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E-Car at a glance.​

E-Car is a broker-space direct-customer interaction platform for new & certified cars. It provides a distributed smart network for transactions between car dealers, car buyers and third-party enterprises (like the state DMV’s) with stakes in the car-buying process.

Using a blockchain-based, shared-log architecture, E-Car finds efficiencies that streamline every step of the antiquated vehicle purchase process. Dealers offering E-Car service can sell more cars, with 80% less time and money spent per-sale. 

A Smart Network With Wide Reach

What's Wrong With How We Buys Cars?

Despite daily advances in modern communications technology, the way we buy cars has been slow to evolve. It revolves around the arcane process of visiting a dealership, the pantomime of the hard sell and the firm insistence on a better deal.

Frankly, it’s a confrontational process rooted in the nascent, ritual-happy consumers of the Jazz age. Modern consumers, raised on mobile access and open knowledge, find it very off-putting.

While specific issues with the car sales game abound, these are the top five:

The E-Car Solution 

E-Car provides and end-to-end platform solution to the vexing problem of how to sell cars in a consumer-friendly manner.  By transitioning to a DLT-based distributed contract network, dealers, buyers and 3rd-party enterprise all avoid traditional hurdles. 

The E-Car Process

E-Car follows a simple model that begins with dealer enrolment and ends with customers getting the best car, at the best price

Dealers sign up for distribution on the platform, and our software digitizes their inventory and financing information using our open source protocol, and puts it on our network. 

Customers sign up for the platform, and enroll themselves by completing our new users forms to enter their own data.  Steps 2 through 6 take under 1 hour total. 

Our intuitive network determines which enrolled dealers’ offerings best fit the user’s needs.

Top selections are presented to the user, including bundles of add-on products and services as dictated by the user’s model and network’s available smart contracts.

Customer uses our virtualization platform to test drive the cars selected.

Customer picks the best car, completes the transaction (which includes tax, licensing, insurance, etc.) and schedules the car for home delivery or in-person pickup. 

E-Car Traction to Date 

E-Car is currently building out its technical infrastructure and sales team.

On the buyer end, we are currently discussing a potential partnership with Overstock.com to promote our platform, and it is poised to become a major 3rd-party enterprise transacting on our network once its smart contracting features go live.

On the dealer and service end, we’re already working in partnership with: 

Our founder has personally invested $350,000 in seed financing. 

Meet The Team 

E-Car is the brainchild of Rafael Amzayan, a one-time automotive sales associate and multi-decade veteran of the auto sales industry. 

Rafael has been building the theoretic framework for E-Car ever since the very first time he sold a car -- because that one transaction took over 7 HOURS!

Realizing that this painful song-and-dance served neither the buyer nor the salesman, Rafael spent many years crafting the E-Car model, all the while climbing through the managerial ranks at franchise dealerships.

Eventually, he started his own online dealership and, once it had become successful, decided to finally act on all the good ideas for improving the industry which he had been accruing for years.

Rafael recently summed up his view on the car buying process in the internet age in Forbes.

E-Car represents the summation of these many years’ intimate pondering of the most annoying minutiae of the auto-sales process. 

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