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Dueling Ducks Brewing: Fast Facts

There’s nothing more remarkable than a great beer. The incredible, refreshing taste that comes with that first sip is simply incredible. There is nothing else like it, and there never will be. But beer is so much more than a beverage -- it’s an opportunity to connect with family and friends, to celebrate the day, and to savor life.

We founded Dueling Ducks Brewing with that mentality -- to bring people together in an outstanding environment in which they can kick back and enjoy the moments that matter most.

Enormous Problem
We all want a place to kick back and have a beer...but where should we go?

There are bars around every corner, and breweries claiming to provide a wide variety of features and benefits.

But at the end of the day, consumers are looking for something more.

They want great beer that offers an amazing, unmistakable taste, but they also want a great place to gather.

Bars? They're a dime a dozen. And a hole in the wall just won't do.

It's time for something more, something better -- something truly remarkable.

One Incredible Solution

Dueling Ducks Brewing is here to fulfill the desires of consumers everywhere.

With a location already selected, our building already built and our recipes already perfected, we are ready to roll.

In fact, we are well beyond the early startup phase -- we are ready to scale the operation to get our product into more hands, into cans for further market penetration, and into more key areas of our market and state.

With an outstanding team at the helm, Dueling Ducks Brewing is proud to offer incredible beer in a truly momentous setting. With our eyes focused on the customer, we aim to enrich their lives one beer and experience at a time. And with the increase in funds, we will be able to scale our operation to produce more beer and get it into more places.

Why We’ll Lead

At Dueling Ducks Brewing, we know that quality beer starts with quality ingredients and a quality process.

Our tasting room provides patrons with a warm and inviting welcome, and each sip of beer will remind our customers why we go through the lengths we do to provide them with the best craft beer experience that they will ever have anywhere.

We don't rush our process -- we believe in getting it right every time. We've completely dropped certain beers that didn't live up to our standards. And that's because we know that our reputation is everything, and we are putting our work, our name and our brand ahead of the risks in offering a beer today that might have missed the mark. We'd rather take our time to get it right every time.

We are also very excited about the "dueling" aspect of our brewery -- we hold competitions to duel small batch beers and allow people to give feedback as well as selling the batch in the taproom and seeing how it sells. This builds engagement with our customers and pretty much guarantees a quality beer that our consumers will like. We also sell the small-batch duels in our tasting room.

Traction & Accomplishments 

Product Development: We have developed dozens of sought-after recipes and beers and distributed those creations to our market via multiple forms of packaging - pints, flights, wholesale kegs, and to-go 32oz Crowler (can) sales. 

Customer Acceptance: We are a brand-new brewery in a very impressive and competitive market. Our reviews and reputation hold up against all of the established and medal-winning breweries in our market. 

Partnerships: We have partnered with a local coffee roaster (Bodhi Leaf) to use their extremely quality coffee in some of upcoming beer brands. We have also been fortunate to land a coveted spot on a new and very successful sales and distribution platform (Beergang) in our market. We have already carved out a footprint in every city in our county.  Through this distribution platform, we also have the ability to get our beer sold and fulfilled in the Los Angeles and San Diego markets as well.

We have since signed on with one more online sales and distribution platform for our beer: All Craft. This will allow us access to more businesses in more markets and will undoubtedly increase our market share and beer sales.

Meet The Founder

Daniel Kause | Co-Founder, CEO, CFO, Head Brewer, Tasting Room Manager, Director of Operations, Sales & Marketing Lead

  • Recently voted to the Board of Directors of the local Brewers Guild (Orange County Brewers Guild) by his peers. He is one of the youngest Board Members in the history of the guild and will hold the position for at least 2 years.
  • Got his first introduction to the wide world of beer during his college years at the University of Oregon
  • Daniel was eager to create his own craft flavors at home, and he began this journey after returning home from college
  • He quickly gathered all of the necessary information, supplies and ingredients and embarked upon his first creation
  • This immediately made him realize that he belonged here, brewing beer, and from that moment forward he set out to make it his career

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