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e-Swaper: Fast Facts

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the way the world does business, particularly the conference and job fair industries. Social distancing guidelines prohibited close contact, making it impossible to attend in-person events. This gave way to the need for virtual events. Augmented by virtual reality and of course augmented reality -- with artificial intelligence to ensure the best experience possible -- these events could be experienced at any time and from any location. We aimed to provide that and so much more with e-Swaper, the next revolution in event experiences.

Enormous Problem

Events suffer from a number of problems -- one of which became very apparent in the aftermath of COVID-19. In short: attending in person is not possible when you're told to stay home!

Further, event companies handle a significant amount of information from their customers, but they're rarely able to review and analyze that info correctly. Consequently, they can't serve their customers with personalized experiences. This leads to an average experience that is neither spectacular nor memorable.

Last but not least, people would like for their events to be tailored to their specific purpose, desires, etc. But that is rarely achieved at the event level -- attendees have to make it happen themselves, instead of being led on a spectacular journey by the event itself.

This Solution Changes Everything

e-Swaper solves all of these problems from the ground up.

We are currently in the process of developing an artificial intelligence platform, offering a service of analysis and personalization of the experience for the different attendees to the events, before, during and after the event.

Key Features

Unique Experiences For All

Events are unique in that they are essentially creating a very individual experience for every and each attendee. In other words, an event for 1,000 attendees is, in effect, 1,000 different micro events, opening the door to incredible personalization opportunities.

No other solution allows for the analyzation of a fan's interest in this manner.

Powered By AI

Our solution brilliantly uses AI to analyze this data, matches fans with a specific tier of type of fan (cult fan, super fan, engaged fan, casual fan, inactive fan) and then makes recommendations for future events and types of experiences this fan would be interested in.

Think of it as the Spotify of event recommendations -- but instead of studying what users listen to and recommending new artists, we're recommending new events. 

Instead of asking people about their interests are, we're more interested in the purpose of the trip (if the person is traveling to the event), who they're traveling with (or if they're alone), and if they have something specific in mind that they want to do.

This allows e-Swaper to better align attendees with their specific desire for the event and, if applicable, match people or groups of people that are there for the same reason.

Traction &

Our virtual platform is developed and is already serving customers.

Our regular customers keep coming back to us because they are very satisfied with the results.

We have also partnered with OmegaHouse (Brazil), Passline (12 countries) and Purpura Digital.

Meet The Team 

Alvaro Falcon | CEO

  • Industrial engineer, MBA and Master In Business Engineering and IT
  • 15 years of experience working for large mining companies, leading supply chain and business integration

Ana Moraga | Co-Founder and CFO

  • Construction engineer
  • 12 years of experience working for large construction companies leading engineering teams

Sebastián Muñoz | CTO

  • Informatic engineer, has been leading the developing of platforms and solutions for Swaper

Michel Calil | CEO Omega House

  • Producer with more than 15 years of experience in the events industry

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