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22: Suicides, per day, among active duty service members and military veterans.
8,300: Families affected, per year, by suicide in the armed forces and veteran communities
190,000:  Unemployed veterans that separate from the military every year.

In recent years, these terrible statistics have reached historical highs.

We have a vision where these numbers are reduced to zero.

Our solution is simple.

Bring the people, organizations and resources to military families in need in one digital arena called Dojo.

Dojo is an online community dedicated to providing military service members and veterans with the resources and support they need to make the transition from service back to civilian life. 

The war may be over, but soldiers face different battles once they come home.

At Dojo, we believe that military service members, veterans, and their families need a community that will connect them with each other, and with resources that offer them the help, guidance, and support they need 

And with Dojo, our mission to provide exactly that. 

Whether they served in Iraq, Afghanistan, or another assignment, our fearless servicemembers return from duty with a wide range of struggles and difficulties, ranging from bodily injury to mental and physical trauma to combat stress, fatigue, and emotional distress.

And the family is changed as well. Both the veterans and their loved ones adjust to the changes—even physical, mental, and emotional battle scars.

They find it hard to transition into civilian life and many of them have difficulty finding a job. There are also stigmas that make them unable to get the support that they need.

There are plenty of organizations, networks, benefits, and services that are available to help active and former soldiers and their families. But all too often, these organizations are plagued by fragmentation and lack of information, and fall short of the mark when it comes to getting veteran families the support they need. 

With Dojo, we're making it our mission to bridge the gap between veterans and the civilian world, and equip servicemembers everywhere with the tools and resources they need to build happy, productive lives here on the home front — for themselves and for their families.

Dojo is a new digital platform dedicated to filling in the gaps between military life to the private sector.

Our platform provides veterans a secure online community where service members, veterans, and their families can get access to the people, information, and services that they need to get back on track in the civilian world. 

We offer a platform with diverse services ranging from Career, Post-traumatic Stress, Recreation to educational services for kids. We also connect them to each other, as well as to opportunities and support systems necessary to make the transition easy for them and their families.

Our platform allows them to connect with the special care and support that they need, especially if they are suffering from TBI, PTSD, or are simply needing to transition into civilian life.

Dojo creates a digital community of military servicemembers, as well as their families, so together they can get the support they need across a broad range of areas, including:

  • Career Development
  • Mental & Physical Health Services
  • Benefits
  • Recreation
  • Education

Dojo links veterans to organizations, companies, and resources to help them transition into a productive civilian life, get jobs in the private sector, or even launch their own startup.

Multi-Faceted Platform
Dojo will provide a venue to provide opportunities for job hunting and career development of veterans and those in active service who are planning to transition into the private sector. We will provide them access to resources and tools such as resume writing, value propositions, elevator pitches, interview tactics, and so many more.

We will give them a louder ‘voice’ to reach out to others like them, while bringing them all the more closer to organizations that can help them in terms of career, financials, mental and physical health.

Specialized Community
Unlike other peer-to-peer platforms, Dojo is specially designed for former and present military service personnel and their families but has a wide enough scope to provide more opportunities and resources to a more varied demographic of users, which includes minors.

Users can register to Dojo and access a streamlined, interactive platform where they can have the opportunity to have a wider world more available to them—all under one digital roof.

Dojo is a place of opportunities, connections, resources, learning, and empowerment.

Unique Navigation
Dojo is designed to have a unique navigation and user interface to bring a more natural feel to the Dojo experience, as well as provide enhanced functions for smartphones and other mobile devices.

There will be a combination of primary and secondary colors, as well as shapes that correspond to specific aspects of the Dojo community. We have taken this into serious consideration to cater to those with impaired vision, such as color-blindness.

The Story Behind Dojo

Transitioning out of the Army, Dojo founder Raul Moreno had so many questions, as did his wife. Both Raul and his wife had their own expectations of what the transition to civilian life would be like, and as Raul searched tirelessly for a job that suited the skills he had developed during his service, he found himself repeatedly frustrated by the endless waves of automated emails rejecting his applications. Like many other former military and their families, Raul felt a step behind his competitors from the private sector. 

Eventually, Raul set out to found Moreno Engineering Inc, a Small Business Administration certified 8(a), Small Disadvantaged Veteran Owned Business, Minority Business Enterprise. Now, Moreno Engineering has given birth to Dojo, a software-based application dedicated to helping veterans facing the same struggles Raul and his family faced in making the transition into civilian life.

Recently, Dojo launched our official Facebook page to introduce Dojo and our mission to the world. Even with limited information about our platform and its functionality, we have already gained over 1,100 followers who have liked our page and are anticipating our beta-testing to hit the market.

We are excited to move our vision forward and make it a reality to everyone in the military community, whether they are veterans or are currently in active service.

For more information about the future of Dojo and how you can be part of it, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile!

Raul is an 8-year military veteran. He has served on four combat tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation New Dawn, along with contingency operations in globally diverse locations.

He has a unique background having served at both the lowest levels of combat-arms units and rose through the ranks to support some of the US Army’s highest ranking officials.

His experience taught him about brotherhood and leadership, strategy and sacrifice, and the vision to be successful in his endeavors.

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