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Our team’s goal is to empower businesses across global markets to achieve excellence through industry-leading technology that solves problems and drives better business results.

EAM Masters’ proven cloud-based delivery methodology consistently and reliably enables successful implementations and sustainable business improvements at a much lower cost than traditional “fly-in consulting” projects.

EAM Masters’ unique instructor-led and web-delivered learning process allows busy professionals to master the application by dedicating just a few hours per week, setting them up for success by instilling the knowledge they need.

As Oracle continues moving their enterprise software applications to the cloud, EAM Masters, as an Oracle Gold Partner, will be primed as the go-to service provider to streamline the transition for a massive population of their customer base.

Oracle also has 110,000 applications customers worldwide. With US$37 billion total GAAP revenue in FY 2016, Oracle is a recognized global leader in business software, cloud computing the Internet of Things (IoT).

Oracle E-Business Suite – also known as EBS – is the most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications that enable organizations to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance. Oracle also delivers the most comprehensive portfolio of integrated cloud solutions for business, IT and development needs.

Large, asset-intensive Oracle EBS customers rely on Oracle Enterprise Asset Management software – or Oracle eAM – to maintain plant equipment, facilities and infrastructure so they can reliably produce their products and generate revenue.

The challenge? Many Oracle eAM customers don’t have the specialized knowledge and expertise to setup, configure, and use the software to support and automate all of the processes, practices, and work activities involved.

That’s where EAM Masters comes in.

As a trusted Oracle Gold Partner for almost 9 years, we provide the expertise and training necessary to help these businesses realize the full value of Oracle eAM and its integration with Oracle Financials, Inventory, Purchasing, and Projects.

With EAM Masters, our web-delivered format makes learning easy and convenient for busy professionals, providing them with all the resources they need to absorb, apply, practice, and master the Oracle eAM application in a truly sustainable way.

Simply put, EAM Masters delivers everything Oracle eAM customers need to excel in maintenance and asset management as well as achieve full and productive use of the software.  Our training courses and implementation programs are:

Our remote implementation programs deliver better results for a fraction of the cost of a traditional “fly-in consulting” project.  We deliver a full 3 or 4 month web-learning program for the same cost as a 3 or 4 day traditional software training course.   

Our extensive library of engaging learning material covers maintenance best practices as well as setup, configuration and use of the software.  With more than 100 modular topics we are able to quickly and efficiently assemble and record standard online courses as well as develop custom web-delivered curriculums to support a customer’s specific implementation project needs.

Weekly homework assignments challenge participants to think about what they’ve learned and apply it to their situation, work environment and project tasks. They include high level questions about how they can/should use features/functions at their site as well as real, hands-on exercises to build and perform transactions in their own eAM system.

Weekly web discussions challenge participants to socialize what they have learned with peers. Discussion leaders are experts in both maintenance and Oracle eAM so that all questions and issues are resolved.

Business Improvement First
We understand that the purpose of software is to enable better business results. We start every implementation project with workshops to develop, document and standardize maintenance and inventory process flows, work policies and performance metrics. Once this foundation is laid, we can begin to help them setup, configure and use the software to support and streamline these important business improvements.

Remote Implementation Methodology
We use web-delivered training and collaboration to drive all activities, tasks, and deliverables on the project. Standardized implementation templates ensure efficient and consistent merging of business practices into software configuration and use. It’s repeatable, reliable, resource-efficient, scalable, low-risk for customers, and very cost-effective.

Oracle eAM Certification
Because Oracle does not offer certification for Oracle eAM, we designed a Master Level and Planner Level Certification program, each with 2 online exams (knowledge test and practical skills test) and a comprehensive training program to help candidates prepare.

Training Quality & Remote Delivery Methodology
We offer a large selection of courses and have higher quality training than any other provider in our marketplace. All of our training programs are available in a distance learning format. Lessons are recorded and made available to trainees via secure login on our Student Website. Courses also include live interaction with expert instructors via web meetings.

EAM Master Scorecard
We offer the only true benchmarking process that objectively measures the extent that a company or site is achieving full, productive use of all of Oracle eAM’s capabilities. It includes 32 different measurement criteria, an overall composite score, comparisons to industry averages, and recommendations for improvement.

Training Foundation
Our market leadership in training has earned us significant respect and mindshare in the Oracle user community and helps us build long-term, positive relationships with the people and companies we serve.  Training is also the foundation of our implementation process that efficiently produces real and permanent business improvements for our customers.

Oracle is one of the key companies driving this trend.  Having already laid out their plans to transition all of their apps to the cloud, they are investing around $5.2 billion into R&D.

The shift to a cloud-first company will generate an enormous need for specialized training and expertise to help companies transform their business and deploy these cloud applications.

The key product that falls into our company’s specific submarket -- Oracle Maintenance Cloud -- is set to hit the Oracle Price List in June 2017 and become available for deployment around August 2017.  For more than 2 years, EAM Masters has actively participated on Oracle's Maintenance Cloud Strategy Council to provide design input and development review of this new product.  We are well prepared and well positioned to help companies deploy the Oracle Maintenance Cloud application.

The early adopters for this initial release will need training and guidance to make the application easier to implement and some will need workarounds for the limitations of the early versions. 

Early Adopter Industries

Approximately 2-3 years after the 1st release, the Oracle Maintenance Cloud capabilities will meet the needs of larger, more sophisticated maintenance organizations during the new market’s growth phase.

Growth Phase Industries

Customers during this phase will be seeking a service provider that has Maintenance and Asset Management expertise as well as a proven track record of successful implementations. These transition projects will be much larger and longer -- creating significantly higher profit and revenue opportunities for EAM Masters.

EAM Masters is a well-established business with a loyal, paying customer base developed over the past 8.5 years of operation. We’ve demonstrated an exceptional track record with all projects completed successfully and on budget to the customer’s satisfaction.  The following is a quick overview of our key milestones and accomplishments.

Product Development
We’ve “productized” our training and implementation services, including our eAM Certification exams and training programs, Scorecard, and cloud-based implementation methodology. In preparation with the Oracle Maintenance Cloud and other SaaS releases, we’re currently working on building out a Readiness Assessment and transitioning all of our training material and implementation templates to support the product.

A Robust Customer Portfolio
We’ve been profitable since day one and developed significant mindshare in our marketplace having done business with about 70 companies in 17 different countries. We can deliver all of our training and services from anywhere, to anywhere.

Patents & IP
We own all of the IP for the products listed above. It includes our branded training material, Scorecard database and methodology, eAM Certification exams and training material, and implementation process, templates and work products.

Strategic Partnerships
Our most important partnership is with Oracle.  We've been an Oracle Gold Partner and an active member of the Oracle eAM Field Advisory Board for almost 9 years. Our long-term commitment to Oracle and our success with Oracle customers has enabled us to build close relationships with all the key Oracle people that sell and support their maintenance solutions.  Other key partners are listed below:

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Mr. West has 22 years of experience in maintenance training, consulting, and systems implementation with large asset-intensive companies. He was formerly a Global Solution Architect for the eAM product at Oracle and previously managed a maintenance and reliability consulting organization leading numerous corporate initiatives to improve maintenance and reliability performance. Jay is an author and professional speaker within the maintenance professional community and has been an active member of the Oracle eAM Field Advisory Board for 11 years and active member of the Oracle Maintenance Cloud Strategy Council since inception.

Mr. Bowman has over 20 years of experience in engineering, technology, professional and project management and business operations. He has extensive experience as an Environmental Engineer responsible for assessments, regulations, and compliance across multiple industries. Rich has been an active member of the Oracle Maintenance Cloud Strategy Council since inception.

Mr. Anderson’s 20-plus year professional career includes key positions in purchasing, inventory, maintenance, and planning. His broad business process knowledge combined with his hands-on experience applying EAM Master’s Cloud Implementation methodology and work templates enable him to deliver substantial value as an Oracle eAM Implementation Consultant.

Mr. Giles is the President and Founder of Terra Global Services -- an Oracle eAM consulting firm and a strategic partner with EAM Masters. Miguel has over 20 years of experience in maintenance best practices and enterprise asset management consulting in the mining, oil & gas, utilities and discrete manufacturing industries. He has been an active member of the Oracle eAM Field Advisory Board since 2004. He has helped many large asset-intensive companies implement Oracle eAM taking into consideration business processes and maintenance practices such as Total Productive Maintenance and equipment reliability.

Mrs. Tolbert has over 15 years of experience in software education, curriculum development, and instructional technology. She has designed and led numerous software training courses, programs, and entire college curriculums in both traditional classroom and online settings. As a Department Head for Lawson State College, Jill pioneered the conversion of all course materials to electronic formats for alternative delivery methods. During that time, she was also the co-editing author of several software textbooks and the supporting workbooks and electronic files.

Mr. Michel is the President and Founder of Ram Services -- a Maintenance and Asset Reliability consulting firm.  Mr. Michel has over 30 years of experience in maintenance and equipment reliability. He has lead successful projects in nuclear plant maintenance, engineering, manufacturing and telecommunications.  He has demonstrated expertise in equipment reliability programs with specialized experience in Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Preventive Maintenance Optimization (PMO) and Pre-production Reliability Activities (PPRA). His broad range of experience in maintenance and equipment reliability, materials management, database implementation, preventive maintenance, and procurement projects within a wide range of industries enable him to deliver substantial value as a strategic partner.

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