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Dream Reality Interactive (DRI) is a software developer building engaging, interactive experiences across the full spectrum of immersive devices.

Our focus in the coming years is augmented reality (AR), in recognition of the great creative and commercial opportunities expected, on mobile handsets and upcoming 5G and HMD role out. Our current project, Singheads, is a mobile singing app with a twist.

Millions of people love to sing, and thanks to social media, everyone has a potential audience.

Mobile singing apps are a success, but they’re falling short of capturing and serving the wide range of would-be social singers.

They cater to an audience already bought in

They use the full versions of songs, leaving intros and instrumental sections, making for long and often boring videos

They have millions of songs to choose from, but 95% of them aren’t relevant to the audience

The best content is stuck behind paywalls

Not to mention, players fearful of putting on a performance are left out of the fun.

Singheads is DRI’s flagship product, and it’s here to bring the fun of singing and sharing to everyone.

Players can don an AR avatar, giving them the freedom to express themselves without fear of being criticized for how they look.

Singheads offers a curated selection of relevant songs, getting players into the game quickly without wasting time browsing a long list of obscure tracks.

Performances last around 60 seconds: just the best, most memorable part of the song.

Singheads is a simple karaoke game using the player’s AR avatar to create a digital head inside the phone’s front camera.

The avatar fully reacts to the player’s facial expressions and mouth movements.

When the player opens Singheads, they are faced with a digital version of themselves, overlaid on the real world.

Pitch bars are shown along with song lyrics across the bottom of the screen. Song clips typically last a verse and a chorus.

Once the song has finished, the results screen pops up showing how the player did using a star system and a numerical score. They can watch, edit and share their video on Snapchat. Post launch, we will extend this to Instagram and Tik Tok.

Our growth strategy leverages existing major players who are investing in AR to gain future market share.

They are creating the distribution platforms we will leverage.

We have strong relationships with these leading technology companies to partner on new IP.

They will help us by co-funding the development of DRI technology and IP.

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