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Our SaaS platform goes beyond common candidate assessments by identifying up to 90% of the prospect’s key personality traits - allowing employers to determine cultural fit right up front. 


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Between social media, Google, and seamless past employer connections, it’s never been easier for hiring managers to get the scoop on prospective hires.

But this due diligence, and even face-to-face interviews, will only reveal so much about how the employee will actually perform.  The cultural fit has to be there - which is something the individual’s work history, skill set, and makeup often don’t reflect.

Substandard sourcing and screening are the main culprits – as roughly 58% of talent acquisition pain points can be traced right back to these two areas.

And with poor hiring decisions costing enterprises over $100 billion annually, cultural alignment simply isn’t happening enough. 

In fact, over 90% of these associated hiring decisions are based almost exclusively on skills assessments.

Considering how crippling bad hires can be both over the short and long term, something has to be done to better predict cultural fit.  Status quo methods just aren’t cutting it - now it’s time to think outside the box.

Introducing dotin: a cloud-based software as a service platform that can source and screen culturally-aligned talent in real time without asking one question.

Our B2B SaaS, called PerFit-HR, leverages state-of-the-art AI to tap into a prospective employee’s subconscious - helping companies determine whether they’ll be a cultural fit before starting lengthy & costly onsite assessments.

dotin utilizes various techniques, including writing and color preference analysis, to understand the core motivations of every talent.  The cultural end of talent acquisition is therefore handled right upfront – making the talent lifecycle management process very easy and manageable.

A combination of psychology, social & enterprise data, and machine learning allows us to reveal up to 90% of their key subconscious traits without asking any questions – compared to just the 10% of conscious personality that other assessments deliver.

Our patented system helps companies hire the very best while also improving retention by 2x - all with just a 1 minute assessment
(vs. 20 minutes for our closest competitor). 

On the other end, candidates benefit through better alignment of their core motivations to opportunities.

With hundreds of millions of candidates in our database, we can support companies passively via the sourcing of potentials.  Our versatile product line can also help HR post-hire through job rotation programs, team synergy evaluation, and the like.

Here’s a top-level view of how exactly dotin changes the hiring game
for employers:

dotin doesn’t stop with just optimizing hiring, however.  PerFit-HR also helps with talent retention & collaboration by aligning new hires with the right internal opportunities to optimize business outcomes.

It can all be implemented anywhere in the world thanks to multilingual support. 
Here are some additional talent analytics features we offer to make hiring even more effective:

The dotin tool can also be leveraged beyond hiring by giving HR departments the insights they need across the organization.  Just a few example use cases:

We’ve achieved quite a bit during dotin’s early days:

A few testimonials from happy clients:

The inspiration behind dotin derives from the experiences of our Founder, who paid witness one too many times to seemingly “talented” new hires not aligning with culture.

After seeing multi-million dollar contracts be lost due to these poor hires, he decided to act - and dotin was the result.  Let’s meet him and the rest of our leadership trio:

Ganesh Iyer | Founder & CEO | Has years of top-level product, marketing, and sales experience from companies like Cisco and AMD.  Helped build a fast-growing team at Cisco and has done the same with us - assembling data scientists, clinical psychologist, and neuroscientists.  Double Masters in Engineering and MBA (Continuing Studies) from Stanford.

Dr. Roman Samarev | Chief Engineering & Research Officer | Data science expert who is the youngest professor of computer science from one of the best schools in Russia.  Has authored/co-authored more than 55 scientific publications, and is also one of the core members of Apache Flink - the next version of Apache Hadoop built in Berlin.

Dr. Mikhail Melnikov | Chief Psychologist & Neuroscientist | Versatile psychology professional who has authored/co-authored 50+ scientific publications in his own right.  His primary scopes of interest are methodology & study design, psychometrics, statistics, behavioral neuroscience, psychiatric disorders, addictions, and functional neuroimaging.

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