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Crafted by Hand. Made with Love.
Earth Delicacies LLC:
Fast Facts

Ginja9 is a Portuguese sour cherry liqueur, a 12-month infusion of sour cherries in alcohol. It’s 100% natural with no added colors, flavors or preservatives.



Crafted by Hand. Made with Love.
Consumers Seek Healthier,
Quality Spirits

The demand for healthier, high-quality spirits is growing exponentially in the United States.

Additionally, tourists returning from Lisbon and other parts of Portugal, where they were introduced to the popular liqueur “ginjinha”, are looking for ways to enjoy their new favorite drink at home.

Early 17th century Galician monks infused sour cherries in alcohol for 12 months to capture all the properties from the fruit. Centuries later, ginjinha is served in Portugal as a treasured national spirit. Unfortunately, it has not been widely available in the US.

Crafted by Hand. Made with Love.
Ginja9 Offers High
Quality and Flavor

Ginja9 is a sour cherry ginjinha liqueur featuring a fresh flavor that mixologists, bartenders, and consumers can fully appreciate. Ginja9 is 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free and chemical-free. Sour cherries are also known to have several healthy properties.

Our product is made from sour cherries, also known as morello cherries, that are grown by our producer in orchards containing more than 20,000 trees. Our producer is the only one that holds the IGP certification for this region and is the only producer in Óbidos, Portugal using 100% national ginjas, which allows us to maintain the highest quality fruit and consistent unique flavor.

Crafted by Hand. Made with Love.
What Makes Ginja9 So Special?

We make Ginja9 by infusing sour cherries in alcohol over a span of 12 months, and we’re one of the few if not the only one using this process in the US. This process results in a 100% natural product with no added colors or preservatives.

Ginja9 comes from the Portuguese word for sour cherry – “ginja” – and offers a striking balance between sweet and tart. The “9” in Ginja9 represents universal love and peace, hence the heart in our logo.

Our liqueur can be enjoyed straight and chilled or sipped out of chocolate cups to catch every last ambrosial drop. Ginja9 is also a versatile, year-round spirit that mixes well in a variety of craft cocktails.

Real people make this liqueur from field to bottle. Crafted by hand, made with love.

Crafted by Hand. Made with Love.
Traction & Accomplishments

Crafted by Hand. Made with Love.
Meet The Team

Alexander Dias
Alexander is a former Business Relationship Manager at JP Morgan.

While working for JP Morgan, Alexander’s customers returning from their Portuguese travels often inquired about where they could buy ginja in the US. Alexander quickly realized that the US market needed a quality ginja product to satisfy demand.

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