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Needed: Better Drugs for Hard-to-Treat Cancers

Chemotherapy works, with downsides

Diverse Biotech offers solutions

How It Works

Our platform solution brings a modern understanding about the workings of the endocannabinoid system to the forefront of pharmaceutical research.

Cannabinoid therapies are already being used, alongside chemotherapy, to minimize pain and help with nausea. 

With our platform, these therapies may be delivered directly to the tissues that require healing, with the smallest effective dose.

Disruptive Technology: CuSP™

Delivering: right dose, right therapy, right place

Market opportunity by indication

Non-cancer applications of our CuSP™ also abound (the global skin-care market is roughly $135 billion annually) but as more than 24 million cancer deaths are projected globally by 2030, we consider this to be the most medically necessary launch market.

Prioritized Markets & Unmet Need Highlights

Our initial wave covers 3 Target Markets:

Competitive Landscape Highlights:

  • Lilly's Armo buyout drug a bust in pancreatic cancer (Oct. 16th 2019)
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb's Opdivo fails 3rd straight test in tough-to-treat brain cancer (Sept. 15th 2019)

Business Model

We will use our platform (CuSP™) to develop our own conjugated drugs, secure FDA approval and license it to a large pharma partner, or market it ourselves. 

Revenue from milestone payments by pharma partners will follow once we have completed pre-clinical trials.

Following clinical trials and FDA approval, royalty revenue generated from our breakout cancer drugs will be reinvested into the development of new platform delivered drugs targeting other markets.

Our current round will likely be our only open financing round.

Five renowned expert advisors

Our Medical Advisory Board consists of five renowned experts working as an interdisciplinary team to drive the clinical studies of Diverse Biotech’s disruptive technologies and platform.

Our team turns ideas into real products

Our executive team turns our brilliant ideas into real products that help people heal:

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