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Ecologic Solutions

Treat. Recycle. Repeat

Ecologic Solutions has developed a cost-effective, mobile solution for recycling of production and flowback water from hydraulic fracturing operations.  Our compact, mobile system employs confirmed technologies, with our supplementary innovative approach, that delivers highly effective results and produces clean water ready for fracking. Our system, “ecoflow iQ”, is comprised of compartmental unit’s housed on trailers that can be mobilized and set up at even the most difficult of remote locations.

The ecoflow system is designed to treat volumes ranging from 11,000 to over 80,000 barrels per day.  Ecologic takes 100% liability of the wastewater, therefore the entirety of the waste connected with treatment.  Our unique design allows for the system to grow in conjunction with the water treatment needs of the operator.  Each system is planned and tailored to meet the client’s specific needs.  Ecologic Solutions will have highly trained technicians on site around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year.  We offer a guaranteed performance and take the upmost pride in our reliability.  Ecoflow iQ has remote monitoring for the operator and real-time water quality testing.

System Layout

Stage 1:

Oil Water Separator – The separator is used to remove bulk oil and solids from the water.

Stage 2:

Hydro Dynamic Dosing Station – Hydro Dynamic introduces the organic treatment elements into the water, causing a rapid reaction and separation. Therefore, the majority of H2S is dissipated.

Stage 3:

Hydro Micro Processing Unit – This stage is an all-in-one, containerized, engineered unit with multiple dosing stages that have adjustable geochemistry. Separation transpires and the sludge is removed and transferred to the dewatering box. The bulk of the Iron and flowback residuals are removed from the water in this stage.

Stage 4

Dewatering Box – Consolidates all waste that is dropped during the separation and the oxidation stages.

Stage 5:

8 Vessel Activated Filtration – Ecologic’s filter system is unparalleled in removing suspended solids. The 8 Vessel Activated Filtration is a polishing stage that uses a cleaning process, which effectively strips contaminants from the water.

Stage 6:

Ozone Organic Kill Station – This controlled station will quickly kill any organics/bacteria in the water. This is the last step before water is ready for reuse or sent to holding tanks for use at a future date.



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