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Earth Prime is a green agriculture company looking to bring sustainable food production to the everyday consumer. 

Our first product, the iGardenX personal hydroponic system, is doing just that.  We’ve secured a number of beneficial partnerships and patent protection (an industry rarity) to ensure we bring the best possible product to amateurs and green thumbs alike.

There’s a serious growing need to find new methods of sustainable agriculture – and we’re the executive chef leading you to your table.  Sit down, get that fork ready, and chow down with Earth Prime!

We Americans sure do love food.  Find a way to bring a delicious meal to our plates, and you’ve got the key to our hearts.

Too often, though, the road to our hearts is a dead end.  While modern advances in transportation have made delectable dishes readily available to consumers all over the world, it comes at a cost.

Additionally, maximum nutritional value is never actually realized due to premature harvesting, so as to be delivered “fresh” in the eyes of the customer.

With our global population expected to reach 11 figures in just over 3 decades, the issue gets magnified that much more.  We’ll need around 70% more food by 2050 in order to keep everyone fed.  Current methods, including corporate farming practices and the use of chemicals and GMO seeds, have proven nutritionally draining and ineffective.  There’s a clear need for an effective – and most importantly, sustainable – agriculture method that can be adopted by the masses.

Earth Prime is a green technology company committed to bringing sustainable agriculture to the masses.  We believe that man, technology, and the environment can not only live – but thrive – in harmony together.  We’re always on the lookout for green solutions that help us, and the world’s inhabitants, do just that.

The first vessel tasked with guiding the world towards more sustainable agriculture practices is our iGardenX hydroponic gardening system.  This personal gardening treasure is the solution for all previously outlined problems in the world of food.  The best part about it?  It’s idiot proof! 

Get your iGardenX and get fresh, delicious, sustainably-cultivated food at your convenience.

Delicious, sustainable food can’t come to life without solid hydroponic hardware.  That’s why we’ve borrowed the best aspects from traditional hydroponics and added our own touch, making the iGardenX very suitable for a consumer market.  It utilizes a recirculating vertical system, which means no water limitations and very little waste.  Planting seeds is also easy – just germinate the seeds of your choice using rockwool cubes and place the cube in one of the many designated locations.  What else makes the iGardenX the Filet Mignon of sustainable agriculture?

  • You don’t have to know how to garden;
  • Short on space? The iGardenX takes up just a 2 x 2.5' footprint;
  • All vital aspects are automated, so there’s no worrying about forgetting to water;
  • It’s aesthetically optimized, structurally superior, and small enough to go practically anywhere – but still grows an impressive 30 full-size plants;
  • Helps create clean air, eliminate waste, and lower carbon your footprint;
  • It offers simple, out of the box installation;
  • It supports almost all plant types.

Every great cut of meat needs something on the side.  The iGardenX is accompanied by the Earth Prime App, the loaded baked potato of companion apps.  It was designed with both the everyday user and new gardener in mind, allowing you to maximize your iGardenX’s return.  The Earth Prime App’s top features include:

The table is nearly set…and we’re ready to feast.

We’re currently putting the finishing design and manufacturing touches on both the iGardenX and the Earth Prime App.  Once ready, we’ll move into a four-week alpha test which, if successful, will move us into beta and correlate with a finalized patent.  It’s an exciting time for sure – but we aren’t forgetting all the hard work we’ve put in to get here.  The recipe to our success so far has included the following “ingredients”:

Our future plans include exciting product line additions and business partnerships.  For more information, please request access to the Business Plan portion of our Fundable profile.

Our team is proud to call New Orleans home.  Our great city has experienced a number of ups and downs of the past couple decades, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our passion for food.  Nothing brings people from all cultures together quite like food does – and nobody does food quite like the Big Easy.  The mission of our business is about providing this to anyone and everyone in a sustainable way.  We combine southern hospitality and sustainability to solve a global problem.  The seasoned executives tasked to carry out this mission include:

Sam Skydell, Director of Business Development
A food and beverage industry veteran, Sam has significant experience managing marketing strategies and maintaining relationships for some of New Orleans’ many brands.  Most recently, he oversaw all 3rd party food and beverage operations at a New Orleans property for a national hotel chain.  He’s incredibly well-rounded – with both the experience and know-how needed to run a business and the gifts required to anticipate customer needs.  For us, he’ll use this expertise to head up strategic planning, marketing, personnel and business managment.

Henry duQuesnay, Director of Operations
Henry is a natural serial entrepreneur with a passion for growing ventures.  His talent and passion lies in identifying great business opportunities and growing them into successful business ventures.  Henry wears many hats for Earth Prime but his main functions are overseeing R&D and design, supply chain management, and running the hydroponic end.  And did we mention he’s a huge foodie?

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