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What if you could give $10 a month to an amazing nonprofit without spending a penny more? What if giving always resulted in receiving? And what if all you had to do was keep doing what you’re doing? At Dlyte, we make all this possible. It’s simple: shop where you want, when you want, and we take care of the rest.

Dlyte is a rewards shopping program that incentivizes users with services you want (think: Netflix subscription, Amazon Prime, etc.) AND the ability to donate to your favorite Cause. The best part? None of this costs you a penny more.

At Dlyte, we want you to Shop Rewardingly (TM).

Most people want to do two things that are diametrically opposite: Give up their hard-earned money to a good Cause that needs it OR save their hard-earned money and use it on something you want, but don’t need.

The vast majority of us only have so much in the bank account and sacrifices need to be made.

For a while, the “revolutionary” fix to this problem was discount sites like Groupon, Livingsocial, etc. They encouraged businesses to lure more customers to save money with huge discounts. Good deal, right?

Not so fast. Dig a little deeper, and you might arrive at the conclusion that it’s an okay solution, but not a great one. Why?

Brands have become beset by denigration due to discounting. In other words, discounting cheapens your brand, and “groupon mentality” ultimately leads to customer disloyalty.

At Dlyte, we've built a better solution, one that throws away the bottom feeder mentality of discount shopping. Dlyte is essentially the Anti-Groupon.

The core exchange on Dlyte is simple: You buy a gift card for a store you shop at frequently -- a $50 gift card for Target, for example.

Dlyte helps mitigate the issues above by having our customers pay full face value for the branded gift card, while receiving a valuable reward. This psychological difference preserves the brand, builds loyalty, and brings the customer additional gifts, services, and rewards.

Dlyte provides consumers with a fast, fun, and convenient way to support a favorite Cause or obtain a desired service without spending more of their own money.

Dlyte Points are our internal currency, and the key to unlocking all of this greatness. You earn Dlyte Points for everything you do on Dlyte.com. Buy a gift card, share on social media, invite friends -- all those actions bring in Dlyte Points. These can then be redeemed for cash donations to your favorite Cause or for a service you want such as streaming video or music.

It’s really that easy!

For a better idea of how this all plays out, meet our friends: Laraine, Dara, and Harrison.

Laraine is a socially motivated individual. She is 23, highly educated, intelligent, and passionate about one particular nonprofit. She is very socially savvy, both personally and with online media, and uses her knowledge and extensive following to maximize donations for her favorite nonprofit. While clearly doing a great thing, she has always been seen by her friends as an “insurance salesperson,” constantly pushing this cause down their throats. But then she learned about Dlyte.

Dlyte excites Laraine because she can stop asking her friends and social media following for money and encourage them to do what they enjoy doing: shopping. Through their normal shopping habits, they support her nonprofit. Laraine has changed her persona from kindhearted, but kind of pushy, to a leading edge philanthropist who has enrolled over 1,500 people to give $5 or $10 a month without costing anyone a penny.

Then there's Dara and Harrison -- they just had their second child. They aren’t rich by any means, but they both work at meaningful skilled jobs and earn a sufficient amount to live well. They are saving money to buy a home, so every expense is analyzed. Dlyte affords them the opportunity to have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a SimpliSafe Alarm system without paying any monthly fees. They tell their friends and family how they don’t feel guilty about having all these luxury items while trying to save for a house because the items don’t cost them anything extra. They also earn enough Dlyte Points to give $3/month to their local pet shelter. For Dara and Harrison, Dlyte is a no-brainer.

You might be wondering how this is all possible. Well, if you think back to the Groupon example, the answer makes a little more sense. Why are companies willing to discount their products or services for Groupon? To attract more customers.

Buying a gift card  is an easy choice for consumers because Dlyte partners with local and national businesses people visit on a regular basis such as restaurants, hair salons, bowling alleys, grocery stores, movie theaters, etc.

Dlyte isn’t trying to trick people or play up some gimmick. Our promise is simple:

We never discount or markup the prices of our gift cards. This means no transaction fees, no credit card processing fees, no handling fees, no shipping fees, etc. You pay $100, and you always receive a gift card with $100 on it.

Because businesses appreciate our efforts to get customers to pay full value for their gift cards, they give us a commision which we in turn send back to you in the form of Dlyte Points.

Add to that our fun and easy mobile-centric platform, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Dlyte started in 2011 as YouNeverLose (cheesy, we know). In spite of that kitschy name, we became a million dollar company using the same business model as Dlyte. We launched a beta website in 2012 where users would pay full face value for gift cards in exchange for rewards points that could be used in penny auctions (think: Quibids, OrangeBidz, etc.). By definition, no one could ever lose because they didn’t pay anything for those points.

Over the next 14 months, the site processed over $1 million in sales, had over 10,000 users, built a mailing list of 106,000, and grew a Facebook presence with over 20,000 likes. The beta test was a success.

We then decided to pivot to a new and better name -- Dlyte was born in 2014 with the view to bring the vision and model of YouNeverLose to the broader market. We built our technology platform, assembled a team that understands and drives the market, and fully launched Dlyte in early 2015.

We have agreements with CashStar and SVM in the U.S., and Buyatab in Canada, that result in over 300 top brands selling gift cards on Dlyte.com. We are in talks with even more gift card distributors such as Stoner Bunting which will bring in many more top brands.

With our Full Value Gift Card Program, Dlyte represents a healthy way for local merchants to acquire new customers and drive more visits from existing customers. And these local merchants also get to help local causes in their community.  Everybody wins!


Dylte has also partnered with a diverse range of nonprofits including ToysForTots, Wounded Warriors, RSD Foundation, Food Shelf (of which there are over 51,000 in the U.S.), Southwest Science Center, DXATC, Sidewinder Racing, and many more.

We’ve also secured multiple trademarks and have patents pending, both in the U.S. and internationally.

Up Next: Launch our initial marketing campaigns, including social media, SEO, partner channels, etc., make final tweaks to the app, add a few features, and launch the iOS and Android versions. We also need to hire a few key positions that will allow us to take our product to the next level. 

On September 17, 2004, at the age of 55, Barry became a quadriplegic after contracting a rare neurological disease called Guillaine Barre Syndrome. This abrupt change caused disruption and turbulence, but also an unexpected benefit: time to think, reflect, and decide how to move forward.

Barry was already a serial entrepreneur with a passion in service. He has successfully built and sold companies in diverse fields, including a large wholesale diamond business with sales in excess of $100 million. He later built and sold an international telecommunications business, as well as FAX4FREE, a service that enabled people to send and receive faxes via computer to 17 countries for free. This was acquired by a NASDAQ company in 2000. He was called out of retirement to help the largest privately held real estate company in California add services to their portfolio, specifically in the then new fields of fiber, high speed internet, and satellite/cable networks. In 28 months, his work helped bring $4 million of new revenue to the company.

He was paralyzed shortly thereafter and decided to repurpose his life and skills to incentivize people to help nonprofits and various causes that need the support.

Jim uses his diverse skills to interface with brands and head up the local merchant initiative. He has over 25 years experience operating, advising, and investing in growth companies in the technology and financial services areas, including gift card, prepaid, loyalty and incentive/rewards companies. Jim is the former President of the largest B2B gift card distributor in the U.S. and U.K.

Maurice uses his powerful skills and background to engage large opportunities for traffic and traction with an emphasis in the nonprofit environment. He is an author and a management consultant who has consulted C-suite executives across the Fortune 500. He managed skilled teams of professionals and had P&L responsibility for divisions of corporations in excess of $30M/year and commercial real estate developments totaling $500M.

Patrick uses his decades of tested skills to enhance Dlyte in all phases of social engagement. An industry veteran in digital marketing (SEM, SEO, social, affiliates, retargeting, and interactive optimization), Patrick has spent almost 20 years in digital marketing and has managed over $150 million dollars in marketing campaigns that have resulted in billions of dollars in revenue for several companies including Sony Picture’s Crackle and the second-fastest growing company in the U.S.: Quest.

Brad uses his decades of experience to build, protect, and scale the customized Dlyte web/mobile presence. He is a serial entrepreneur and full-stack engineer with over 15 years experience in designing and developing desktop, web, and mobile applications. Over the past 7 years, he has built, managed, and sold 3 apps, generating more than $3 million in net profits. With a background in medical and enterprise software, Brad employs a design driven and agile development approach to create applications with a strong focus on user experience and data security.

Damon uses his skills to maximize the Dlyte UI/UX with an emphasis on nonprofits. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Damon has over a decade of experience in the tech industry working with large consulting firms and small startups. He built a web app, VizzyGuitar, to help aspiring rock stars learn songs on guitar.

Founder of DogVacay.com (Airbnb for dogs!) which has raised over $36 million to date; former VC himself.

One of the most successful insurance executives in America; international philanthropist and international president of AISH HaTorah.  

Recognized expert in mobile: CRO of PushMobile, former SVP/Head of Mobile International for Google, former VP for ADMOB, former VP Yahoo!

Known as the “gift card guru” in the industry, Professor Horne teaches Behavioral Sciences in Providence, RI.

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