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Eco Pallet is taking an all new and disruptive approach to a fundamental logistical component relied on by multibillion dollar companies across numerous industry verticals: the shipping pallet.

Using a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and material science, our team is producing ultra lightweight, recyclable pallets as a solution to traditional wood-based alternatives that are insect prone, chemical laced, and significantly heavier (resulting in higher shipping costs).

We call ourselves Eco Pallet for a reason. Our products boast ecofriendly reuse and recyclability, with high energy reclamations and significantly lower carbon emissions created due to their light weight -- an attractive value add for our customers.

And because Eco Pallets are shock-absorbent, non-porous, waterproof, and pest-resistant, they ultimately keep the shipping contents safer.

Eco Pallet is actively selling to a large, expanding customer base that includes heavy-hitting manufacturers and suppliers across international electronics, pharmaceuticals, and machinery. Now we’re ready to ramp our fulfillment capacity to keep pace with explosive demand.

In terms of design, the ubiquitous shipping pallet has remained relatively untouched since it was first conceived around 100 years ago. Nevertheless, almost every modern day shipper continues to rely on pallets for transporting a wide variety of valuable goods around the globe.

According to a recent survey from Modern Materials Handling Magazine in which nearly 300 logistics professionals responded, pallet purchasing decisions are driven by several key factors:

The freight transportation industry has had three basic pallet materials from which to choose: wood, plastic, and metal. The problem? None of them effectively meet all of the biggest purchasing drivers indicated by today’s logistical decision-makers.

Despite being long recognized as the standard, wood pallets come with a laundry list of inherent negatives. Namely, they’re heavy, attract mold, regularly play host to bug infestation, and insecticides end up contaminating the pallet’s shipping contents while also posing a health risk to those handling the product.  

Not to mention the ecological toll they take, as hardwoods used in pallets and shipping crates account for 50% of the hardwoods harvested every year -- enough wood to frame 475,000 houses! -- only for half of them to end up going only one way. 

While solid plastic is slightly lighter, weather resistant, and eliminates issues with insects and chemical repellent contamination, the much higher purchase price combined with only a slight weight reduction fails to make a meaningful impact versus the cost savings to justify the investment from the shipper’s perspective.

While acceptable for closed circuit uses (stays in the warehouse or spends some time at the customer’s site but returns to the distribution center upon next delivery), plastic pallets that only ship one way to end users -- often times in foreign markets -- are not a sound investment.

Metal pallets constructed from steel and aluminum are sturdy, long-lasting, insect-free, and more sanitary than other materials, however, they come at high costs and are susceptible to rusting.  Again, when used in a closed circuit, these can be great. But when 50% go one way along the logistics chain, it’s simply not worth the triple to five times cost for the purchase.

The takeaway: when it comes to selecting a reliable pallet, logistics professionals have been forced to make compromises.  That is, before Eco Pallet came along.

With best-in-class intellectual property-protected design and material science, Eco Pallet is harnessing sustainable materials to service the commodity-based logistics world with high performance, lighter weight, and altogether safer solutions.

The result is a stronger, lighter, and more eco-conscious solution across the board, creating an immediate, positive economic and environmental impact while being more likely to protect cargo.

Up next, we’ll take a closer look into the many ways that Eco Pallet delivers a value-packed solution by taking an out-of-the-box approach to material handling in the 21st century.

As the logistics space continues to evolve beyond the limitations of the conventional wooden pallet, Eco Pallet is stepping in to keep pace where others have lagged behind, creating dramatically reduced supply chain costs and numerous other benefits through game-changing innovations in design.

As strong as solid plastic and wood pallets and stackable up to 4X, Eco Pallets are every bit as durable enough for warehousing and storage, intercity transport, manufacturing facilities, and heavy transport, and can handle a load capacity of 4,500 pounds.

Built with an EPS core, Eco Pallet’s shock-absorbing qualities exceed any other pallet on the market, keeping the load safer and ensuring it reaches its destination in the same condition as when it was manufactured.  

Eco Pallet eliminates the risk of employee injury and product contamination from wood, nails, and chemicals. With a sealed HIPS coating, Eco Pallets are not only cleaner, but easier to clean than other pallets while preventing water absorption. The polystyrene-based material prevents issues with insects burrowing into the pallet. And being nonporous, mold doesn’t adhere to the surface.

Lighter than all pallets on the market at 7-10 lbs per pallet, Eco Pallets are ideal for high value air shipments, export shipments, pharmaceuticals, and manufactured goods of all types.

Eco Pallet is capable of withstanding the harshest conditions. The EPS core keeps the pallets shape and structure intact.

Our customers receive a nearly instant return on their investment, paying around $28 for shipping an Eco Pallet versus $200 for standard wood pallets and only paying $2-6 more per pallet -- saving customers over $150 in shipment costs.

Eco Pallets are reusable, recyclable, and have a high-energy reclamation potential.

Mark leads the company by securing financing for continuing the company’s growth, provides direction to the manufacturing team for LEAN manufacturing processes, and assists the sales team with sales visits for key accounts. He has numerous exits involving material science-based products, medical technologies, and enterprise security software, hardware, and integration. Mark’s latest exit involved his team raising $20 million from Intel strategic fund, growing revenue from $3 million to $30 million and headcount from 24 employees to 98 in 24 months. He earned a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Business, and holds a CPA designation.

Bruce is primarily responsible for all sales and negotiations for India and US-based customers as well as relationships with key suppliers. He has many exits involving telecommunications, working with the largest REITs for multi-unit telephone, internet, security, and CCTV monitoring. Bruce has engaged in numerous dealings with India, Japan, and other APAC-based companies at the executive level.

As Eco Pallet’s largest investor, Steve led the investor group on negotiating the terms of the company’s last funding round through the issuance of convertible notes. He is a board member of Village Super Market, JNF, Crystal Investment Partners, which includes ownership of numerous parts distribution and retail locations, numerous motorcycle and ATV dealerships. Steve is also member of The New York Commodity Exchange and The New York Mercantile Exchange.

Mr. Moore’s accomplishments include his role as Managing Director of Kensington Capital Holdings, Senior Advisor of Huntsman Gay Global Capital, EVP of Bain Capital, former President of three middle mark companies including number one paid tourist attraction in Hawaii, the Polynesian Cultural Center. He currently serves on the board of directors at numerous companies.

From demand validation, to customer acquisition, to revenue generation, to investments, and more, the Eco Pallet team has already completed much of the required heavy lifting compared to traditional startups. The name of the game now is scalability. We’re now devoting our efforts to how much we can make and how much we can deliver.

But first, here’s how we got there:

Barring a few improvements to manufacturing methods, product development has long been complete, it’s in the market being sold to an ever-growing number of customers, and it continues to hold its position as the lightest and strongest solution in its category.

We currently service 53 customers representing a potential of $8 million in monthly revenue. We can literally increase our capacity by a multiplier of 10 and still not satisfy the growing demand for our product. Clients include such well-renowned companies and major tier one suppliers to the major companies:

We’ve secured a partnership with the largest manufacturer of the raw materials used to make our products and currently own four patents in India around the use of materials and form as well as the methods for manufacturing the Eco Pallet.

While we have been approached several times by potential manufacturing and distribution partners, our company has maintained both. We may consider forging manufacturing partnerships in the future to expand our volume capabilities faster as long as the quality and timeliness to our customers can be maintained.   

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