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Bitcoin mining while reducing environmental emissions


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Fast Facts

Ecopwrs reduces natural gas flaring by using gas to generate electric power and operate Bitcoin mining servers at well sites. This low-cost power enables highly profitable Bitcoin production while reducing carbon emissions.

One Incredible Solution

Ecopwrs LLC was built from the ground up to solve these problems in a clever and groundbreaking way that will not only help the environment but provide a new lost cost  means for mining of Bitcoin.

We do this by using the flare gas from oil well operations to power servers mining Bitcoin.

More specifically, Ecopwrs will deploy 125 Megawatts (MW) in mining capacity at sites in the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico. The sites will be powered by recovering and using wasted natural gas at current gas flaring and gas processing sites, allowing Ecopwrs to generate electricity at a very low cost.

Note that electricity is the largest factor determining profitability in Bitcoin mining. Ecopwrs' waste gas-generation will place its production cost among the lowest 10% of global Bitcoin miners.

Why We’ll Lead

In the initial phase of Ecopwrs operations, it will deploy 5 sites, recover approximately 1200 MCF (thousand cubic ft.) per day per site and produce some 25 Megawatts of energy.

Ecopwrs’ first site will be operational within 75 - 120 days from funding and will generate revenue from day one of mining operations.

Ecopwrs’ overall business plan is to deploy approximately 25 sites generating a total of 125 MW within a 24-month period.

Traction & Accomplishments

Starting Soon:
Operation of first mining site are expected to start, with immediate revenue generation, within 90 to 120 days of financing close.

Strong Interest:
We've had discussions with more than a dozen energy producers. They have a strong interest in the Ecopwrs services.

US Patent was filed in September 2020 covering management of gas flaring and wastewater and energy production sites.


Ecopwrs has lined up several energy exploration and production (E&P) companies as customers and partners for Ecopwrs’ service offering.

Ecopwrs principals have relationships provided trusted access with an additional twenty E&Ps in the Permian.

These prospective partners have flare gas mitigation requirements representing many times the capacity needed to execute Ecopwrs’ operating plan.

Ecopwrs has signed exclusive service agreements with best-of-breed service providers for the three major aspects of its operations – gas-to-electricity generation, power management, and cryptocurrency mining.  

Meet the Team

John Heffernan | Chief Executive and General Manager

  • Responsible for Operations
  • Former active member Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • 30 years business experience in commodities trading and financial management, including 4 years in cryptocurrency trading

Ted Lanpher | VP Business Development and Managing Member

  • Responsible for Business and Financial Planning
  • 30 years experience in emerging company management, including energy efficiency technologies, blockchain technology development
  • BA, Yale. MBA, University of Virginia

Joe Beyers | CFO and Managing Member

  • Responsible for Data Processing Technology
  • Computer design engineer and former senior executive at HP, with overall management of HP’s software business division, corporate M&A and IP licensing
  • Expert in patents and crypto mining hardware design
  • BS, MS, Computer Science, University of Illinois

J. Scott Tyson | Member & Advisor

  • Expertise in Gas Supply Acquisition and Operations Strategy
  • 20+ years in oil and gas well operations management, produced water management and related field services
  • BBA, University of Texas at Austin

Taber Wood | Member & Advisor

  • Expertise in Field Operations Planning and Service Partner Selection
  • 12 years at Halliburton as driller and drilling operations coordinator in Permian and central US sites

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