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DL Auto Lux: 
Fast Facts

Experience is the heart and soul of any success story, especially in the automotive dealer space. The leaders are the ones who know the business -- those who understand what it means to sell cars, what buyers want and deliver with satisfactory results.

Daryll Ford knows this firsthand. With sales and management experience at a number of franchise dealerships - including Ford Lincoln, Infinity, Mazda, BMW and Mercedes-Benz - Daryll Ford understands the market better than anybody.

He used that expertise to successfully build a wholesale distribution business in in 2010, providing wholesale auto inventory to independent dealers.

He then established his own retail store in Orange County, which has now operated successfully for 10 years. His specialty was providing specialized financing to underserved members of the community.

Major Problem

There is no greater anguish than the frustration of trying to shop for a new car and failing at every turn.

Maybe you can't get what you want or can't find a good deal. Whatever the reason, it's a horrible experience.

And if it's bad enough, it sticks with you -- forever. The rude dealer, the lackluster inventory, the tremendously arduous process...

There's no denying that this needs fixing, and it's time for someone to do it right.

One Incredible 

DL Auto Lux solves these problems by providing car buyers with the ability to purchase cars like dealers do through auction access.

Most dealers do not provide such access to inventory to the public! While some dealers would rather, we not do this, our integrity and outstanding selection mean that they continue to do business with us.

By helping our clients locate their car through dealer auctions, they have more choices to see their desired car that go beyond our own inventory. Best of all, they can shop online with us to locate their car before it hits the retail market.

The Features You Need

Client Designed Portal:
Our system thrives with a client designed portal featuring the largest auto auction in the country. The process starts with a client speaking to our auction specialist.

We then search for their desired automobile and send them detailed information on the car, including condition and history reports.

Finance With The Very Best:
We don't stop at the sale of the car. We also arrange financing options for the client if they do not have their own in place.

Take Possession With Ease:
Delivery can be completed at the dealership or at a client's residence.

Traction &

We currently have a 4-star rating with our clients. We always try to keep our customers happy and work to quickly resolve any and all problems.

Our success even made it all the way to the top, as we received a congratulations letter from former President Barak Obama.

We have also expanded our sales of cars to Mexico, which includes commercial trucks and parts.

Meet The Team

Daryll Ford | VP of Operations and Wholesale Specialist

  • Makes sure our dealership has a proper mix of cars for sale, assists with auction
  • 21 years of experience in the wholesale retail auto business 

Doris Hamilton | President

  • Responsible for all financial and governmental reporting and financing of retail sales
  • 30 years of experience in financing, audit controls and banking 

Jamon Jackson | Transportation

  • Leads transportation of cars to and from auction; helps deliver cars sold to clients
  • 20 years of experience in independent carrier services for the auto industry 

Luis Avalos | International Specialist

  • Arranges all of our sales to Mexico regarding trucks
  • 25 years of experience as a customer specialist 

Victor Rodrigas | Onsite Mechanic

  • Responsible for mechanical and recondition of inventory

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