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Eco Building Systems THE PERFECT BLOCK

Mobile plants that produce The Perfect Blo...

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EBS will offer 1% of company stock for $50,000 investment. EBS will also consider "Debt" which is a loan to be repaid in a specific period of time with interest.
EBS will also consider a partner for a factory to be located in the southeast area of the country to service the devastation of Hurricane Irma and Harvey.

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Even the construction industry can do their part for the environment.

Easier to build with and offers more energy efficiency and produces less waste than traditional ICF products. It's safer and 700% stronger than wood.

Our mobile manufacturing plants make Insulated composite concrete forms that are fire, earthquake, tornado and hurricane resistant. Termites, molds, pests and dry-rot don't affect our composite products, which is made from EPS and cement formulation.  This is called The Perfect Block Building System, It's a Green building product and is very-very good for the planet, because it is made from recycled EPS (polystyrene) which is post-consumer and post-industrial, so we stop people from throwing their EPS waste into the worlds landfills. We take something bad and make something very-very good for building safe structures.  

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Enough with the splinters!  Lugging lumber to and from construction sites is becoming a thing of the past.  

The depletion of forest products and resulting declining quality of wood are primary reasons why.

The demand is there on the consumer side, too.  Environmental sustainability and green products are more popular with consumers than ever before – especially with those entering their prime home-buying years.  In home building, this is being reflected in the desire for higher quality structures that can sustain extreme environments and disasters while making life easier.  Having homes that are LEED certified – or those identified to be environmentally-responsible resource users – use less energy, have more market value, and generally receive more government support.

As a result, the use of Insulated Composite Concrete Forms (ICCFs), which are both green and extremely durable, is skyrocketing in popularity – and has spawned a successful industry of its own.  ICCFs also:

The ICCF “Golden Age” is rapidly approaching; however, there aren’t enough readily available options for builders wishing to dip their toes in.  It’s time for something that makes it a reality for more people…a mobile manufacturing breakthrough.  Contractors are clamoring for a perfect-form composite block that makes building any type of ICCF structure more manageable.

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Forward-thinking green builders, business owners, and homeowners finally have the solution they’ve been waiting for thanks to Eco Building Systems and our ICCF (Insulated Concrete-Composite Form) solutions. Our company was founded to create the highest-standard ICCF products and processes in the industry, and has developed the perfect system that can be pulled off anywhere. It not only makes building easier for the contractor, but also provides a litany of benefits to the structure’s end user - and is comprised of two primary elements:

  1. IACCF (Insulated Aerated Concrete Composite Forms) is an ICCF with the added insulating product of a special blend with another foam that will increase the insulating factors and produce  a lighter product.
  2. IBCCF (Insulated Ballistic Concrete Composite Forms) innovations in a ballistic block for military and safe homes that will save lives in areas of military conflict, and high level home security.

Manufacturing mobilization - It’s mobile!  These Mobile Plants can be sent anywhere in the world and be producing product in just a few days.

The Perfect Block - These perfect form-blocks are the forms which allow for an engineered vertical and horizontal grid of concrete/steel core structure, these forms are the very product of our mobile plants, and a true disruptor in ICF materials.  They’re made from repurposed polystyrene insulation (EPS) and formulated cement, meaning they’re lightweight - but very strong. A stay in place form with a structural core that withstands up to seismic 8 earthquakes, Catagory 5-200 MPH winds and is impenetrable to fire. It doesn't burn!

Having these two innovations working simultaneously allows us to offer the world’s first mobile manufacturing plant that creates a perfect building form-block.  In turn, this creates the perfect green-building system that can be replicated anywhere in the world.  What’s not to love?!

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Providing an unmatched combination of environmental-friendliness and structural quality is what we’re all about at EBS.  The durability, energy efficiency, and widespread availability of ICCFs like The Perfect Block make us the ideal company to lead the ICF movement.  

After The Perfect Blocks’ cores are grouted and reinforced with steel rebar, the permanent framework is then set for a variety of highly-insulated wall types. No other product has the Perfect Block Insulating properties.

We’re eliminating significant waste while providing a highly-durable manufacturing system that can be executed by anyone.  Even world governments can utilize us as a quick, highly-protective solution to natural disaster and military conflict preparedness.  Thanks to our all-around efficiency, the door is wide open for this and a number of other business opportunities.  Let’s check out some more features and benefits:

Design - The Perfect Block’s six way production mold design truly puts it over the top.  This unique technology makes it suited for both indoor and outdoor applications, and opens the door for the creation of other products from it.  A patent application is forthcoming.

Sustainability - End structures we produce can survive minor ballistic blasts, up to 8.0-scale earthquakes, 200 MPH winds, fires, termites, and mold.

Product versatility - We don’t have to rely on just EPS; other types of by-products and resources can be supplemented and work just fine. Bamboo and rice straw are a couple examples.

Speed - We deliver on remarkably fast setup and unloading, with the ability to change plant sites in just a few days.

Small crews - Our 5-man crews are small enough to stay out of your way, and just large enough to respond to all your needs while getting the job done.

Savings - The use of EBS systems reduces manpower and materials requirements while cutting down on error, significantly lowering total construction cost.

Building efficiency - Our state-of-the-art block manufacturing process creates a block with a clean, sharp edge, meaning fewer wasted steps in the installation and a vastly improved overall building experience.

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Our highrise is growing quickly.  As we continue to ascend towards market leadership, here are some of the more significant accomplishments we’ve added and tucked into our tool belt:

Up and running.  We are currently operating a fully-functional manufacturing plant from  a new headquarters in Peoria Arizona.

Sales and customer acceptance achieved.  We’ve sold an impressive 4911 Perfect Block units so far - with revenues eclipsing $118,000. And 8,500 more pending Customer satisfaction sits at 100%.

Partnership networking is underway.  Clean Conversion Technologies, a leading recycling technology company, is highly interested in partnering with us to produce mutually-beneficial products.

WASTE MANAGEMENT has agreed to make our location an EPS drop site for thier EPS as a recycling program for Salt River.

A large multi Million dollar development on the Sea of Cortez for elite custom homes is also on the planning Board.

Making R&D strides.  After establishing EBS in 2011, we’ve maintained a constant desire to improve our product and processes.  This led to our six way production mold design breakthrough in 2014.

Fortunately, that’s not all!  We’ve got a ton more planned.  For more info on our future, please check out our profile’s private side.

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Since 2011, our five leaders logged countless hours of R&D before finally making the big product breakthrough two years ago. With The Perfect Block now in hand, they would then develop our mobile manufacturing plants as the ideal way to get the product to anyone and everyone. Let’s learn a little more about them:

Jerry Kachlic - Passionate lifelong entrepreneur who founded Pyramid Installations, which set the standard for Phoenix-based ICF.  Tasked with product design, Factory design and construction, IP development, Quality Control, Customer service, and production. Designer of the 9 product mold.

Todd Davidson - Our resident “green guy” has been in the recycling business since 1996.  He’s a key driver in the development of our mobile plants and also serves as a key international business developer.

Chris Kachlic - ICF Professional Installer and innovator who truly knows the ins and outs of the industry.  He’s also a key player in terms of our mobile plants, in charge of operations, production, Training, and factory fabrication.

Lt Col. Rick Tindal - Retired USAF fighter pilot with 16 years of installation technique experience.  He’ll head up architecture and documentation.

Our quintet of executives is backed by two Council-level team members. Real estate broker, Tony Nunes, will head up marketing strategy, while marketer,  They also receive support from both a Board of Directors and Board of Advisors, which are comprised of some of our market’s top business leaders - in addition to our executives themselves.

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The green building movement has already made a huge statement, especially in the residential sector.  Some key players are even claiming it will transform the process in the same way AC and electric lighting did in the 20th century.

However, the commercial and residential sectors are where things really get exciting.  The natural versatility of The Perfect Block presents virtually limitless opportunities for worldwide building applications - leading to vast customer potential and very high ROI potential.  The opportunity to work government contracts is also very attractive, thanks to the risk mitigation they provide.

Not sold yet?  Here are a few other standout reasons why investors should strongly consider EBS:

Environmental impact.  You will be placed center-stage within the green building movement, which has the chance to revolutionize construction and provide positive lasting impact on our environment.

Big players are noticing.  Industry leaders Home Depot and Lowe’s have realized the ICF opportunity, and tried to enter the space in the past few years.  However, they were unable to provide a suitable level of inventory.

The market trends are there.  Amongst the market trends that point to our glaring opportunity are the depletion and move away from rapid departure from wood construction, the worldwide green movement, LEED certification opportunities, and changing building codes.

Awesome customer potential.  We make getting started easy, thanks to our mobile manufacturing plants and ongoing customer training/service commitment.  This helps break down common new customer barriers that our competitors face.

Two years after receiving funding, we plan to be fully debt-free and able to fund all operations ourselves.  This will clear the path to providing ultimate value to shareholders through either an IPO or acquisition.  For more information on the extent of the investment opportunity, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Thank you for your interest in Eco Building Systems!

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The benefits of owning an EBS Mobile Manufacturing Plant don’t stop at fast setup, high return on investment & 5 man crews, but continues in providing consumer savings, reducing impact on environment, and the ability to change plant sites in just a few days.

EBS will expand the Perfect Block product by offering Mobile Manufacturing Systems throughout the world. EBS helps qualified companies and individuals in approved markets to establish a fully operational Perfect Block Manufacturing Plant with marketing, sales and training provided by EBS.

A 25% to 50% ROI should be obtained in most markets depending on operational costs of your specific market. EBS will assist in your market survey to help determine marketability and profitability. EBS Manufacturing Plants can compliment your existing business or can be a stand alone business depending on your current type of business model.

EBS will make every effort to assist you with building your new Perfect Block business with the EBS Inbound Marketing that provides marketing, sales and by using the latest technology to attract market share and industry penetration. EBS believes that if each of you are successful in your local market we will be successful as we grow throughout the world.

The “Pull Through Sales Method” is EBS effectively working with your local market to generate new customers and helping you expand your business as the demand for Perfect Block grows.

EBS Mobile Manufacturing Plants start at just below $1,500,000 FOB Phoenix, Arizona. EBS is currently working with various lenders who have purchase and lease programs based on your specific requirements.

Our team will rely heavily on personal sales to reach the aforementioned targets. Supplemented with tradeshow and digital marketing, we will focus on training and education when selling to both consumers and contractors - using real world examples to secure final sales. The Perfect Block Manufacturing Plant units themselves are where our sales efforts are focused with the sales of factories to multiply revenue exponentially. While each block sells for $18 to $24, while costing only $6 to $8 to produce. Each Manufacturing Plant sells for $1,500,000 generating large gross sales and gross profit. Furthermore, we believe we can add at least 25% more to our total profits by instituting a “complete systems” strategy. This approach will generate supplementary product sales from the following additional revenue streams:

Early sales results have been very promising, with 4911 standing orders and another 8,500 units pending.  This puts us at revenues of $153,864 (approximate profit of $114,500) in what has been a very short time in business. Upon receiving funding, we will greatly accelerate marketing efforts and continue our R&D focus to fully execute our complete systems revenue model. Once this occurs, our company’s financial prospects and production will truly elevate “through the roof”.

Here are our two key revenue streams/projections:

Factory Projections:

  • 2017 - $1,403,608
  • 2018 - $4,210,824
  • 2019 - $7,018,040
  • 2020 - $9,825,256

Factory Gross margin: 50% for year one

Block Projections only one plant in Arizona:

  • 2018 - $236,224.00
  • 2019 - $621,624.00
  • 2020 - $1,244,752.00
  • 2021 - $1,867,728.00

Block Gross margin: 89% for year one

Show what your company has already accomplished. Include numbers of users, sales, customers, intellectual property, or anything else that shows the momentum that you've built with your company. If you don't have any of the above yet, talk about what you've done to this point to ensure your company's success.
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They’re the driving force behind the green building movement, which we’re taking even further with our flagship product - The Perfect Block. It’s a composite, designed innovation (ICCF) that the industry has yet to see. The Perfect Block is even more durable, easier to work with, offers more energy efficiency, and produces less waste than traditional ICF products and doesn't burn.

The value of The Perfect Block is increased even more through their widespread availability - thanks to the convenience that our mobile manufacturing plants offer.  These 40-foot trailers can bring the entire construction operation right to your site, saving a great deal of time and money. Our revenue plan is in place, and six-figure sales have been generated already - all that’s needed is a $1,000,000 capital infusion to move forward with exponential growth.

Raising $1,000,000 via equity

Traction & Milestones

  • 3
    Over 4911 units sold;
  • 3
    Over $118,000 in revenues generated;
  • 3
    Six way production mold technology breakthrough in 2014. and now Nine product mold system!

Team Members

  • Jerry Kachlic, Co-Founder
    Key player in Phoenix ICF and product design visionary
  • Todd Davidson, Co-Founder
    Well-versed in many areas recycling and management

Use of Funds

Funding Requested $1,000,000 to be used as new factory location in southeast and third party specialty testing.

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s Target Customer

Global homeowners seeking green building solutions

Z Market Size

$10.3 trillion global construction market (2020)

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The global construction market will be worth $10.3 trillion in 2020, and the US construction market will be worth $60 billion. Within the construction industry, the Green Construction Market is surveyed separately in a report which says that 88% of industry  respondents indicated that they will adopt green construction in their projects over the next three years. The highest percentage, 60% of the survey respondents highlighted “energy efficiency” as the main influencing factor for the implementation of green construction. In total, 77% and 70%, of respective respondents indicated “building design and maintenance”, as either “very highly preferred” or “highly preferred” areas for green construction 2015-2017. This information based on the CIC’s (Construction Intelligence Center Report).

A significant part of these improvements (and new buildings, for that matter) is the green construction movement - the central focus here at EBS.  It’s a segment that supported 8,000,000 jobs just in the United States and continues to grow by more than 25% annually.

Though they aren’t the ones doing the actual construction, the home/building owner will have the greatest impact on the purchase decision and is therefore our primary target market.  They’re the ones seeking an energy-saving and reliable green solution, and the ones who will express this to the contractor assigned to the job.  We’ve found that those fitting this profile aren’t limited by age, as Baby Boomers to Millennials are searching for energy-efficient living spaces with the latest tech advancements.  This makes our job as marketers easier - as we can deliver the same message across multiple different customer profiles.

We’ll also maintain a secondary (yet attentive) focus on these targets:

Contractors, Engineers, and Architects - As the actual purchaser, they’re the direct link to the consumer achieving their green building goals.  As building commences, contractors will begin to realize additional advantages that our products bring and will start to seek out and market them for us.

Governments/militaries - The durability of The Perfect Block and the efficiency of our process are ideal for nations embroiled in military conflict situations, or in cases of natural disaster protection. Our products saves lives!

International consumers - Other nations have a litany of alternative byproducts at their disposal.  This brings about a number of great product development opportunities for the future.

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We aren’t the first ones to notice the green building and ICF movements.  A handful of other forward-thinkers are also attempting to seize this great opportunity and assume a market leadership role.  While they may have a head start, they certainly aren’t in insurmountable positions. White block companies use virgin EPS and we use recycled. Other ICF producers are:

The top, white block ICF producer and market leader has been at it since 1994 and gained quite the positive reputation thanks to highly trusted products.  They’re a multinational organization with a wide-spanning distribution network, including within our Arizona market.  Large construction companies love the durability and versatility their ICFs provide - and they do a great job of explaining their benefits.  Despite this, they lack innovation as a whole and are at risk of falling behind due to having no ICCF products. ICCF products have many more benefits and are superior to all ICF products.

White ICF market’s #2 is also strongly ICF-focused, but has a greater selection of product offerings than does Quad-Lock.  Though they were established 10 years later than the market leader, they’ve grown into a successful organization with an estimated $20 million in annual revenue.  A great marketing function is a key reason why - led by an excellent website that attracts eyes and spells out ICF’s appeal.  Their actual ICF products, however, are not as reliable as others in the market - and they also lack ICCF innovation.

Fox Blocks
They’re yet another formidable foe on our landscape - and another without a focus on ICCF.  Fox Blocks probably does the best job of all of relating to the end user/homeowner, with great social marketing and a commitment to the green side of the industry.  22 manufacturing locations around North America make them a serious player, as do their numerous awards.  However, they’re the clear #3 due to a limited product line and only being around since 2010.

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In terms of time to market and brand reputation, the three ICF producers  above currently have us beat; however, their advantages are few and far between after that.  None of them have begun the foray into the ICCF niche yet - marking a huge differentiator for EBS and allowing us to, in a sense, stand alone.  Below, we identify three more key differentiating factors:

We’re fully mobile or stationary.
Instead of spending time and money transporting materials yourself, EBS is proud to offer the world’s first mobile ICCF plant that brings everything you need right to your site.  Your entire building operation fits inside a 40-foot trailer! All ancillary items will come shipped in another container.

Nonstop customer service.
Product demonstrations are a critical part of our industry, and we take it five steps further.  We also providing ongoing education, certification, training, and consulting to ensure each customer has a thorough understanding of our products and processes.

Cutting-edge mold technology.
The Perfect Block provides the world’s first multi-faceted molding production platform for both exterior and interior walls, thanks to our proprietary nine product mold technology.  It’s the only one we know of that can produce multiple products out of one mold, leading to increased building flexibility and lots of promising future business opportunities and more products than any other ICF / ICCF company world wide.

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We aren’t done innovating at EBS.  On the heels of our industry-shaking ICCF developments, we’ll continue a focus on R&D by making new product introductions the primary element of our future plans - which is in line with our complete systems revenue strategy.  With our technology in hand, we’ve already started to build relationships with other building product manufacturers with plans to offer EBS-branded coatings.  These products will be ideally suited for interior and exterior finish, doors, windows, roofs, and HVAC systems.  In addition, we’ve acquired another piece of equipment that will serve as an alternative to cement in our ICCF formula - an IACCF , if you will.  This product line will have ultimate insulation values and bring about 15 new Perfect Block products to market. Also is a top secret formula and product to create a ballistic resistant block for Government and Military Safety that will save lives. Also Safe Houses and Safe Rooms that has become a new trend and we are there! WE CAN WITHSTAND CATAGORY 5 WINDS! and WE DONT BURN!

IBCCF (Insulated Ballistic Concrete Composite Forms) innovations in a ballistic block for military and safe homes that will save lives in areas of military conflict.

We’re off to a great start with new product introductions.  Other top elements of our future development plan include:

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The time has come to watch the green building movement take off once and for all. Our innovative manufacturing system has us at the forefront, but we can’t climb to the top without a ladder - and are turning to Fundable for that help.  

Having relied solely on our own funds (and those of family and friends) to date, the capital we receive will finally allow us to truly soar ahead. Manufacturing will reach new heights - to the tune of a 300% production increase in just one shift. Just 10 weeks into our funding runway, we’ll now have the capacity to produce up to 300 blocks per day or more.

We look forward to your interest. Please contact us with any questions!




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