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Since our founding in 2016, Ecolution’s innovative entrepreneurs have been focused on capturing and transforming wasted kinetic energy from moving vehicles.

Our goal is to create the world’s largest decentralized power grid and move the transportation industry toward a net-zero carbon footprint.

With our Module Active Response System (MARS) solution, we have the power to transform existing heavy-duty reefer trucks, freight and light rail trains and subway cars to generate clean, sustainable, efficient and cost-effective alternative energy.

In spite of the recent advances made in alternative energy solutions such as wind and solar, these technologies come with their own challenges that prevent rapid, large-scale adoption.

We need to keep moving forward, working to eliminate emissions and achieve a net-zero carbon goal of the G-7 and other countries.

Ecolution captures the kinetic energy of moving transportation.

We engineered a revolutionary method of eliminating carbon dioxide emissions while simultaneously serving as a mobile, on-demand power plant that provides green energy when and where it’s needed.

Our proprietary Module Active Response System (MARS) technology empowers transportation and logistics companies to generate, store and deliver sustainable energy.

The goal is to have our groundbreaking technology installed in 20,000 trailers and 20,000 train cars over the next 10 years, creating a just-in-time rolling electric grid.

Ecolution will bring clean energy to communities, fuel small business opportunities, serve as an incubator for minority entrepreneurs and reduce the cost of energy for underserved areas. We’ll do all this while enhancing profitability for major power and logistics companies worldwide and striving to ensure our mission meets Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards for the future of the transportation industry.

Ecolution is power in motion.

Our two primary products are the rail car and reefer trailer applications. 

When combined with an electric truck, our solution transforms one of the most environmentally harmful industries into one with net-zero carbon emissions while also reducing the weight of the reefer by 1200 pounds, extending the range of the electric truck.

The customer will be the fleet owner: think nationally known grocery chains and big box companies.  

The Ecolution “MARS” system combines proprietary components with off-the-shelf parts. When installed on a train car or refrigerated trailer (reefer), MARS generates kinetic energy from the brake disc rotation.

The brake disc is coupled with an alternator by a transmission chain that’s similar to a motorcycle chain, but much stronger. As the vehicle moves, the alternator generates electric current. Energy is generated in acceleration mode, steady state and/or cruise mode, or in deceleration. This energy is additive to regenerative braking. 

System electronics regulate the output based on vehicle conditions, battery charge levels, draw on the battery and ambient conditions to capture the highest amount of energy while consuming the least amount of fuel from the vehicle’s engine.

The energy is processed via an electric converter and stored in rechargeable batteries. Telemetry software tracks and manages energy kWh so the stored energy can be transferred from the trailer to any electrical equipment that needs power.

The MARS/vehicle interaction won’t be noticeable to the driver or passengers. The system can be turned on or off manually by a small clutch or automatically by the unit’s electronics.

Ecolution has been on the move since 2016, preparing to capture the first-in-market position. 

Intellectual property | Our MARS technology is patented in the U.S. and China, with patents pending around the world. Most recently, Ecolution received Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) opinion that all 21 power-generation claims of the MARS technology application in trains will be granted.

Partnership potential | We are in the discussion phase with potential municipal, public and private corporate partners in North America, France, Germany, Japan, China and Africa.

Media attention | Media mentions include Nasdaq #TradeTalks, Thrive Global, Cheddar, Axios, HDT Truckinginfo, TechTimes and CEOWORLD Magazine.

Johanne Medina Then | CO-FOUNDER AND CEO 
Johanne has over 20 years of experience managing companies in environmentally sensitive sectors including greenfield metals manufacturing, ultra-high strength powder metallurgy and cocoa plantation and food distribution. His combination of operational and financial expertise helped him raise $170 million of private equity in a previous role as VP of strategic finance.

Craig co-founded three metals companies that reached more than $1 billion of revenue in 18 months. The first, Esmark, became the 4th largest American steel company and highest appreciating stock on the NYSE or Nasdaq in 2008. Craig’s passion for work enabling transformation serves him as an entrepreneur, inventor, New York Times bestselling author and finalist for S&P Global Platts Global Metal CEO of the Year in 2018.

Johnny Then-Gautier | CO-FOUNDER AND CTO
Johnny invented Ecolution’s MARS technology platform, focusing on the optimization and construction of the net-zero emissions power creation technology since 2014. He previously served as VP of business development at Avelock Dominicana, a communications and technology corporation in the Dominican Republic.

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