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DisputeDoc is a mobile and web-based platform that helps consumers and businesses quickly and easily improve credit scores and recover from identity theft. 

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, DisputeDoc offers the industry’s first automated solution that effectively eliminates the inefficiencies, high costs, and low success rates of manual credit dispute processes, replacing them with a fast, scalable, and intelligent alternative. 

Whether it’s purchasing a car or house, applying for a student loan, and even getting hired for a job, some of life’s most important plans hinge on the size of a simple three-digit number that can determine how much these things will cost, or if you can even achieve them at all. 

There are currently tens of millions of Americans whose ability to effectively and affordably access many of life’s major necessities has been encumbered by this all-important number. 

While there are a few obvious factors that influence credit scores, like how you pay your debts, as many as 1 in 5 Americans are plagued by inaccurate credit reporting, which can be caused by anything from simple typos to identity theft.

From the massive Equifax breach compromising the personal information of 143 million Americans, or around half of the US population, to even more recent news that Uber concealed a hack in October 2016 that exposed the data of 57 million users and drivers, identity theft is more prevalent than ever as data breaches become increasingly common. 

When it comes to disputing issues like credit reporting mistakes, identity theft, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and more, the process has largely remained manual -- requiring disputers to pick up the phone or write letters to the credit bureau.

Simply put, the existing credit repair model is: 

Our fully-automated and highly intelligent software-based system drastically reduces the paperwork and hassles of traditional credit repair, ensures higher success rates, and brings a much-needed upgrade to long outdated methods. 

DisputeDoc delivers the most comprehensive and feature-packed tool on the market -- providing customers with all the resources they need to achieve creditworthiness now, and remain that way well into the future. 


DisputeDoc has achieved remarkable growth in a considerably short amount of time, and we’re perfectly primed for scale in the days ahead. Our top accomplishments to date include: 

Our team has forged key go-to-market partnerships with renowned leaders across the auto, real estate, and banking industries. This will be instrumental in dramatically bolstering our sales funnel and unlocking revenue by helping our partners’ client base resolve credit issues.  

DisputeDoc was developed by credit repair professionals with decades of experience in credit and legal services in collaboration with developers who have created and sold products to companies ranging from Apple to IBM and with more than 60 years of experience building consumer products and enterprise products. 

Ronnie Cropper | CEO |
Former professional basketball player. 10+
years in credit and finance space. $1 million in revenue generated using traditional industry methods.


Ashlene Nand | CMO |
Bachelor’s in Marketing. 15+ years at top advertising agencies. Branding and creative expert. 


Steve Soto | CTO |
Launched first software company in 1980. Tenures include EDS; Meridian Data (Adaptec); US Government, Hitachi, LTD; Procom Technology (Oracle via Sun); Appliance Ware, Inc.; and Fourth Quadrant Solutions. 

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