but over three of four diet attempts fail outright. 

Even worse? Over 95% of those who initially lose weight gain it back within a year or two.

Current weight loss models are unsustainable, and the lack of focus on long-term motivation and emotional support mean that calorie counters eventually just tire out. 


  • Recent studies have shown the reason 95.4% of calorie counting attempts fail is due to the lack of emotional support, lifestyle building, and motivation. 
  • Our app places the primary focus on these three elements. They are the missing ingredients in a successful long term weight management. 

So who are we targeting? 

  • Anyone who wants to lose weight. They can still count calories using another app AND use Diet Achiever to get their mind right. Our target audience is huge! 
  • People who have tried calorie counting but failed. We do offer a program that doesn’t count calories and helps people lose weight rapidly. We will get customers who feel liberated from not having to count calories and that’s great! 
  • Yo-Yo Dieters & Emotional Eaters. These people are really the target group that need Diet Achiever the most. Their weakness is our strength. We will help them overcome their emotions and succeed in maintaining a healthy weight long term. 


All of our competition counts calories. We do not.

  • We don’t count calories, weigh food, track steps or log meals. These are proven to be ineffective long term. 

Think of us as the “Headspace” for weight loss.

  • Sure, we absolutely help people fast track their weight loss. But our focus is on lifestyle building, motivation and emotional support, which we believe are the missing ingredients to successful weight management.



Once a user has downloaded the app they will participate in 2 main phases.



  • Members get to hear personal weight loss stories.
  • From the pro’s to the joe’s, members get inspired by a variety of people.
  • All of our contributors are real people, not actors, with weight loss stories that bring a unique perspective to Diet Achiever.

Diet Achiever offers a reality experience like none other.


Diet Achiever offers a unique community feel to the app. We present a genuine, non-commercialized, grass roots, organic look & feel to our audience.   

Our application was designed, developed and produced by a multicultural team of different genders and beliefs.  

Diversity is our strength. We desire to have a global appeal to all ethnicities, genders and cultures.


To maximize user engagement, we allow members to directly interact with top experts in the field via Facebook Live events and Q & A webinars. 


  • Diet Achiever has self-funded the production of the app with an investment approaching $200,000. This is NOT a hobby or a pet project. 
  • We have over 30 contributing experts and community members.​

  • We have filmed over 10 full exercise videos and have over 300 exercises in our circuit timer. 
  • We have diet buddy videos in English and Spanish languages with plans to translate all content into multiple languages. 


The team at Diet Achiever works tirelessly to create a complete guided weight loss experience, because our team has struggled with their weight in the past and we can relate to where 66% of Americans are right now.

Average Alpha tester lost 14 pounds in just 3 weeks. Our top performer lost 33 pounds!

Partnerships with gyms, insurance companies, and other related corporations are in the pipeline

Android prototype is complete through the first 30 days, and the additional 60 days are currently being assembled

iOS and Android apps are projected to launch in 2019


Terry Dell  |  President
Terry brings 15 years experience as president of Dell Sports and extensive media connections to the table while overseeing operations, strategic direction, and audience acquisition. 

Mandy LaGreca  MS, FDN-P, CCN, CPT | Vice President and Team Leader
Mandy has her own functional diagnostic nutrition practice and is completing her Doctorate in Integrative Clinical Nutrition. 

Dr. Thomas Marlowe MD  | Contributing and Advisory Board Member
Marlowe runs the Charlotte Weight Loss Institute and has achieved national recognition for his work with patients struggling to lose weight. 

Dr. Howard Slutzky PsyD  |  Contributing Team Member
Dr. Howard teaches at Johnson & Wales University and is a health and wellness advocate in Charlotte


Dr. Akiba Green DC, BCIM  | Contributing Team Member
Dr. Green runs a successful chiropractic office in Charlotte, and is board certified in Integrative Medicine. 

Leanne DiMaio MPH, MBA, MSACN  | Contributing Team Member
Leanne has a Masters in Public Health as well as an MBA and Masters in Certified Nutrition. She is completing her Doctorate in Integrative Clinical Nutrition.

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